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  • Creating an Effective Social Media Strategy

    Sponsored by: Microsoft

    Access this expert e-guide to examine ways to get noticed on social media and bond with your audience. Additionally, you'll learn why companies need to look within and make sure their company culture is set up for success before embarking on implementing a social CRM program.

  • Optimizing the Multi-Channel Customer Experience

    Sponsored by: Microsoft

    In this e-guide, readers will find best practices for tackling these multi-channel challenges, as well as learn why it's important to focus on business objectives before technology when creating a CEM strategy.Read on to learn how to create clear goals in your business' quest for omnichannel customer experiences.

  • Creating an Effective Social Media Strategy that Starts from Within

    Sponsored by: Microsoft

    In this e-guide, experts discuss how to get noticed on social media. Find details on how to bond with your audience, in addition to creating the right company culture for leveraging CRM.

  • Improving the Customer Experience: Why Integration is Key

    Sponsored by: Microsoft

    In this e-guide, experts provide best practices and tactics to help overcome customer data integration challenges. Access and learn how to create a social media strategy to drive connection, in addition to leveraging your social CRM approach with the right company culture.

  • CRM Analytics 101 - Harnessing Customer Data For Smarter Business Decisions

    Sponsored by: Microsoft

    Research analysts state "the technologies are changing rapidly" and that the CRM market is "hard to navigate." In this e-guide, discover best practices, use cases and benefits for choosing the right CRM platform as explained by experts.

  • Improving the Customer Experience: Why Integration is Key

    Sponsored by: Microsoft

    This e-guide will provide best practices and tactics to take to help overcome these integration challenges. Discover how to overcome challenges like limiting customer data silos and the transition to multichannel integration by accessing this resource now.

  • Optimizing the Multi-Channel Customer Experience

    Sponsored by: Microsoft

    In this e-guide, experts invite you to reexamine how you measure the customer experience in your omnichannel initiatives. Learn how to set clear goals and quantify success through customer repeat purchases, retention, and satisfaction.

  • CRM Analytics 101: Harnessing Customer Data For Smarter Business Decisions

    Sponsored by: Microsoft

    This expert guide explains how CRM analytics can help your organization to drill into customer data to make smarter business decisions and offer customers more personalized service.

  • The Patient Success Platform: Making Patient-Centric Care Easier Than Ever

    Sponsored by:

    Today's patients expect faster, more personalized healthcare than ever before; and the need for a more cost-efficient, comprehensive, patient-centric solution has never been greater. Access this resource to learn how the Salesforce Patient Success Platform can help your organization to achieve these goals.

  • Introducing Salesforce Health Cloud: 3 Core Advantages

    Sponsored by:

    The shift to patient-centric relationship management has begun, and Salesforce is leading the way with Health Cloud. This e-book shows you how to tap into the power of the cloud, social, and mobile to make the move to 1-to-1 care.

  • The Struggle to Make Multichannel Singular

    Sponsored by: SearchCRM

    To many retailers, a multichannel strategy is a dream, but one high-growth company revealed its plan to bring together disparate data for improved service and sales.

  • Delivering Positive Multi-Channel Customer Experiences

    Sponsored by: Oracle Corporation

    This e-guide offers top CEM trends to watch for, as well as 6 customer engagement strategies that ensure seamless results. Read on to learn how your business can drive multichannel engagement with the voice of the customer.

  • How To Budget For Workforce And Customer-Facing Technologies In 2015 And Beyond

    Sponsored by: Dell, Inc. and Intel®

    This Forrester report can help you benchmark your organization against your peers as you work with business partners to develop and implement technology strategies that drive business results for your company. I&O leaders won't want to miss learning about 5 key priorities for contributing to business success.

  • Dell Engineered Solutions for SAP HANA Gaining Real-Time Insight into Your Business

    Sponsored by: Dell, Inc. and Intel®

    In this white paper discover how your enterprise can use real-time analytics to achieve more, deliver rapid results, and maximize efficiency with SAP HANA solutions. Read on to learn how these analytics can change the way your business operates.

  • Stay Connected With Customers, Wherever They Roam

    Sponsored by: SearchCRM

    Companies are using mobile location-based services to make shopping and marketing better for the customer -- and for themselves.

  • Social is for Closers

    Sponsored by: Microsoft

    This eBook outlines how you can use online networks to build relationships and boost sales for your organization. Discover why forming authentic connections with customers can have a positive impact on customer experience and your company's bottom line.

  • Turning Social Sentiment into Opportunity

    Sponsored by: Microsoft

    This humorous white paper explores social listening for marketing. Discover how quantifiable metrics reveal the ways your products, promotions, and marketing messages are resonating with your target audiences.

  • How to Simplify Social Media, Email Compliance

    Sponsored by: Smarsh

    This case study explores how a top 10 national independent broker-dealer incorporated social media and email into marketing and customer relationships by leveraging a cloud-based archiving and compliance solution.

  • How the Cloud can Drive up Customer Engagement and Let Staff work more Flexibly

    Sponsored by: IP Solutions

    In this white paper, you'll learn how the cloud can bring the contact center to your employees and let customers choose when, how and where they want to contact you. Find out how it also allows you to acquire new technologies and channels.

  • Mass Adoption of the Internet of Things Will Create New Opportunities and Challenges for Enterprises

    Sponsored by: Covisint

    In this report, top analysts reveal details on the adoption and direction of IoT. Read on and discover how IT leaders can develop successful IoT strategies and deliver value across the enterprise with this technology.

  • Master the mobile moment

    Sponsored by: Hewlett-Packard Company

    In this brief resource, discover important raw data on rising user expectations for mobile apps. Learn how you can fulfill these needs through mobile measurement and uncover the top 6 user experience aspects to measure and track.

  • Failing to Meet Mobile App User Expectations: A Mobile App User Survey

    Sponsored by: Hewlett-Packard Company

    Read on to learn about the effects of problematic mobile apps on user satisfaction and how your organization can prevent app error and keep customers loyal.

  • Why Sales Is Still About Data Standardization

    Sponsored by: Oracle Corporation UK Ltd

    This expert guide explains why data standardization is a foundational step that your company needs to take before you can reach the next level of insight: Understanding your customers. View now to learn how Houghton Mifflin Harcourt consolidated its sales teams and digitized its sales process, and the benefits that they've achieved as a result.

  • Boosting E-Commerce Revenue with a Website Leveraging a Technology Stack

    Sponsored by: Oracle & Intel

    Agilent, a market leader in life sciences, diagnostics, and applied chemicals switched to an entirely new platform when its dated e-commerce website no longer functioned properly. This white paper describes the benefits of the platform Agilent chose, including 99.9% uptime.

  • Sales Management Strategies: Leading from the Trenches

    Sponsored by: Oracle Corporation UK Ltd

    In this expert e-guide, Lauren Horwitz interview Russ Hearl, VP of Global Sales at DoubleDutch, who leads his sales team by example—and has the results to prove that it works. Learn how DoubleDutch grew 200% year over year after implementing more efficient sales practices.

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