Streamline Your Storage Usage: 4 Straightforward Ways To True NAS Management

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In a relatively short span of time, Network Attached Storage [NAS] has become a popular, widely implemented technology given its many attractive features and benefits. This whitepaper details four techniques for managing network attached storage, including file management simplification and data access without server intervention.

NAS offers low-cost connections, ability to leverage existing infrastructure and security technology, increased storage capacity with a reduced footprint, improved data access performance, high utilization rates and, generally, easy installation. There are, however, inherent limitations with regards to visibility, data management, and scalability. This white paper set out to demonstrate how a NAS-based SRM solution addresses these limitations and maximizes investment in NAS technology by facilitating the efficient management of data and capacity. Simply put, without comprehensive NAS management, you're not realizing the full benefits of your NAS hardware.

Northern Storage Suite addresses four core SRM objectives: eliminating wasteful storage usage, controlling the behavior that caused this misuse, facilitating a proactive mindset among users, and providing the time and data required for methodical network development.

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Feb 8, 2021
Feb 12, 2009
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