Using the Eclipse Data Tools Platform with SQL Anywhere 10

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The Eclipse Data Tools Platform (DTP) project is a new top-level project at Originally proposed by Sybase in February 2005, DTP has attracted strong community support and is currently managed by a committee comprised of Sybase, IBM, and Actuate. It is an open-source initiative that is designed to provide solutions in the data framework and tooling domains.

Some examples of what the DTP plug-in allows you to do from within Eclipse include:

  • Connect to a database (or multiple databases)
  • View a database object tree (tables, views, stored procedures, and so on)
  • Generate data definition language (DDL) from database objects
  • Execute DDL commands against a database
  • Execute SQL queries against a database
  • View query results in table format

Join the experts from Sybase iAnywhere as they review the Eclipse Data Tools Platform and how you can use it when developing database application with SQL Anywhere. This webcast will show you how to install the Data Tools Platform Eclipse plug-in, how to use some of its features with a SQL Anywhere 10 database, and where you can get more help and information to make your development projects a success.


Sybase iAnywhere
Mar 27, 2008, 10:00 EDT (14:00 GMT)
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