Lowering Risk by Applying Consistent Security Across All of Your Locations

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Security is a challenge in virtually every organization today. Within the distributed enterprise, this is perhaps even more true. With all of these different locations that we have to lock down, there's a lack of coordinated security. Slow response times - or no response times at all - are all too common in the distributed enterprise. These organizations are distributed which means that the remote sites typically do not have the strongest security that's out there, and in many organizations at the remote sites there is no security administrator that's able to respond to a threat in real-time. In general, the full complement of security products is deployed at a headquarters or a data center location. Very often these types of security products are not implemented at the smaller locations. Content security is something that's very important in order to mitigate many of the threats that we're seeing today, however, they're dedicated products, and again, not always deployed at branch locations.

Compounding this problem is the fact that attacks are becoming much more stealthy and sophisticated. Polymorphic attacks can span across locations and across different audiences. At the end of the day there is no centralized view, and when you can't see something you can't do anything about it. So many organizations' security systems are suffering due to a lack of visibility. Given the fact that we're seeing more sophisticated and evasive attacks, more vectors for these attacks, and a wider, more distributed infrastructure, how can we ensure that our security infrastructure can handle today's security needs?

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Juniper Networks, Inc.
Jul 17, 2009
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