Optimizing the Data Center for Cost and Efficiency

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The technology infrastructure of today's corporations has grown in depth and complexity through the years. This has created significant challenges to the deployment, use and maintenance of IT infrastructure, and made IT management a top concern for those charged with growing the business. Under the pressure of a global economic crisis, IT infrastructure and IT budgets have come under greater scrutiny. What has emerged are clearer business mandates around agility, and improved responses and time to market while reigning in costs and improving efficiency. Tighter budgets and poor business climate have actually placed more emphasis on leveraging accurate, real-time information. Business requirements and needs continue to grow and evolve even more so in a trying business climate, demanding IT keeps pace and aligns itself in order to support the business objectives.

The current state of the datacenter demands a transformation that helps in improving space utilization and lowering power consumption while still providing the scale and availability the business requires. IDC's datacenter survey revealed that many customers have no choice but to revamp their datacenters from a power/cooling provisioning standpoint, but a majority also considered consolidating or virtualizing at the same time to lower the overall server footprint and improve space utilization. We believe there will be significant interest in solutions that help the customers in controlling costs while enabling them to deliver to business expectations. Today, lowering the energy and administration/management costs are two key focus areas of datacenter managers in the region.

Read this paper for more information about how you can optimize your data center to save money and increase efficiency.

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Feb 8, 2021
Apr 14, 2009
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