Fixing the SAP Upgrade Process: Nine Best Practices

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Many companies are hesitant to follow the upgrade cycles recommended by their vendors. This is due in part to upgrades having historically been complex, time-consuming, and costly with a high degree of upgrade failure. SAP customers continue to be challenged by the complexity, costs, and frequent delays in their upgrade projects that become even more problematic in a difficult global economy. The total cost and complexity of the upgrade has been a major factor -  and a barrier - to building an acceptable ROI case for an upgrade.

It's time for that mindset to change. This five-part report constitutes a call to action for the SAP community to take a new look at the upgrade process in light of emerging best practices and new technologies. It discusses the value of both technical and functional upgrades as well as some of the best practices that can enhance the value of your SAP upgrades while lowering overall cost.

Panaya can have a significant impact on the cost and complexity of an upgrade. Read this paper to learn how Panaya can offer a solution to upgrade problems and offer better results.

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Feb 8, 2021
Nov 10, 2009
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