Agentless Architecture: Agentless Backup is Not a Myth

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Backup and recovery software typically requires agents that are installed onto the host servers that a system administrator wants to back up. Even in a modest-sized environment, agent management can get extremely complex when an administrator is forced to deal with different operating systems and revision levels. The complexity of agent management is further complicated by the growing number of software packages that also require agents running on the same host servers, or what is also referred to as "agent pollution."

Asigra does not require any agents to be installed but instead reaches out over the network to back up operating systems, file systems, and applications, using industry standard programming interfaces. To understand how Asigra backs up data over the network without the use of agents, consider how a local hard drive in a Microsoft Windows server can be backed up over the network. A system administrator accesses the local hard drive over the network as a shared drive and maps it as a drive letter. A disk-to-disk backup of that hard drive can then be performed by copying the contents of one hard drive to another hard drive over the network. Asigra software works without agents but instead uses a sophisticated extension of this idea. This is simple and elegant in concept, but required a lot of hard work and years of development to get right on a broad variety of operating systems and data types.

Feb 8, 2021
Apr 20, 2009
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