Improving Identity and Access Management in an SAP Environment

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In a Windows environment, you manage resources and users through Active Directory’s infrastructure – which provides access via a single name and password or two-factor authentication. When users forget their password, they contact you for a password reset, or do it themselves via a self-service portal.

The problem is, SAP needs the same changes made in different places, and often by different IT staff – which duplicates work for administrators and users. Talk about wasting time, money and resources.

In this new Quest white paper, see why splitting identity management work is not only frustrating, pointless and inefficient, but it’s also completely unnecessary. Learn how to easily manage your Active Directory and SAP environments, how to eliminate redundant work (for both users AND administrators) and how automation makes security stronger and auditing simple. Read it today.


Dell Software
Feb 8, 2021
May 6, 2010
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