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  • Mobility Customer Success Stories: BYOD and Mobility

    Sponsored by: Cisco Systems, Inc.

    Let's face it; Employees bring their own devices into work and want to be able to connect to corporate networks. There are a lot of vendors in mind when deciding on a BYOD strategy, and the best fit depends on your company.

  • Avoiding BYO Policy and Security Pitfalls

    Sponsored by: Citrix

    When employees use their own technology for business purposes, they gain mobility and productivity but pose a new threat for IT security, as well as other policy pitfalls.

  • How 4 Citrix Customers Solved the Enterprise Mobility Challenge

    Sponsored by: Citrix

    For mobile workers to truly be productive, they need on-the-go access to apps and data, even on their personal devices.  Enterprises need a way to deliver these other types of apps on mobile devices now- but IT rarely has the time or budget to build mobile versions.

  • The Definitive Guide to Secure Enterprise Mobility

    Sponsored by: Aruba Networks

    Enterprise organizations today are allowing  new generation of users - known as the mobile generation - to maximize productivity by relying on mobile devices for every aspect of work and personal communication.  However, networking security concerns are emerging.

  • Creating a Safe BYOD on a Budget

    Sponsored by: Extreme Networks

    There's no doubt that with the growing trend of mobility, BYOD is right along there with it.  BYOD implementation can be difficult and costly, but this white paper can help.

  • How One Office Benefited from a Large Network Wi-Fi Solution

    Sponsored by: Aruba Networks

    With potentially tens of thousands of users accessing network data from over 2,000 access points, there's no doubt that the connection needs to be safe and strong.

  • Wi-Fi Enabled Healthcare

    Sponsored by: Extreme Networks

    Rapid advancements in wireless technologies are transofrming how business services are delivered, extending access to critical data anywhere, anytime.  This leaves businesses with a host of opportunities and challanges inside and outside company walls.

  • Wi-Fi Buyers Guide

    Sponsored by: Extreme Networks

    The huge growth of mobile and BYOD is driving user's demands to rise, while networks become more dense and harder to manage.  How can a balance be found between the two?

  • Dell Higher Education Solutions Guide

    Sponsored by: Dell, Inc. and Intel®

    Accessing network data from remote locations anywhere is no longer a luxury, but an expectation.  End-users expect to not only have the same experience from the network in a mobile setting, but also expect a fast and secure connection.

  • Employee Flexibility: The New Way to Work

    Sponsored by: Unify

    There's a lot of different technologies being employed in the world today, and each one of them requires us to interract with the corporate network in a different way. This had lead IT teams to struggle with compatibility issues as well as security risks.

  • Game Changer: Unlocking Employee Access to Information

    Sponsored by: CommVault Systems, Inc.

    IT managers have decided that mobile access to company data is of extreme importance.  Large enterprises have trouble locating data across databases, and something must be done.

  • Opportunities with VMware and VMware SDDC

    Sponsored by: Avnet Technology Solutions

    The mobile-cloud era brings with it an increase in business and end-user expectations, and IT pays the price.

  • Understand How the Three C's Can Maximize Sales Mobility

    Sponsored by: Oracle Corporation

    As more and more users work mobile from anywhere in the field, the need for maximization in mobility becomes clear.  Read on to discover what the experts at Gartner research have found to help with just that.

  • Apps for Business: Sales

    Sponsored by: Apple Inc.

    This free short on-demand seminar from Apple Business Experts enables you to discover the powerful apps that open new possibilities for mobile selling, from tracking customers and taking payments to managing travel itineraries and expense reports

  • The Ten Principals of BYOD

    Sponsored by: IBM

    Uncover the top ten Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) considerations to keep in mind when composing a BYOD policy to ensure a productive and secure environment which allows your employees to use their consumer-based devices to complete day to day tasks.

  • Setting a Strategic Agenda for the 'Upwardly Mobile' Enterprise

    Sponsored by: IBM

    If your organization doesn't have a well-defined mobile strategy, you're not alone. Read this paper for tips from IBM.

  • IBM Mobile First

    Sponsored by: IBM

    Learn how to develop, test, run and manage hybrid and native multiplatform, mobile apps in a security-rich environment.

  • Best Practices for Building a Mobility Strategy

    Sponsored by: Cisco Systems, Inc.

    As mobility continues to mature, computing will become location independent. Workers will look to perform any task or access any content from any location over any network.  This impacts IT in a number of ways.

  • Mobility Solutions Overview For Large and Midsize Organizations

    Sponsored by: Cisco Systems, Inc.

    Mobile technologies are having a dramatic effect on the way we live, work, learn, and play. While organizations recognize that the impact of mobility could be as great as that of the web, many are struggling with what exactly to do about it.

  • iPad in Action: Carmel Café

    Sponsored by: Apple Inc.

    Join Apple Business experts for a free short on-demand seminar- see how Florida-based Carmel Café &Wine Bar offers a fresh approach to casual dining, with a modern Mediterranean menu and a comfortable, colorful environment that encourages guests to relax and linger.

  • Enable Secure Access to Apps

    Sponsored by: Fiberlink

    The BYOD era has left IT with less control over the network, creating security and network integrity problems.  IT professionals are constantly striving to secure sensitive enterprise data and discover vulnerabilities.

  • How One Company Raised Mobility Efficiencies While Reducing Admin Burdens

    Sponsored by: Fiberlink

    Remotely managing a fleet of mobile devices for more than 3000 executives poses several management dillemmas.  This case study takes a look at how one company deployed a mobility solution that gave them more security and efficiences with less administration burdens.

  • How to Manage Multiple Device Types and Integrate Them with Salesforce CRM

    Sponsored by: Fiberlink

    Workforce mobility causes organisations to have much needed visibility and control of its multi-device environment and the ability to fully integrate sales data with mobile email, calls and texts.

  • Vendor Comparison for Enterprise Mobility Management Suites

    Sponsored by: IBM

    EMM is growing quickly, and the vendor landscape has changed significantly, which will impact IT leaders' choices.

  • Protecting your Customers’ Online Banking Transactions Using the ActivID® Threat Detection Service

    Sponsored by: HID

    Protecting anytime, anywhere access is increasingly difficult using traditional security measures. Discover how organizations are protecting themselves.

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