Presentation Transcript - Applying Data Deduplication Technology to Disk Backup

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ESG defines data de-duplication as the process of examining data to identify and eliminate redundancy. In other words data de-duplication is all about reducing the amount of redundant or non-unique data that ends up stored on disk. It can be applied to all tiers of storage but we have seen adoption mostly in secondary storage specifically backup to disk.

This presentation transcript is the first of a two-part ESG e-Seminar Series on data de-duplication. In part one, Tony Asaro, ESG Senior Analyst, and Heidi Biggar, ESG analyst, will discuss the various technology considerations when applying data deduplication technology to disk backup. Part two of the series will explore the business considerations for this type of environment.

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Feb 8, 2021
Jan 28, 2008
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