Linear Architecture for Municipal Wireless Video Surveillance Solutions

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Violent crime, burglary and theft threaten the safety of our citizens. Public Safety organizations are charged with leading the efforts to create and maintain a safe environment for community members. The task of creating a safe environment is made more challenging with the constraint of budget requirements. It has been proven that public safety is enhanced with video surveillance systems, but these systems have frequently been expensive and required months to install.


Reliable video surveillance is now rapidly deployable and cost effective with Motorola's unmatched portfolio of wireless broadband video surveillance solutions.


Wireless technology significantly improves the enablement of remote monitoring, mobile video and high speed transmission. These solutions extend the reach of existing personnel, enabling them to view high crime areas, remote locations, high traffic intersections, and special events. Through better real-time situational awareness, wireless video surveillance helps public safety personnel to save lives, reduce crime, and keep neighborhoods safe without increasing payroll.


With a portfolio of industry leading wireless broadband solutions and extensive field experience, Motorola knows how to build systems that meet the needs of Public Safety professionals now and over the lifetime of the network. Motorola understands that no one technology meets the needs of all applications. With a portfolio of wireless broadband solutions, CIOs and network operators can deploy the network that is the best fit to locate the video surveillance cameras exactly where they are needed.


Read this whitepaper to learn more about wireless broadband solutions for surveillance networks.

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Feb 8, 2021
Aug 20, 2009
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