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  • Lab Validation Report: Cloud NAS for the Distributed Enterprise

    Sponsored by: Nasuni Corporation

    This exclusive report tests a cloud NAS system and assesses its file data access and control, unlimited scalability, and built-in data protection and security. Read on to discover how NAS can synchronize your data files across multiple locations and streamline the infrastructure required to manage your enterprise's unstructured data at scale.

  • Case Study: Global Access with Unlimited Scale Using Cloud NAS

    Sponsored by: Nasuni Corporation

    This case study examines how a company turned to cloud NAS to solve their storage challenges, such as escalating capital costs and inefficient data protection and data management systems. Read on to see how cloud NAS can provide your enterprise with the file storage and backup and disaster recovery solutions you need, all in one integrated system.

  • Cloud-Hosted Email Archiving Solution

    Sponsored by: DLT & Veritas

    This brief white paper discusses the implementation of a cloud-based email archiving and records management solution. Access now to see how moving these activities into the cloud will allow your enterprise to reduce costs, have faster access to email records, and store and retrieve any amount of data, at any time.

  • Backup convergence: Backup, DR, and Archiving

    Sponsored by:


  • Versatile, Flexible, and Affordable Solution for Next-Generation SANs

    Sponsored by: Cisco

    This brief product overview focuses on a multilayer fabric switch for data center SAN solutions. Read on to see how this technology can provide your enterprise with valuable improvements to your storage, including high performance, simplified management, and more.

  • Software-Defined Storage: Making the Impossible, Possible

    Sponsored by: TCM/IBM

    This video highlights how software-defined storage can be implemented to handle common storage challenges in today's world. Access now to see how SDS can simplify your storage management and capitalize on high data volumes to make informed decisions and improve your overall storage performance.

  • Everything You Need to Know to Evaluate Flash: Buyer's Guide

    Sponsored by: Pure Storage

    This buyer's guide breaks down what you need to know when purchasing all-flash storage systems. Read on for questions to ask, and tips to understand the nuances that distinguish flash from HDD storage.

  • Business Continuity Management and Security Can Work Together to Safeguard Data

    Sponsored by: IBM

    This white paper details five approaches to successfully integrating security operations and business continuity management that can improve breach prevention and mitigation. Access now to see how you can improve your business continuity management to lessen the cost and impact of any data breach and reduce the likelihood of one occurring.

  • Meeting the Storage Challenge for Exponential Data Growth

    Sponsored by: HGST

    This white paper discusses traditional storage limitations and highlights an archival system with pay-as-you-grow capacity that does not rely on expensive replication software. Learn how this cost-efficient data archiving solution can simplify your data and storage management, consolidate your backup, archive, and restore process, and more.

  • Cloud and Tape Solutions: Better Together

    Sponsored by: FujiFilm Dternity

    This white paper discusses how a hybrid cloud and tape solution can work together to provide a sustainable storage infrastructure. Access now to see how this tape-powered NAS solution can allow your enterprise to store files and objects with the flexibility of cloud and maintain cost-effective second and third copies by leveraging tape economics.

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