Case Study: Accelerating Success for TIBCO Software

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This case study will discuss how:

  • TIBCO needed to upgrade its aging infrastructure to accommodate business growth and a fast-paced software development cycle
  • The TIBCO IT team wanted to move from its proprietary servers to the Linux operating system and Intel7® technology-based servers that would give the company more flexibility to grow
  • The new servers had to provide more processing capacity in less space, providing room for expansion
  • Company management also wanted to move to a more energy-efficient solution to support TIBCO's Green initiative

TIBCO testing showed that the new Intel processor-based HP blades performed much better than the previous systems. In one test, a complex report that took approximately two hours to complete on the previous servers was completed in just over 20 minutes on the Intel technology-based blades. "We believe a big part of the improved performance is due to the speed of the Intel Xeon processors," says St. Onge. "We're also seeing better performance from the Linux operating system."

Intel Corporation
Feb 8, 2021
Dec 1, 2008
Case Study

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