A Guide to SOA Governance

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The ROI realized through SOA is a much debated topic. Because of the extensive effort required to build an SOA, in terms of the people, training and tools, benefits of reuse must be realized early on, to gain an organization's confidence. Organizations that lack effective SOA governance are unable to realize this ROI, as they fail to attain reliable, quantifiable results for service-oriented initiatives.

This white paper discusses SOA governance and the typical stages through which such governance should be implemented. Discover the various types of governance that exist and the steps necessary to implement them. Explore the typical governing bodies that should be formed to deliver a successful SOA project. Examine the five stages involved in the SOA life-cycle and the implementation of successful governance, and gain insight into the integral role the SOA service life-cycle plays in an effective governance initiative.

Torry Harris Business Solutions
Feb 8, 2021
Apr 24, 2008
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