Simplifying Deployment, Security and Management of DNS/DHCP Services

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Many organizations have completed at least initial deployments of voice over IP (VoIP) services within their enterprises, or as a service offering for subscribers. Many others are in the process of deployment or are in the planning stages for such a deployment. Pockets of further convergence of video, conferencing, unified messaging, and related IP-based communications applications are emerging within organizations as well. With much if not all of the organization's communications applications running over an IP network, the criticality - not to mention visibility - of maintaining uptime of the network increases dramatically.

This white paper will offer approaches to streamlining efforts to keep IP networks up and running for critical DHCP and DNS services, then discuss the IPControl Sapphire appliances, which achieve the next level in protecting DHCP and DNS services.
BT Diamond IP
Feb 8, 2021
Jan 1, 2007
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