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  • ESG: Comparing IBM FlashSystem Compared to Traditional Performance Disk Systems

    Sponsored by: IBM

    This report shows how all-flash arrays can actually lower the total cost of your storage system. Read on to learn how you can gain a smaller, more cost effective footprint as well as achieve significant performance improvements with flash arrays.

  • Vmware NSX Architecture Offers Partners SDDC Integration Opportunities

    Sponsored by: VMware

    This exclusive e-guide outlines how VMware has capitalized on the SDDC trend with the introduction of the next version of its network virtualization platform, which adds in networking and security services. Download now to read what experts think of this new platform.

  • Oracle ZS4-4 Hybrid Storage Array Tops NetApp FAS8080 EX

    Sponsored by: Oracle & Intel

    In the following white paper, compare and contrast the NetApp FAS8080 EX and Oracle ZS4-4 storage array and see which system comes out on top. Read on to learn which will best benefit your business and why.

  • All-Flash Storage Enables Endicia's MSSQL Performance

    Sponsored by: Solidfire

    This case study details how one postage software company drastically improved response time and reduce storage management by implementing all-flash storage. Read on to learn how this company was able to gain more customers by successfully scaling and increasing reliability.

  • Flash Boosts Performance Without Disrupting User Experience

    Sponsored by: IBM

    This video, featuring as global broadband service provider, detail how to use flash arrays to enhance performance and availability during scaling, Tune in to learn how this company was able to enhance performance by 37 times, and keep customers happy while upgrading their systems.

  • Elements of a Next Generation Data Center

    Sponsored by: Solidfire

    This blog post details why solid state storage arrays are an integral part of next-generation data centers. Read on to learn how flash arrays can streamline efficiency, reduce storage management, minimize hardware upgrades, and more.

  • All-Flash Boosts Cloud Storage Performance

    Sponsored by: Solidfire

    This case study details how one cloud services company was able to boost storage performance using an all-flash array for the cloud. Read on to learn how this platform can also help your company streamline operations through automation, storage tiering, easy scalability, and more.

  • Ultimate Software

    Sponsored by: Solidfire

    This white paper outlines how one SaaS company was able to improve performance and protect data effectively with SSD. Read on learn how their SSD system worked seamlessly with their VMware cloud platform, allowing them to achieve a strong ROI quickly.

  • Podcast: Challenges in Storage Resource Management

    Sponsored by: Hewlett-Packard Company

    This podcast describes how storage optimization was the most popular tool among storage professionals in a recent survey. Tune in to learn how you can easily optimize your storage system to get your performance back to an optimal level.

  • Transcript: Challenges in Storage Resource Management and Their Solutions

    Sponsored by: Hewlett-Packard Company

    This transcript shows how storage optimization was the most popular tool among storage professionals in a recent survey. Read on to learn how you can easily optimize your storage system to get your performance back to an optimal level.

  • Mercado Libre OpenStack Private Cloud Case Study

    Sponsored by: Solidfire

    This case study details how one eCommerce company was able to easily scale their storage system without sacrificing performance or uptime. Read on to learn about how this all-flash array can increase efficiency for your growing data storage.

  • Dimension Data Announces Intelligent Storage Management Service featuring EMC ViPR and ViPR SRM

    Sponsored by: Dimension Data

    In the following video, Steve Joubert, Group Executive, Next Generation Data Centre, Dimension Data introduces the integration of EMC's ViPR and ViPR SRM into the Dimension Data's Intelligent Service for Storage.

  • One-Minute Networking: Put Storage First

    Sponsored by: Brocade

    Tune into the following video to learn how by creating your own dedicated IP network for storage, you can take back control of your traffic, prioritize business-critical workloads, and prepare for future data growth. View now to learn how it's done.

  • Is OpenStack Infrastructure Right for Your Organization?

    Sponsored by: Hedvig Inc

    This expert eGuide can help you decide if OpenStack can help your organization on its journey to modernization, or if your infrastructure is better suited to something else. Read on to make sure you make the right decision for your data center's storage efficiency.

  • Storage 101: Getting Smart about Scaling Up

    Sponsored by: Dell, Inc. and Intel®

    This white paper introduces a new SAN system, powered by an Intel® Xeon® processor, that grants small and midsized businesses the ability to handle massive data growth and complexity at a far lower cost than other enterprise-grade solutions. Access now to learn more.

  • The Benefits of a Dedicated IP Network for Storage

    Sponsored by: Brocade

    In the following white paper, learn the importance of latency on application performance as well as overall storage performance. Access now and uncover the advantages to having a separate physical network for IP storage traffic, regardless of whether you use block storage (iSCSI) or NAS storage (CIFS and NFS).

  • Virtualization and Cloud Computing: Optimized Power, Cooling, and Management Maximizes Benefits

    Sponsored by: Schneider Electric

    Access this white paper to learn four effects of IT virtualization on the data center physical infrastructure and discover successful strategies for dealing with them.

  • Top benefits and drawbacks of hyperconverged infrastructure

    Sponsored by: VMware

    Access this expert e-guide to discover the differences between converged infrastructures, the software-defined data center (SDDC), and hyper-converged infrastructures. Also, find out the risks and use cases for hyper-converged infrastructures.

  • The future of flash

    Sponsored by: Micron Technology

    In this e-guide, you'll not only learn how chip developments can cut costs, but you'll also find out more about Memristor technology and if experts think it will replace NAND flash.

  • Planning Your Flash Capacity Needs

    Sponsored by: Micron Technology

    Access this helpful e-guide to gain key information and expert tips on planning a flash capacity upgrade.

  • How to Maximize Flash Memory Storage Lifespan

    Sponsored by: Micron Technology

    What is NVDIMM, and how does it differ from memory channel flash storage? Access this expert e-guide to learn the advantages and disadvantages of each and get 4 tips to maximize the lifespan of your flash memory storage.

  • Three Ways to Use Storage Virtualization To Cost-Effectively Manage Data Growth

    Sponsored by: IBM

    This white paper highlights three top ways storage virtualization can help you cost-efficiently tackle some of your toughest data growth challenges.

  • Three Key Strategies to Prevent Raid Failure

    Sponsored by: PMC-Sierra, Inc.

    In this e-guide, storage analyst Jon Toigo shares several ways storage admins can proactively prevent the failure of RAID arrays. Access now and learn to utilize these expert tips in your own environment today.

  • Will IT Staffing Change With Hyper-Converged Systems?

    Sponsored by: Springpath Inc

    Download this expert e-guide to learn how IT staffing will be affected due to the rise of hyper-converged infrastructures.

  • Better Storage Performance- Raid Benefits Explained

    Sponsored by: PMC-Sierra, Inc.

    Can you explain the different types of RAID and their pros and cons? In this informative e-guide, gain insight into an expert comparison of RAID levels and the functions they can provide to an organization. Read on now and discover what you need to know about RAID to experience the benefits they can deliver.

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