Leading Bank Chooses DataFlux to Create More Accurate, Complete Risk Reports

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Although decision-making was decentralized throughout the company, the bank's corporate headquarters still needed to create credit risk management reports that would allow those local decisions to be consistent with corporate goals and objectives for the entire company. This would ensure that executives at the bank's 50 units would have the information they needed to approach each decision with an eye towards understanding how much lending risk they could assume.

The bank chose DataFlux dfPower Studio to review and compare multiple data sources simultaneously through data quality and data integration workflows. The bank created a set of business logic rules and applying these rules to the data that the bank collects from all its lending units. dfPower Studio uses graphical workflow tools and a powerful, intuitive interface to give high-level data quality and data integration capabilities to business users. Analysts in the credit risk units could automate their accumulated business rules and create a better mechanism for inspecting and correcting data.
DataFlux Corporation
Feb 8, 2021
Jan 14, 2009
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