When Good Applications Go Bad: Adding Application Control to your Toolbox

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For years, attackers have targeted weak links in enterprise security -- exploiting vulnerabilities, misconfigured servers, or simply getting unsophisticated end users to click on malicious links. But in network security today there is an increasing amount of application-borne threats that easily evade traditional security countermeasures by being embedded into legitimate application content.

Stand-alone technologies and point-product deployments can leave an enterprise more vulnerable than a consolidated, integrated security strategy. To reduce the risk of application-borne threats requires overlapping complementary layers of protection, for both the network and systems.

With Fortinet, the pioneer and leading provider of ASIC-accelerated multi-function security systems, you’ll not only find superior technology but an award winning Partner Program featuring deal registration, renewal tracking, double digit margins, and more.

This presentation was given by speakers Anthony James, VP Products, Fortinet and Andrew Briney, Senior Vice President/Group Publisher. Read this podcast transcript and learn the challenges posed by application security threats and the benefits of partnering with Fortinet:

    IT organizations' inability to manage the constantly growing number of web based applicationsThe ability for applications to carry threat payloads embedded within legitimate application contentThe "survival instinct" of applications is significantly higher than before, as the applications are not defined by static behavioral rulesHow Fortinet can bring you a variety of service offerings as well as recurring revenue stream
Fortinet, Inc. / Alternative Technology Group of Arrow ECS
Feb 8, 2021
Oct 5, 2009
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