Missing PDF Fonts: How Metadata Affects Text Optimization

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At first glance, missing font information may appear trivial. After all, who hasn't experienced unintelligible characters while scrolling through a PDF? However, this problem is more than just improperly rendered text on a screen. For developers and IT managers, missing font information is problematic as it can delay software development and hinder the production cycle. For end-users, it translates into lost time and compromised deadlines when they cannot display, print, or edit content properly.

The inconvenience of missing font information affects more than disgruntled individuals in the work place, it also undermines a document's accuracy and its value as a product. The original purpose of the portable document format was to ensure content integrity and display consistency, but what happens when content is incomplete, cannot print accurately, or can even change?

Amyuni Technologies
Feb 8, 2021
Sep 18, 2009
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