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  • The Power of SAP HANA, Delivered by Dell and Red Hat

    Sponsored by: Red Hat, Dell and SAP

    This white paper outlines how SAP HANA coupled with the right tools can give businesses the power of in-memory processing for their enterprise data. Read now to learn more.

  • The Total Economic Impact™ Of SAP Jam

    Sponsored by: SAP

    Access this Forrester research study to learn the total economic impact of SAP Jam. Discover if Jam could save your business money.

  • AbbVie builds a global pharmaceuticals company on new foundations with SAP and IBM

    Sponsored by: IBM

    This white paper provides a look into how AbbVie, a global pharmaceuticals company, successfully adopted enterprise-wide standardized SAP-enabled processes. Read on to discover the benefits of AbbVie's transition, including enabling global strategy with integrated SAP applications.

  • Fill In the Missing Links in Your SAP Supply Chain

    Sponsored by: SearchSAP

    SAP supply chain tools have many useful features that are hiding in plain sight. Users must be more observant to get the most out of their investment.

  • Business is real-time. Now so are analytics.

    Sponsored by: HP


  • Protect Your Business Critical Apps from Compromise

    Sponsored by: Onapsis

    This white paper describes how, with technologies ranging from vulnerability management to advanced threat protection, you can make sure your SAP applications stay secure.

  • Backup and Disaster Recovery for Your SAP Environment

    Sponsored by: Zerto

    The following white paper introduces a backup and disaster recovery system that can protect your SAP environment from downtime in the event of a natural disaster or other misfortune. Access now and learn to ensure the safety of your SAP environment today.

  • Transcript Why Red Hat and Dell for SAP HAHA

    Sponsored by: Red Hat, Dell and SAP

    This webcast transcript discusses how you can retailor your IT infrastructure and architecture to meet the needs of SAP HANA and speed up your business.

  • Finance and Operations Integration

    Sponsored by: SAP America, Inc.

    In this white paper experts speak about this trend in finance and operations integration. Access this video now to hear from Alex Bannell, Eric Bramley, Rich Sernyak, and Martin Mrugal, as they weigh in on how your organization can streamline business processes.

  • Building an IT Infrastructure for SAP HANA with Dell and Red Hat

    Sponsored by: Red Hat, Dell and SAP

    This webcast discusses how you can retailor your IT infrastructure and architecture to meet the needs of SAP HANA and speed up your business.

  • Trust in a single system for mission-critical needs

    Sponsored by: HP

    Gain advice on how you can transform your business with real-time data management tools that speed time-to-value. Access this resource now and learn how you can support faster decision making, amplify performance, and more.

  • The Digital Economy: How Organizations Adapt

    Sponsored by: SAP America, Inc.

    In this video experts speak Fabian Cortes, Pete Swabey, and Dinesh Sharma weigh in on the trend of hyperconnectivity in today's economy. Watch now to discover how your organization can adapt to this environmental shift and cater to customers who are more connected than ever.

  • Business Digital Transformation Use Cases

    Sponsored by: SAP America, Inc.

    In this webcast, Birgit Starmanns and Mark Labedz walk you through the many changes you can expect with the inevitable expansion of the digital economy. Tune in and learn how to prepare for transforming business functions, complexities, and more.

  • Analytics Case Study: Create a Real-Time Enterprise Through HANA Migration

    Sponsored by: HP

    This case study details Liwayway's unique approach to minimizing business risk – directly affecting 10 out of 15 factories. Read now to learn how your organization can make a similar transition to create better access to real-time data.

  • Re-Imagining Business in the Digital Economy

    Sponsored by: SAP America, Inc.

    In this webcast, join Amr El Meleegy and Christopher Dinkel as they describe tech trends that are inspiring disruption across the organization. Learn how to leverage these disruptors by enabling IT with technical debt reversal, social activation, cloud orchestration, and more.

  • Podcast Why Red Hat and Dell for SAP HAHA

    Sponsored by: Red Hat, Dell and SAP

    For users who want to conduct real-time analytics, performance management and operations in a single system from there are many solutions on the mareket. Listen to this podcast now to learn about an optimally configured and SAP certified SAP HANA solution that includes a hardware appliance, pre-loaded software and a full range of services.

  • Growing Your Business without Shrinking Efficiency

    Sponsored by: SAP America, Inc.

    This brief case study provides a window into mitigating the complexities of business expansion. Read on to learn valuable insight into seamless organizational growth when you maximize support for critical business processes.

  • From IT Inertia to IoT Innovation

    Sponsored by: IBM

    This whitepaper from a leading analyst, VDC, outlines some of the opportunities and challenges facing companies that make the "things" that comprise the Internet of Things.

  • HP Planning and Simulation Project

    Sponsored by: HP

    In this exclusive case study, discover the ways in which your organization can implement a business planning system to achieve high impact results.

  • FAQ: Integrated Business Strategy

    Sponsored by: SAP America, Inc.

    The following FAQ guide covers dozens of common questions from business users who seek to optimize data management, business processes, CRM and other functions. Read on and learn what an integrated business strategy can achieve.

  • HP Global Supply Chain Systems

    Sponsored by: HP

    This white paper details how your organization can deliver real time access to information to empower business users with self-service capabilities on a variety of devices. Discover how one system paired with SAP HANA can leverage your information to uncover value in your supply chain.

  • Avon Cycles Ltd. improves supplier management with SAP HANA

    Sponsored by: HP

    In this concise case study discover what system Avon Cycles employed to improve supply chain management, increase staff productivity and save money. Read now to discover if this scenario could help you devise a system that meets your organizational needs.

  • SAP Meets Cloud: Reduces TCO by Around 20%

    Sponsored by: IBM

    This case study offers an inside look into how one firm in the semiconductor market migrated its global SAP ERP application to the cloud in order to keep pace with shifting demands in this volatile industry.

  • Melissa Kikizas shrinks stock levels by 10 percent, boosts cash flow, cuts delivery delays by 20 percent

    Sponsored by: IBM

    This case study details how food producer, Melissa – Kikizas, was able to reduce its warehouse inventory levels by 10 percent – improving cash flow while streamlining its processes to ensure that there was always stock on hand to capture and fulfill every sales opportunity, plus reducing delivery delays by 20 percent.

  • How The Growing Interconnectedness of Society is Changing the Landscape for Business

    Sponsored by: SAP America, Inc.

    This report is the foundation of a three-stage research program which assesses the business impact of hyperconnectivity, how companies should adapt to them, and how executives must lead that transformation. Read now to learn more.

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