Tools and Frameworks for Collaborative Development Communities in the Enterprise A New Model for Distributed Teams

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Collaboration has become an operational necessity for enterprise development organizations. Until recently, most or all of the development work on an enterprise software project was localized. Developers and testers were part of the same team, working with similar tools and communicating over a LAN. That’s a dramatic contrast to software development today. Yesterday’s slow-paced, centralized, and monolithic development organization has been replaced by an ad hoc confederation of geographically distributed teams that are specialized, agile, and working under increased deadline pressure.

To succeed in today’s intensely competitive markets, an enterprise must enable collaboration among all members of its global development organization. This requires new tools and processes. Read this paper for insight into deploying an enterprise-class ALM platform that can move quickly and effectively to meet operational objectives.

Feb 8, 2021
Oct 4, 2010
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