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  • Make Fast Data A Priority: Accelerate Revenue With Reduced Latency

    Sponsored by: SanDisk Corporation

    This white paper details finding of a study that looked at system performance issues and how businesses are solving them. Read on to learn how flash improve operations by reducing latency, as well as what internal improvements IT pros are looking to make.

  • Object Storage for a New Generation of IT

    Sponsored by: HGST

    This white paper discusses the adoption of object storage solutions that scale to higher capacity levels and provide high levels of resiliency by using erasure coding. Access now to see how this architecture can provide your enterprise with a flexible, scalable, and cost-effective design that will allow you to manage your data effectively.

  • Media and Entertainment Drives Storage Demand

    Sponsored by: Imation Corp.

    This analyst report discusses the different storage devices that media and entertainment companies use, specifically hard disk drives, magnetic tape, and optical discs. Access now to see how modern digital media workflows use digital storage technology to their advantage and learn how content storage is created and managed in the industry.

  • Lenovo and Pivot3 Launch a Global Hyper-Converged Infrastructure Solution

    Sponsored by: Pivot3

    Pivot3 breaks the long-standing trade-off between available storage capacity and data protection, reducing both cost and complexity in the data center. Download for more details.

  • Ultra-Sized Storage Challenges Demand Ultra-Dense Storage Solutions

    Sponsored by: Dell, Inc.

    This white paper focuses on "ultra-dense" storage arrays that can solve data management problems with massive capacity, compact footprints, and budget-stretching efficiency. Read more to learn how implementing a dense-array can provide efficiency, performance, and easy manageability for your enterprise's storage.

  • The Best Practices for Flash Array Deployment and All-Flash Storage

    Sponsored by: Data#3

    This eBook serves as a comprehensive guide to solid state storage implementation, and specifically, all-flash arrays. Download this book now to discover how data storage performance figures into cloud & mobile engagement, how to implement flash, and more.

  • Promote True Data Agility Using All-Flash Arrays: What You Need to Know

    Sponsored by: Data#3

    In this white paper, you will discover why all-flash arrays deliver improved business benefits and lower operating expenses, particularly in performance-intensive applications such as big data, VDI, OLTP, and hybrid cloud computing.

  • Client Satisfaction Study: IBM Delivers High-Quality Services and Support

    Sponsored by: IBM

    This white paper highlights how taking advantage of a service provider can help optimize server resources to enable IT staff to focus on value-add tasks and projects instead of managing IT infrastructures. Access now to see how partnering with a service provider can provide your enterprise with invaluable support.

  • How to Select the Best Solid-State Storage Array for Your Environment

    Sponsored by: TCM/IBM

    This e-guide looks at both all-flash array and hybrid flash array systems and discusses how to determine which one is best for your environment. Read on to learn how to determine how much flash you need so that you can buy the right amount for your enterprise and take full advantage of the storage performance levels it can provide.

  • Cost Validation: Comparing Flash Storage to Traditional Performance Disk Systems

    Sponsored by: TCM/IBM

    This white paper analyzes all-flash storage solutions in comparison with traditional performance disk systems and provides a cost-benefit analysis for flash. Read on to see how flash storage can outweigh traditional disk storage and improve your IT efficiency savings.

  • Case Study: Migrating Business-Critical Applications to Raise Performance with Solid-State Technology

    Sponsored by: TCM/IBM

    Access this case study to see how two organizations cut storage costs and raised their storage performance by migrating their business critical applications to a scalable, centralized solution. Read more to see how this solid-state technology can enhance your storage performance, cut backup time, and enable faster problem resolution.

  • Choose a Storage Platform That Can Handle Big Data and Analytics

    Sponsored by: TCM/IBM

    This solution brief discusses a storage infrastructure that allows organizations to flexibly add systems as data volume and analytics workloads grow. Access now to see how this platform can provide your enterprise's storage with the efficiency, power, and resiliency needed to support robust analytics solutions in the age of big data.

  • All-Flash Enterprise Storage That Lifts Your Business to New Heights

    Sponsored by: TCM/IBM

    This brief video highlights an all-flash storage solution that is both reliable and flexible. Watch now to see the many benefits it can provide for your enterprise.

  • Case Study: Web Host and Domain Registrar Ensures Room for Growth

    Sponsored by: Nimble Storage

    In this white paper, learn how one company overcame its inability to effectively scale its storage capacity with business growth, and eliminate their data recovery issues. See the capabilities of the flash storage option they chose, including rapid insight into storage management, capacity, and trends, reduced data center footprint, and more.

  • Storage Leaders Fight to Overcome Data Center Complexity

    Sponsored by: Nimble Storage

    In this Forrester report, review recent survey data to learn how storage architecture is shifting toward consolidated platforms and to management options that support robust and dynamic tiering of applications and resources. Additionally, learn how cloud and on-premise solid-state deployments are best positioned for heavy adoption.

  • Case Study: Yahoo! JAPAN Strengthens Data Center Flexibility with Storage Arrays

    Sponsored by: Nimble Storage

    This case study showcases how one company was able to solve their capacity problems by implementing a storage array with scalable support for their growing OpenStack platform. Access now to see how this storage infrastructure can help reduce your storage management overheads during rapid growth and improve your overall storage performance.

  • How an SSD can Improve the Microsoft Windows® 10 Experience

    Sponsored by: SanDisk Corporation

    Examine if SSD is necessary to deliver optimal boot up and app load times on Windows 10. Continue reading to review one SSD platform and learn if it can improve Windows 10 computing.

  • Spectrum Storage: Needs Change, You Respond

    Sponsored by: IBM

    This interactive virtual environments takes you into the world of software-defined storage. Click through to learn about how you can protect data, optimize storage, and deploy applications with ease.

  • Software-Defined Storage: Making the Impossible, Possible

    Sponsored by: TCM/IBM

    This video highlights how software-defined storage can be implemented to handle common storage challenges in today's world. Access now to see how SDS can simplify your storage management and capitalize on high data volumes to make informed decisions and improve your overall storage performance.

  • Top Five Things to Look for in Software-Defined Storage

    Sponsored by: TCM/IBM

    This white paper discusses how software-defined storage enables new levels of agility, control, and efficiency and offers 5 tips on sifting through solutions to ensure you choose the best fit for your enterprise. Access now to learn how to choose the right SDS solution for your enterprise that also fits within your current or 2016 IT budget.

  • Analyst Paper: Journey Towards SDS and Role of IBM Spectrum Virtualize and SVC

    Sponsored by: IBM

    This white paper outlines how the role of the SAN volume controller and virtual storage platforms are paving the way to software defined data centers. Read on to learn about what you need to implement SDS at your organization.

  • Mainstreaming of Flash: How to Get Started with Flash

    Sponsored by: Hewlett Packard Enterprise

    This video outlines how to start implementing flash storage. Tune in to learn about how flash can solve critical business problems, where it's best to implement the technology, and more.

  • 7 Questions for HP’s Storage SVP on Recent Flash Industry News

    Sponsored by: Hewlett Packard Enterprise

    This resource outlines 7 questions about the future of flash. Read on to learn about what to look for in terms of arrays and other types of flash so that you can make an informed purchase decision.

  • Buyer Beware: Not All Flash Storage Solutions Are the Same

    Sponsored by: Hewlett Packard Enterprise

    This article discusses the importance of comparing the architectural features of the different flash arrays that storage vendors provide. Read on to see how choosing a solution with the right architecture for your enterprise's storage systems can allow you to maximize performance from flash.

  • Flash Storage Is Now Affordable, but Is It Protected? The Questions You Need to Ask

    Sponsored by: Hewlett Packard Enterprise

    Access this article to see the important questions you need to ask when considering the implementation of a flash storage. Read more to learn how important it is to choose a resilient and scalable solution with efficient data protection and recovery so that you can truly benefit from the improvements flash can provide.

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