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  • Examining DRAAS, VDI, and DAAS

    Sponsored by: Avnet Technology Solutions

    Correctly arming your organization with the technologies it requires can be a difficult task, especially when many services seem so similiar.

  • Top 10 Reasons MDM is just a Fad

    Sponsored by: IBM

    This white paper reveals the top 10 reasons you don't need a mobile device management (MDM) solution ... or do you?

  • Mobility Solutions Overview For Large and Midsize Organizations

    Sponsored by: Cisco Systems, Inc.

    Mobile technologies are having a dramatic effect on the way we live, work, learn, and play. While organizations recognize that the impact of mobility could be as great as that of the web, many are struggling with what exactly to do about it.

  • BYOD Design Overview

    Sponsored by: Cisco Systems, Inc.

    There are plenty of ways to implement a BYOD solution based on the unique requirements of a specific organization.  Some take an open approach and rely on basic services, others prefer more secure ways to manage devices.

  • Mitigate Mobiltiy Risks with Simple Management Platform

    Sponsored by: Fiberlink

    Worforce mobility has a lot of great benefits, but there are plenty of pitfalls to go along with it.  Security risks, regulatory compliance and support on multiple platforms are just a few things that make it hard for businesses to deploy.

  • MaaS360 and Apple IOS

    Sponsored by: Fiberlink

    Plenty of organizations like schools and governments rely on iOS devices everyday, but not all can manage them.  However, with the right tools iPhone, iPad and iPod touch devices can be linked seamlessly to the corporate network.

  • Mobile Management and Security Essentials

    Sponsored by: Fiberlink

    Smartphones and applications were at first targeted to the consumer - games, videos, and other entertainment flooded the app market.  However, these devices were quickly adopted by businesses to help further advance processes.

  • Unified Windows Device Management

    Sponsored by: Fiberlink

    Each entireprise is unique, so you need a flexible yet simple platform to manage your mobile environment. Enterprise IT is in the middle of a shift in how they provide support and do business, and enterprise management needs to do the same.

  • Future-proof your mobility strategy with Dell Enterprise Mobility Management

    Sponsored by: Dell Software

    Read this paper to discover best practices to future-proof your mobile strategy in the evolving world of devices, operating systems, work habits and mobile business models. Also, find out how Dell Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) can help maintain security and control administrative complexity.

  • Enabling devices and device management for your mobility/BYOD program

    Sponsored by: Dell Software

    Read this white paper to learn how to support employees with the best devices to increase flexibility, productivity and job satisfaction. Get tips on how to reduce IT complexity as you manage a wider variety of devices, operating systems and user needs. Also, find out how Dell devices and Enterprise Mobility Management can help.

  • Managing Mobile Application Security in the Age of BYOD and the Cloud

    Sponsored by: Bluebox

    In this expert guide, get an inside look at how to improve your organization's mobile app security and how to avoid the common pitfalls of cloud-based MAM.

  • Dell Mobility Solutions: A powerful portfolio

    Sponsored by: Dell Software

    When choosing a bring your own device (BYOD) business solution, make sure it's flexible, covers security and covers all the devices in your business. In this new business brief, see how Dell offers end-to-end BYOD mobility solutions that meet your company's needs today, and down the road.

  • Visualize Your Entire Mobile Environment

    Sponsored by: Fiberlink

    Each entireprise is unique, so you need a flexible yet simple platform to manage your mobile environment.  Enterprise IT is in the middle of a shift in how they provide support and do business, and enterprise management needs to do the same.

  • MDM: Seperate Work from Play

    Sponsored by: Fiberlink

    Along with the BYOD era comes issues with security and app integration.  Since each mobile device is different, secure document sharing can be tricky.

  • Mobile Device Management Checklist

    Sponsored by: MobileIron

    A well thought-out mobile device management strategy is a key ingredient for any successful mobility deployment.  This expert E-Guide highlights a mobile device management checklist.

  • Key Benefits of Secure Mobile Intranet Access

    Sponsored by: Fiberlink

    Workforce mobility has caused us to change the way we do business.  Today, mobile workers expect to be able to reach corporate resources from anywhere, as if they were in the office.  This data sheet features a solution that mobilizes SharePoint and many other Intranets.

  • The Impact of a Cloud-Based Mobility Solution

    Sponsored by: Fiberlink

    Enterprise mobility is always changing, and so are the devices we use to conduct business on.  Organizations may find themselves having trouble switching from laptops and BlackBerry products to iPhones and iPads, as the operating systems are much different.

  • IBM brings ROI to BYOD

    Sponsored by: IBM

    Explore this resource to learn about how managed mobility and BYOD services brought return on investment to two enterprise organisations over the course of three years. Read on now to find out more.

  • BYOD & Mobile Security: How to Respond to the Security Risks

    Sponsored by: Lumension

    Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) is a popular topic in 2013. The trouble is that IT is trying to understand the security risks and prepare strategies to either adopt employee-owned mobile devices or decide against it for security and data control reasons.

  • Mobile Device Management: More Security, Less Headache

    Sponsored by: Lumension

    Mobile devices are proliferating in the enterprise. In fact, there are now more mobile devices than there are people on earth. Here's how to securely empower your mobile employees—without inflating your IT management burden.

  • How One Company Raised Mobility Efficiencies While Reducing Admin Burdens

    Sponsored by: Fiberlink

    Remotely managing a fleet of mobile devices for more than 3000 executives poses several management dillemmas.  This case study takes a look at how one company deployed a mobility solution that gave them more security and efficiences with less administration burdens.

  • How to Manage Multiple Device Types and Integrate Them with Salesforce CRM

    Sponsored by: Fiberlink

    Workforce mobility causes organisations to have much needed visability and control of its multi-device environment and the ability to fully integrate sales data with mobile email, calls and texts.

  • Vendor Comparison for Enterprise Mobility Management Suites

    Sponsored by: IBM

    EMM is growing quickly, and the vendor landscape has changed significantly, which will impact IT leaders' choices.

  • Enterprise Mobility Management: The Big Bang Theory

    Sponsored by: IBM

    This informative resource discusses what it takes to build a successful enterprise mobility management strategy, examining how IT can best identify and support the business drivers that demand mobility.

  • Gartner Magic Quadrant for Enterprise Mobility Management Suites

    Sponsored by: MobileIron

    The MDM market has changed into the enterprise mobility management suites market. The vendor landscap has change significantly, and EMM is growing quickly. This impacts the choices IT leaders make today.

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