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  • Capability Advisory: Why Virtualized Desktops Make Plenty of Sense

    Sponsored by: Quest Systems

    Access this informative resource to compare the differences between VDI, DaaS, and cloud solutions to help your organization gain the advantages of desktop virtualization and cloud computing.

  • NetApp TR: NetApp All-Flash FAS Solution for VMware Horizon View

    Sponsored by: NetApp

    This white paper details platforms that provide solutions for VMware using flash.

  • Thin Clients Help University Boost Staff and Student Success

    Sponsored by: Dell

    Many of today's schools are finding themselves faced with the challenge of replacing outdated computing hardware and devices. Access this case study to find out what happened when one Canadian university decided to replace 1,600 aging desktops with Dell Wyse thin clients.

  • Master Layering to Help VDI Management

    Sponsored by: Unidesk Corporation

    Access this expert e-guide to learn the various factors to consider with respect to layering such as third party vendor tools, flexibility, and more to master layering for VDI environments. Additionally, examine the latest layering tools available on the market and how IT professionals' role will play into the layering experience.

  • Podcast: Managing at the Windows Level

    Sponsored by: AppSense

    Listen to this podcast to hear expert Brian Madden discuss key desktop management trends, challenges and technologies, and reveals how to better manage your Windows users, accounts, and applications. Find out how application delivery and the end-user computing environment play an important role in this process.

  • State of the Industry: Managing at the Windows Level

    Sponsored by: AppSense

    In this presentation transcript, expert Brian Madden discusses key desktop management trends, challenges and technologies, and reveals how to better manage your Windows users, accounts, and applications. Find out how application delivery and the end-user computing environment play an important role in this process.

  • Best Practices for VDI Image Management

    Sponsored by: Unidesk Corporation

    In this expert e-guide, examine image management techniques and explore the benefits and drawbacks of various products available on the market. Discover how single image management software can help you maintain one image for multiple desktops.

  • State of the Industry: Persistent versus Non Persistent Desktops

    Sponsored by: AppSense

    Expert Brian Madden discusses how to manage desktops in VDI environments and about how to deliver images and applications either through persistent or non-persistent desktops. Discover how not all application management tools are fit for each computing environment, including multiple ways of delivering desktop applications.

  • A close examination of VMware's Horizon 6 solution

    Sponsored by: Presidio Network Solutions

    In this expert e-guide, examine new features of VMware's new end-user computing platform as well as how this solution compares to others on the market. Learn how their new feature, the Cloud Pod Architecture, will handle basic load-balancing to keep users from overloading on pod when another pod is not being fully utilized.

  • Podcast: Persistent vs. Non-persistent Desktops

    Sponsored by: AppSense

    In this podcast, listen to expert Brian Madden discuss the use cases for persistent and non-persistent desktops when delivering successful VDI solutions. Download now to find out how your current VDI environment and current applications play a key role in making your decision.

  • Managed VDI Services & WaaS: What They Mean to IT Leadership

    Sponsored by: Dell, Inc.

    Download this exclusive webcast now to learn about how VDI can help your organization. You'll also get insight into how you can find where VDI fits into your IT portfolio strategic get tips for deciding which models for deployment fit best from a variety of perspectives. View now to learn how you can get the most from desktop virtualization.

  • A closer look at VMware's Horizon 6 with View and ThinApp for desktop virtualization

    Sponsored by: Presidio Network Solutions

    Access this expert e-guide to examine some of the desktop and application virtualization technologies available on the market today. Discover four new features of a desktop virtualization technology and how combining it with an application virtualization solution can reduce TCO and increase ROI.

  • Why the Horizon 6 with View + Vblock Specialized System is Superior

    Sponsored by: VCE

    Access this video to explore a VDI solution built on converged infrastructures that securely delivers desktops, applications, and online services to end users across devices and locations through a unified workspace. Discover how this system is using all-flash storage arrays to deliver the high-performance required for VDI environments.

  • Modern Business Needs VDI to Soar

    Sponsored by: VCE

    Access this video to explore how VDI has changed over the years. Discover how a virtualization technology is partnering with a leading converged infrastructure solution to create a scalable, secure, high performing VDI solution and allowing for seamless transition into centrally managed, secure workspaces.

  • Welcome to the Age of End User Computing

    Sponsored by: VCE

    In this video, explore how VDI initiatives have changed over the years. Discover why now is the time to deploy VDI innovations by exploring the benefits and how converged infrastructures are combining with VDI to enhance the end-user computing environment for the mobile workforce.

  • Why Desktop Virtualization is not VDI

    Sponsored by: Dell

    In this video, expert Bran Madden sits down with Matthew Gray of Dell to explore the essential differences between desktop virtualization and VDI and the appropriate use cases for each.

  • Sorting Through the Myths and Misconceptions of VDI

    Sponsored by: Unidesk Corporation

    In this expert e-guide, VDI industry experts Brian Madden and Ron Oglesby discuss what they think about virtual desktop infrastructure. Explore why Madden now believes that non-persistent/shared images are doable for VDI and why VMware Mirage is not the same as virtual desktop layering.

  • New Features of VMware Horizon 6

    Sponsored by: Presidio Network Solutions

    This expert e-guide examines Horizon 6 RDSH to see how it works, the various benefits it can provide, and how admins can use VMware Horizon 6 to protect data.

  • Taking a Leap Forward with Desktop Virtualization

    Sponsored by: Dell

    This whitepaper reviews the key benefits of desktop virtualization through VDI and provides some key considerations you will have to take when implementing virtualization in your organization.

  • Optimizing Virtualized Desktop Environments with VCE Converged Infrastructure

    Sponsored by: VCE

    Access this white paper to learn what you stand to gain from virtual client computing (VCC) solutions and converged infrastructure. You'll learn how this approach delivers centralized desktop and application management, "any device" access to corporate IT resources, and an increased ability to protect corporate intellectual property.

  • Simply Virtual Desktop Use and Management with and All-in-One Thin Client

    Sponsored by: Dell

    Check out this whitepaper to learn about a new all-in-one (AiO) thin client that is powerful, yet stylish, and boasts one of the most secure, high performance thin client operating systems for simplified management.

  • Real user reviews: HP vs. Parasoft

    Sponsored by: IT Central Station

    In this day and age, making a big purchase often includes checking out user reviews and ratings to influence your purchase. Why should IT solutions be any different? Download this expert guide from IT Central Station to find out what real, professional users think of different service virtualization solutions.

  • Virtualizing Graphics Workloads Delivers Solid Benefits

    Sponsored by: Dell

    This whitepaper will help you understand how virtualization can now aid organizations that run demanding graphics workloads and projects.

  • Virtual Desktop Monitoring for Workforce Apps: Delivering Excellent End User Experience

    Sponsored by: Aternity

    Access this video to learn about a mobile application performance management solution that is helping every stage of the VDI migration process to assess application performance.

  • Presentation Transcript: Top Reasons to Consider Horizon Air Desktop DR for Workforce Continuity

    Sponsored by: VMware

    This presentation transcript explores reasons to implement Desktops-as-a-Service for your disaster recovery plan. Discover how this solution enables organizations to securely protect their business and ensure workforce continuity with affordable cloud-hosted desktops and apps, no matter if a disaster strikes.

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