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Social Networking White Papers

  • Creating an Effective Social Media Strategy that Starts from Within

    Sponsored by: Microsoft

    In this e-guide, experts discuss how to get noticed on social media. Find details on how to bond with your audience, in addition to creating the right company culture for leveraging CRM.

  • Real-Time Protection from Advanced Web Threats

    Sponsored by: Trustwave

    This white paper discusses how you can stay safe from web-based attacks without compromising your organization's online presence.

  • Social is for Closers

    Sponsored by: Microsoft

    This eBook outlines how you can use online networks to build relationships and boost sales for your organization. Discover why forming authentic connections with customers can have a positive impact on customer experience and your company's bottom line.

  • Forrester Market Overview: Social Media Archiving

    Sponsored by: Smarsh

    This report highlights the key differentiating features of social archiving vendors that are important for risk and compliance professionals to understand. Access now and uncover what it takes to archive social media properly and in a way that delivers the greatest benefit to the business.

  • Security Insights: Building Secure Social Media Monitoring

    Sponsored by: Unisys

    This white paper discusses how you can alleviate customer fears about social media monitoring with better data management and security practices.

  • Social Threat Intelligence: A New Approach to Security

    Sponsored by: Threatstream

    This resource discusses social threat intelligence (STI), a collaborative approach to threat intelligence that can help you keep up with new cyber-risks.

  • An End-to-End Digital Experience is: Personal, Adaptive & Relevant

    Sponsored by: IBM

    This white paper discusses how you can build a rich social experience for both your customers and your employees.

  • Research Report: What Makes a Winning Sales Team in 2015?

    Sponsored by:

    What does the age of buyer sophistication mean for today's sales teams, and which practices separate thriving sales leaders from those merely treading water? Access this research report, which synthesizes responses from 2372 global sales leaders to determine 4 key trends for the present and future of the sales industry.

  • How to Deliver Effective Social Customer Service

    Sponsored by: Oracle Corporation

    In this discussion, Scott Landry, Vice President of Global Customer Support at Akamai Technologies, highlights the numerous ways companies can communicate with customers via social media. Read more to learn how you can utilize social media as an effective channel to deliver quality customer support.

  • IT Analytics: Optimize IT Delivery, Accelerate Innovation

    Sponsored by: IBM

    This white paper presents strategies that offer aid to IT leaders facing the challenges of new technologies. Access now and learn how analytics can help streamline IT management - yes, even in cloud computing environments.

  • Embracing Digital Technology to Deliver Better Business Outcomes

    Sponsored by: Interactive Intelligence, Inc.

    This report invites you to build a business case for your organization's transformation to a digitized customer experience strategy. Uncover methodologies that will initiate a personalized approach to your audience's journey.

  • Intelligent Self-Service and Personalization: Rethink the Customer Experience

    Sponsored by: Genesys

    In this guide, you'll learn how to equip your contact center with an integrated approach to self-assisted and proactive services that deliver on customer needs as well as revenue generation. Access now for helpful considerations on how to master this balancing act.

  • 5 Steps to Building a Customer Experience-Driven Contact Center

    Sponsored by: Genesys

    This white paper illustrates how organizations are overcoming modern customer experience hurdles to earn customers' satisfaction and long-term loyalty. Read on to uncover 5 important steps to building a customer experience-driven contact center.

  • Brand Enthusiasm: More Than Loyalty

    Sponsored by: IBM

    This study reflects the new reality: consumer propensity is alive and well. Read on and learn how to use this information to revitalize your strategy for communicating, engaging and sharing with customers.

  • Social Intelligence Guide for Marketing

    Sponsored by: Microsoft

    This informative white paper explores expert insights for maximizing ROI on social channels.

  • Case Study: How one Retailer Association Improved Sales and their Image

    Sponsored by: IBM

    This brief case study reveals what happened when a major player in the fashion retailer industry analyzed social conversations for a full year. Discover how to note key concepts that influence brand perception and purchase decisions.

  • Delivering Content to the Broadcast Quality Generation

    Sponsored by: Limelight Networks, Inc.

    In this white paper, you'll learn why catering to tech-savvy young adults is your new business imperative. Learn which emerging technologies are needed in order to meet the growing demand for immediate content delivery.

  • The ABCs of Sales in the Modern Era

    Sponsored by: Microsoft

    In this e-book, you'll explore the issues facing sales today, along with the changes and developments your sales teams need to understand to succeed in the modern market.

  • Global C-Suite Study: How to Enable CMOs to be Customer-Focused

    Sponsored by: IBM

    The following report demonstrates CMOs' strengths and weaknesses regarding customer engagement. Read on and learn how to help these professionals build a robust digital marketing strategy.

  • The New Frontier for Personalized Customer Experience

    Sponsored by: IBM

    It's time for companies to remove the transaction from the pedestal, and replace it with today's savvy customer. This paper offers the basics on creating a personalized, relevant experience for individual customers. Access now to learn how an effective customer intelligence strategy will drive revenue.

  • Shoppers Disrupted: Retailing Through the Noise

    Sponsored by: IBM

    Continuing to put the transaction at the center of business - instead of the individual - will only work against you. This executive report lays the foundation for understanding the full potential of new technologies to enhance the customer experience.

  • Salesforce Social Customer Service

    Sponsored by:

    In today's social world, expectations have changed. Now, more than ever, your customers are turning to social channels for fast and personalized service. Download this free datasheet to learn more.

  • Activision: A Social Customer Service ROI Story

    Sponsored by:

    In this case study, you'll learn how Activision integrated Salesforce Social Studio with its Service Cloud deployment to create a more modern way to support their customers on the channels where they prefer to communicate.

  • Gartner Digital Workplace Summit 2015

    Sponsored by: Gartner

    The Gartner Digital Workplace Summit, happening September 21 through 22 in London, UK, will help you visualize your own digital workplace transformation. Attend and get ready to master the challenges of digital disruption and initiate a new era of workforce engagement. You will walk away with leading-edge insights and actionable advice.

  • How to Adapt and Thrive in the New Customer Service Paradigm

    Sponsored by:

    In this e-book, Mike Milburn, Service Cloud's SVP and GM, discusses his views on how new technology will shape customer service, and how companies can successfully adapt and thrive in this new service paradigm.

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