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  • Nectar UC Monitoring and Performance Management for Cisco

    Sponsored by: Nectar Corp

    In this video, gain a stronger understanding how your organization can transform its UC strategy to gain a valuable ROI. Then, find out how Nectar UCMP can help implement real-time trouble shooting across applications, the network and endpoint domains to solve and prevent your UC tools from failing.

  • There's a Lack of Collaboration in the Workplace

    Sponsored by: ShoreGroup

    Discover how to choose the right collaboration tools for your business – from videoconferencing to collaboration platforms – and learn how to foster an effective use of these targeted collaboration tools to break down critical silos.

  • Uncover the 3 Steps to Managing Skype for Business Call Quality

    Sponsored by: LiveAction

    Our expert from Nemertes Research explains the 3 key steps to managing Skype for Business call quality to ensure the best end-user experience and voice performance.

  • 4 Reasons your Business Needs Video Conferencing

    Sponsored by: Logitech Inc.

    In this brief video, uncover 4 ways that video conferencing solutions can be the answer to your organizations mobility problems.

  • Wainhouse Huddle Rooms Ebook

    Sponsored by: Logitech Inc.

    In this e-book, Wainhouse Research surveyed 175 employees to help organizations gain a stronger understanding of end-user experience and preferences when conferencing from a huddle room.

  • Make the Most of your Microsoft Investment

    Sponsored by: Logitech Inc.

    This resource helps you learn 3 ways to increase your ROI with video collaboration technology that supports your current Microsoft Office 365/Skype for Business investments to create better meeting experiences.

  • Introducing Logitech MeetUp

    Sponsored by: Logitech Inc.

    In this white paper, learn how Logitech MeetUp, a videoconferencing tool with the speaker, microphone, and camera all-in-one can help you have more productive meetings to accomplish your business goals.

  • Video Conferencing: 5 Questions To Ask Before You Invest

    Sponsored by: Logitech Inc.

    This interactive resource guides you through 5 questions to ask before investing in collaboration tools. Then, learn how these tools can seamlessly be integrated with your organizations' current infrastructure while providing a positive ROI.

  • King Count IT Video Case Study

    Sponsored by: Logitech Inc.

    Uncover how collaboration tools and features, like document integration helped improve everyday business activities for King County Technology to recruit top talent and increase productively in meetings.

  • Itopia Video Case Study

    Sponsored by: Logitech Inc.

    Discover how Logitech wide-angle conference cameras helped a growing startup hire top talent across the globe and meet with clients "face-to-face" with ease and affordability.

  • Visual Collaboration: Improve Productivity and Engage Employees with Modern Tools

    Sponsored by: Bluescape

    Explore this Aberdeen Group research report on the top collaboration challenges to find out how Best-in-Class organizations coordinate work and communication, and uncover key takeaways about creating centrally managed, real-time, and visual collaboration.

  • Three Keys to ROI from your Video Communications Strategy

    Sponsored by: AVI-SPL

    In this white paper, learn how an Enterprise Video Platform helps manage, protect, and publish video content to increase ROI for your organization.

  • Learn what's new in video conference systems and how to choose the best video conferencing product to meet your company's needs.

    Sponsored by:

    Learn what's new in video conference systems and how to choose the best video conferencing product to meet your company's needs.

  • How Cimpress (Formerly Vistaprint) Scaled Their Video Network to 7,000 Employees

    Sponsored by: Vyopta

    Discover how Cimpress scaled their video network to support over 7,000 employees across 23 geographical locations by transitioning to a multi-vendor video conferencing environment. Plus, learn about the state of video collaboration and uncover 3 keys to growing your video capabilities.

  • Current State of Unified Communications

    Sponsored by: Vyopta

    Vyopta surveyed 450+ IT/UC professionals from a variety of business sizes, and asked them what it's really like to be in the unified communications industry.Take a look at this informative resource and discover what professional backgrounds are influencing the industry.

  • Logitech MeetUp: 120° FOV, 4K & Advanced Audio

    Sponsored by: Logitech Inc.

    Watch this brief video to learn about Logitech's MeetUp conference camera. Learn how it's high definition and flexible field of view helps you make the best of tight meeting spaces and improve your collaborative capabilities.

  • Enable Ubiquitous Visual Collaboration without Breaking the Bank

    Sponsored by: Logitech Inc.

    Desktop video conferencing presents a flexible and affordable alternative to complex, room-based video systems, and is highly scalable. In this research report by Frost & Sullivan, learn how to maximize ROI on video collaboration investments.

  • How Unified Communications Impacts IT Teams in 2017

    Sponsored by: Vyopta

    Learn more about what 300+ IT, AV, network, and video conferencing specialists have to say about the changes within the unified communications industry, how these changes have affected their role, and trends to expect.

  • ResponsiveEd Expands Face-to-Face Collaboration

    Sponsored by: Logitech Inc.

    Watch this webcast to discover how a new videoconferencing technology delivers center of room control that dramatically simplifies the meeting joint control experiences, allowing users to make a call, join an existing meeting, see the roster of attendees, and change the layout to full screen video – all from one single, centrally located control.

  • Logitech GROUP Enhances Collaboration for BOLT

    Sponsored by: Logitech Inc.

    Learn what BOLT did to see a dramatic improvement in the audio and video quality of their meetings, and determine if their strategy is right for you.

  • Video Conferencing: How to Evaluate the Right Tool for Your Enterprise

    Sponsored by: TechTarget

    With so many vendors flooding this growing market, it's important to choose the video conferencing system that fits your organization. Our expert buyer's guide can help by explaining what's driving interest in this area, how to evaluate your options, and how to purchase the right video-conferencing system for your organization.

  • How to find the perfect video-conferencing system

    Sponsored by: TechTarget

    With increased interest in video-conferencing systems, we've created a guide to help break down how to evaluate room-based video, telepresence and cloud-based video-as-a-service options. Read our exclusive resource, Video Conferencing Buyer's Guide, and learn considerations to keep in mind before making a buying decision.

  • Making Video Communications Frictionless

    Sponsored by: Zoom Video Communications

    When considering video webinar solutions, features like premium audio, easy set-up and registration, and an interactive experience probably top your list. Discover 18 key features of the Zoom Video Webinars now to learn whether it's the right fit for your business.

  • Zoom Video Conferencing for Virtual Care

    Sponsored by: Zoom Video Communications

    In this white paper, learn about video conferencing technology that can provide the functionality you need for successful virtual care.

  • Meeting the Video Demands of Millennials

    Sponsored by: Cisco Systems, Inc.

    Meeting the video demands of millennials can be a daunting task. They expect fast, consistent video that can work on a variety of platforms in an instant.How do you keep up with the video demands of this group?Access this resource that takes a deeper look at this audience's video demands and interests.

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