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  • Busting the Myth of the Malware "Silver Bullet"

    Sponsored by: McAfee, Inc.

    Malware is continuing to evolve, and the next generation of it is requiring us to adopt next-level defenses. Unfortunately, there is no "silver bullet" to protect you from the lurking malware-wolf. Access this white paper to learn how to create a layered defense with complimentary tools that work in unison to fight malware threats.

  • Top Cyber Threats to the Technology Sector

    Sponsored by: Digital Shadows

    Technology providers collect sensitive customer data, causing them to be great targets for cyberattacks. Explore this white paper to learn about the top 4 threats facing technology companies today, in order to ensure your data is secured.

  • The Pressing Need for Digital Risk Management

    Sponsored by: Digital Shadows

    According to ESG research, 69% of organizations are increasing their cybersecurity budgets. This ESP report reveals how CISOs and risk officers can adopt a thorough risk management strategy to protect their enterprise from pressing cyber threats.

  • Top Cyber Threats to the Legal Sector

    Sponsored by: Digital Shadows

    Legal firms can be attractive targets for cybercriminals, especially firms working on mergers and acquisitions (M&A), possessing a large amount of sensitive, non-public information. This paper highlights 3 security risks for legal firms to focus on and how to mitigate them.

  • Security Automation and Orchestration Best Practices

    Sponsored by: ServiceNow

    According to a recent Forrester Research Survey, 68% of respondents state that using automation and orchestration tools to improve security operations is a high or critical priority. Watch this webcast to gain insight into security automation and orchestration (SAO) best practices and a roadmap for deployment.

  • How York Risk Services Responds to Security Threats in Minutes vs. Hours or Days

    Sponsored by: ServiceNow

    When responding to security vulnerabilities, lack of speed and consistency are significant issues many enterprises face. Watch this webcast case study to gain insight into how York Risk Services overcame their incident response issues by implementing an effective vulnerability response strategy.

  • The Critical Role of DNS Active Failover in Digital Business Continuity

    Sponsored by: Oracle + Dyn

    In this e-book, gain a stronger understanding of how implementing an active failover approach you can reduce downtime and accelerate recovery time, with no additional hardware, software or resources.

  • Case Study: How Seton Hall University Improved Vulnerability Management

    Sponsored by: ServiceNow

    Inside this case study, Seton Hall University faced many challenges related to prioritizing and responding to the most critical vulnerabilities. Dive into how Seton Hall University overcame these challenges and became proactive in remediating vulnerabilities.

  • DNS Threats to Network Availability

    Sponsored by: Men and Mice

    In this white paper, gain a clear understanding of how DNS redundancy can boost DNS availability to help improve the performance and reliability of your network.

  • Protecting Endpoints Everywhere

    Sponsored by: Cisco Umbrella

    In this e-book, gain a closer look at how security challenges have evolved and the steps your organization can take to ensure end-to-end security, especially as IoT and mobile device continue to grow.

  • Transforming Data & Video Information Intro Intelligence

    Sponsored by: Motorola, Inc.

    In this 2017 Pennenergy & Motorola survey report, discover how today's oil, gas, and power organizations are purchasing and financing security-related technology to help improve their ROI and expand new business opportunities.

  • How to Send DNS Over Anything: Encrypted

    Sponsored by: Men and Mice

    In this webcast, gain a better understanding of DNS security protocols available to help increase your organization's network performance and reliability. Then, uncover examples of configurations on how to use the new privacy protocols.

  • Peak Retail Season Threats to Look for

    Sponsored by: Booz Allen Hamilton

    During the holiday season, cybercriminals prepare attacks on retailers everywhere in the hopes the retailers will pay ransom to ensure their websites are running smoothly for peak holiday hours. This threat report reveals the top threats ranked by security and likelihood that websites will face during peak retail season.

  • 15 Essential DNS and DNSSEC Monitoring Tests

    Sponsored by: Men and Mice

    Don't fall short on your Internet security strategy. In this webcast, you can learn how to use 15 essential DNS and DNSSEC monitoring tests to help your organization detect concerns before your network performance is impacted.

  • Vendor Landscape: Vulnerability Management, 2017

    Sponsored by: Tenable, Inc.

    According to a Forrester security survey, software vulnerabilities are the leading method of external intrusion in a breach. Explore this Forrester report to learn more about the vulnerability management vendor landscape and security trends that directly affect and enable business operations.

  • 5 Steps to Building a Successful Vulnerability Management Program

    Sponsored by: Tenable, Inc.

    Vulnerability management is something that will never end and will need to be improved and worked on periodically to ensure the security of your enterprise.Explore this white paper to learn more about successful vulnerability management programs to protect your enterprise.

  • The Critical Elements of IoT Security

    Sponsored by: Fortinet, Inc.

    IoT devices are on the rise. Read this white paper to gain a stronger understanding of how to build an IoT security strategy to help increase your network performance and reliability.

  • Uncovered: IDC Explores the Benefits of Cloud-based Vulnerability Management

    Sponsored by: Tenable, Inc.

    The shift to public cloud, along with mobile and DevOps, comes with an abundance of new assets for security pros to control and contain. How can you manage new vulnerabilities that result? Explore this IDC tech spotlight to how a cloud-based approach to vulnerability management can help.

  • Find and eliminate security blind spots with always-on vulnerability management

    Sponsored by: Tenable, Inc.

    Explore this Frost & Sullivan white paper to learn more about vulnerability management: implementation, endpoints, user behavior, and more. Inside, also discover why one vulnerability management vendor received Frost & Sullivan's 2017 Visionary Innovation Leadership Award.

  • Why Network Monitoring is Important for Cybersecurity Readiness

    Sponsored by: LiveAction

    Our experts explain how consolidating traffic through known secure gateways and watching traffic closely with a variety of monitoring tools can improve cybersecurity readiness.

  • IoT Botnets: The Stakes Have Changed. Have you?

    Sponsored by: Arbor Networks

    The stakes have changed for IoT botnets and DDoS attacks, are you ready? In this webcast, learn how IoT devices attract DDoS security attacks. Then, find out how your organization can shift towards a more secure and reliable IoT future.

  • EternalBlue – Everything there is to know

    Sponsored by: Check Point Software Technologies Ltd.

    Go inside this asset to learn everything you've ever wanted to know about the EternalBlue vulnerability. From its mysterious background, the 3 bugs it uses, and even the code it runs on.

  • IoT Botnets and DDoS Attacks: The Stakes Have Changed

    Sponsored by: Arbor Networks

    The stakes have changed for IoT botnets and DDoS attacks, are you ready? In this webcast, learn how IoT botnets quickly spread. Then, find out how your organization can shift towards a more secure and reliable IoT future.

  • The Stakes Have Changed: No End in Sight for DDoS Attack Size Growth

    Sponsored by: Arbor Networks

    In this resource, gain a better understanding of how IoT devices become vulnerable to the spread of IoT botnets, so your organization can move towards a more secure and reliable IoT future.

  • IOT Botnets & DDoS Attacks: The Stakes Have Changed

    Sponsored by: Arbor Networks

    In this resource, gain a better understanding for DDoS mitigation best practices and learn how to prevent the growth of IoT botnets.

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