Virtualization, Deduplication, and the Data Protection Connection: Reinventing IT Infrastructure Consolidation with Efficient Data Protection

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As data center resource consolidation gains traction, many organizations are missing the big picture. For reducing primary storage footprints, they are looking at virtualization solutions in isolation; and for reducing secondary backup storage, they are focusing on deduplication solutions in isolation. To consolidate optimally, they must consider the full landscape.

The convergence of the two consolidation trends, virtualization and deduplication, points to an ironic concurrence: inefficiencies in the traditional data protection model. Inefficient backup both underlie the need for deduplication and imposes debilitating constraints on virtualization. If data protection were inherently efficient, today’s rigorous demand for data reduction on the secondary side, and the backup contention menace that unbalances so many virtualization experiences on the primary side, could both be reined in – while at the same time enhancing backup and recovery performance, reducing hardware purchases, improving protection, easing administrative strain, and successfully positioning you for future growth.

Feb 8, 2021
Oct 20, 2009
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