Docmosis V2.0

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Product Type: Java Reporting Library

Target User: Java Developer

IT Problem: Generating reports from Java applications has traditionally been a difficult task with heavy coding effort in development and maintenance. Even where graphical tools are provided, users must learn how to use a new and sometimes cumbersome tool.

IT Download Description: Docmosis allows Java systems to produce reports in several output formats including Word, PDF, ODF and HTML using plain Word or OpenOffice documents as templates. Data can be merged in from any combination of text files, SQL queries, Java objects and plain key-value pairs.

Docmosis can scale document production to hundreds of documents per minute and can distribute the processing load across an arbitrary number of computers. The processing effort can be almost entirely removed from the core of the application so that full-speed document production can be achieved with little impact to busy systems.

Download size: 1 MB

Terms of Trial License: This download provides access to a free version of Docmosis. The free version provides access to all current Docmosis features except that performance is rate limited and that enterprise scaling features are not enabled.

Special Requirements: Docmosis relies on Java (versions 1.4 onwards) and OpenOffice (version 1.2 onwards). Please see the readme in the download bundle for instructions to get started.
Feb 8, 2021
Jun 15, 2009
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