Use of Virtualization Technology with SAP

Use of Virtualization Technology with SAP

Using virtualization technology changes the way you perform upgrades. VMware provides a utility, VMware® Converter, for creating a virtualized image, called a virtual machine, from a physical server. VMware Converter makes it easy to make a copy of the current system on VMware® ESX. Although the procedure for applying kernel patches and support packages is the same as on a physical server, the OS and DBMS installation steps and the system copy from the current server to the migration server can be omitted.

Virtualization technology also makes it easier to perform rehearsals and allows you to make do with less hardware. If you have separate development, test and production machines, configuring the migration server in a virtualization environment allows you to reduce the number of servers from three to one. Performing a rehearsal also lets you find out how much disk space will be required after the upgrade.

The arrival of VMware virtualization technology and the multi-core Intel® Xeon® processor specifically designed for virtualization is truly good news for system responsible for upgrading their company's core business systems in a limited amount of time. The affinity between multi-core processors and virtualization is particularly strong and the more cores the processor has the more virtual machines it can support on a physical server due to increased cache memory and additional cores on the tested configuration. This also helps system administrators by reducing the number of servers to be managed.


Shuji Watanabe SAP Co-Innovation Lab Tokyo Tetsuji Morita VMware Inc.
VMware and Intel
28 Jan 2009
28 Jan 2009
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