Placing Advanced Analytic Integration In The Palm Of Your Hand

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Businesses are always searching for new resources that give them a better understanding of their customers, prospects, competition and current operations. This insight can be achieved by integrating analytical tools into their business processes, however, organizations feel they lack user expertise for analytical tasks and have poor data access tools for analyzing data.

Join Pitney Bowes Business Insight analytical expert, Paul Thompson, as he discusses the value of our analytical toolkit for your organization:
•         Improve site selection efficiencies and outcomes
•         Gain valuable insights into the competitive landscape
•         Focus marketing based on consumer behavior and lifestyles
•         Highlight areas of opportunity for geographic or program expansion
•         Identify the best markets for provider or staff recruitment
•         Manage your sales or coverage territories

Gain insight while leveraging your current staff with our user friendly and easy to use analytical software --- The Power of AnySite

AnySite is designed to perform powerful yet easy to use predictive analytics and modeling functions to aid your market analysis’ and decision support capabilities. Gain valuable insight into market data, and easily analyze the relationships between the performance of a location relative to the market area demographic characteristics. Using AnySite, industry professionals can analyze the relationship between site performance, market trade area demographics, customer profiles and competition. AnySite has been the solution of choice for businesses ranging in size from Fortune 500™ industry leaders to start-up companies just breaking ground. View our sesssion now to learn more!

Pitney Bowes Business Insight
Feb 8, 2021
Nov 10, 2010
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