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  • Molina Healthcare Ramps Up Fast for Claims Processing Spikes with VBlock

    Sponsored by: VCE

    This case study examines how Molina was able to increase application performance and speed provisioning while reducing data center footprint. Read on to learn how they were able to deliver an agile infrastructure capable of meeting increased SLAs by consolidating their infrastructure on Vblock™ Systems.

  • IT Skills Proficiency Tool

    Sponsored by: Randstad

    Access this white paper to learn about the IT Skills Proficiency Tools, which will help you to determine what your talents are now and what they are likely to be for upcoming projects. By analyzing and evaluating your IT team's proficiency score, you can better develop training plans, indentify team members to groom for management, and more.

  • Flying High on the Use of Red Hat Enterprise Linux

    Sponsored by: Red Hat

    This whitepaper explains how UK-based organization Flybe, Europe's largest regional airline, was able to leverage Linux to revolutionize their IT support capabilities, creating new opportunities for innovation and revenue streams.

  • Mitigate Risk for Data Center Network Migration

    Sponsored by: CISCO & INTEL®

    Access this white paper to learn how you ensure that your migration initiative goes as planned by mitigating the risks and complexities involved. Read on to learn how you can optimize your architecture and IT investment while reducing complexity and risk.

  • Fixed-Price Cisco Unified Computing Services

    Sponsored by: CISCO & INTEL®

    Access this white paper to learn how you can deliver the foundation for a broad spectrum of virtualization initiatives that can consolidate resources and automate data center processes.

  • Five Secrets of Highly Effective Data Centers

    Sponsored by: CISCO & INTEL®

    This white paper examines 5 important strategies that organizations have adopted to overcome the limits of traditional IT infrastructure and transform their data centers to support innovation and growth.

  • In demand: the culture of online service provision

    Sponsored by:

    Providing the platforms to support online applications is a must for most organisations. For those pursuing a career in IT and seeking to gain the necessary accreditations, there are higher salaries on offer and an opportunity to be part of the future of IT, say analysts Bob Tarzey and Bernt Østergaard.

  • Cloud Glossary: A Guide to Commonly Used Terms in Cloud Computing

    Sponsored by: Peak 10

    This glossary provides definitions of many of the terms you'll come across while exploring cloud technologies and services.

  • A Step-By-Step Guide to Defining Your Cloud Services Catalog

    Sponsored by: VMware

    This exclusive whitepaper will show you why you need a cloud services catalog and walk you through how to build one.

  • SaaS Takes Center Stage in 2014

    Sponsored by: IBM

    Learn how subscription-based business applications are expected to make an even bigger impact in 2014 and beyond in this informative infographic.

  • A Data Center Fabric Is Critical to a Next-Generation Data Center

    Sponsored by: CISCO & INTEL®

    Access this white paper to learn about the challenges of legacy data centers as well as the characteristics and benefits of a data center fabric. Read on to learn how a network-centric data center fabric can deliver faster time to deliver services, better utilization of data center resources, and more.

  • Accelerate Your Transition to a Unified Computing Architecture

    Sponsored by: CISCO & INTEL®

    This resource explores a way to unify network, computing, solid state storage, and virtualization resources into a single, preintegrated platform that provides a foundation for virtualization and performance optimization efforts.

  • Building Recurring Revenue as a Service Provider in 2014

    Sponsored by: N-able Technologies

    This white paper is an excellent resource for both IT service providers and MSPs, discussing the process and advantages of moving to a model with consistent monthly fees, as well as providing an overview of the current MSP market.

  • A Holistic Approach to Management of Converged Infrastructure

    Sponsored by: CISCO & INTEL®

    Access this white paper to learn how you can automate end-to-end IT processes across virtualization, server, computing, network, and storage resources to help achieve your business goals.

  • Gatwick Airport's cloud strategy

    Sponsored by:

    Michael Ibbitson, CIO of Gatwick Airport, outlines his cloud strategy in this PowerPoint presentation.

  • How SUSE Manager Helps to Reduce System Downtime

    Sponsored by: SUSE

    Access this white paper to learn about a solution that provides the management tools necessary to move towards zero downtime. You'll examine the most popular causes of system downtime as well as how this solution minimizes both planned and unplanned downtime.

  • Know Map Reduce? No Problem!

    Sponsored by: Rackspace

    Learn about the differences between Hadoop and MapReduce technology, the challenges that accompany MapReduce and the best way to incorporate this technology into your business.

  • A Simple Way to Connect and Manage Computing in the Data Center

    Sponsored by: CISCO & INTEL®

    Access this white paper to learn how you can provide an exceptionally easy, intelligent, and efficient way to connect and manage computing in the data center.

  • 2014 Workplace Trends and Salary Guide

    Sponsored by: Randstad

    Access this guide to learn about the most challenging issues facing businesses today and get insight into how to handle them. You'll also explore salary trends specific to IT positions for geographic markets across the United States.

  • Improving Collaboration and Trimming Infrastructure Costs in a Hybrid Environment

    Sponsored by: IBM

    This white paper describes how IBM SmartCloud services helped Brunswick Corporation, an employer of 16,000 worldwide, to cost-effectively support a variety of mobile devices, and also enabled them to move email, meeting, and other capabilities to the cloud while keeping other applications in-house.

  • Addressing 6 of the Biggest Developments in Healthcare

    Sponsored by: Fujitsu

    Access this white paper to learn how you can address 6 of the biggest challenges and opportunities in the changing healthcare landscape. You'll also learn how you can find the right technology to meet your ongoing ICT healthcare requirements.

  • A Unified Approach to Improve Application Performance and Deployment

    Sponsored by: CISCO & INTEL®

    This white paper explores 90 world-record Oracle benchmarks set by the first single unified computing system that is configured through integrated, model-based management to simplify and accelerate the deployment of enterprise-class applications and services running in bare-metal, virtualized, and cloud-computing environments.

  • The Future of IT Infrastructure in the Professional Services Industry

    Sponsored by: Sungard

    This white paper shares insights gathered from the professional services sector into the future of IT infrastructure and its impact on the industry.

  • Making the Move from Legacy AAA Platforms to Policy Management

    Sponsored by: Aruba Networks

    This white paper discusses how the use of policy management in a mobile environment provides a simpler, more cost-effective method of ensuring that productivity isn't lost due to denied access.

  • Deloitte CIO Survey 2014

    Sponsored by:

    Deloitte's second global CIO survey assesses CIO's role in innovation, spending and technology priorities, and their relationship with the business.

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