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  • Get Connected: A Checklist for a Smarter, More Effective Government

    Sponsored by: Lenovo and Microsoft

    Access the following white paper for an exclusive checklist that will help guide you to create a smarter, more effective government.

  • Get Your Cloud Design Right First Time

    Sponsored by: Commvault

    Access this white paper to examine the internal challenges when selecting a cloud – including ITs biggest concerns about private cloud services and customer challenges when designing cloud services. Also, discover a five-stage process for cloud services design that aligns business requirements, customer needs, and technology.

  • Top 5 Cloud Data Protection Challenges. Solved.

    Sponsored by: Commvault

    This white paper serves as guide with which you can realize the full potential of your next cloud project. Read on to see how the following 5 challenges may impact your cloud integration strategy.

  • Tap the Potential of Shadow IT

    Sponsored by: Google

    This white paper examines the role of IT in the new landscape, offering insights from IT and businesses that have leveraged Google Apps for Work to empower employees with collaboration tools they know and love while providing robust security and controls that protect data, and ultimately, allowing you to capitalize on the Shadow IT movement.

  • The True Impact of DevOps on Organizational Performance

    Sponsored by: Puppet Labs

    This report divulges the results of the largest, most comprehensive DevOps study to date, distilling the responses of 9,200 DevOps professionals across 110 countries into valuable insights for your enterprise. View now to uncover the true relationship between organizational performance, IT performance, and DevOps practices.

  • Top 10 Ways to Maximize Business Investment with UC&C

    Sponsored by: Polycom, Inc.

    This white paper examines one UC platform that you can integrate into your existing enterprise infrastructure. Access this vendor report to consider which enterprise video and voice solutions will drive employee collaboration, and the top 10 ways to maximize your business ROI.

  • The Total Economic Impact of Private Cloud - Cost Savings and Benefits Enabled by Private Cloud

    Sponsored by: Dell and Microsoft

    This report examines the potential economic impact of investing in an on-premise private cloud. Download now to get an inside look into why organizations are choosing to implement private clouds and discover the benefits, costs, flexibility, and risks they saw.

  • Maximize ROI by Deploying Strategic Partners in UC&C

    Sponsored by: Polycom, Inc.

    In this white paper, you will learn how to minimize deployment risk, while providing IT leaders with a rock-solid deployment with minimal challenges. Learn how to integrate your existing UC infrastructure with potential new voice/video vendors, as well as how to strategize with your partners and leverage your relationship with them.

  • Building Digital District Leadership with Lenovo: A Portfolio of Solutions for Every Challenge

    Sponsored by: Lenovo & Intel

    This resource, the Lenovo® How to Guide for Designing Your Digital District, will help you identify your district's technology needs and match them to the right products.

  • ASG- Perfman: Health Insurance Provider

    Sponsored by: ASG

    This video examines how a major healthcare provider was able to vastly improve their ability to analyze and react to short-term and historical data by deploying Perfman.

  • IT Automation: Exploring 4 Use Cases

    Sponsored by: Puppet Labs

    In this white paper, explore a series of stories in which organizations from different industries leveraged IT automation to trailblaze a path toward innovation and business growth.

  • Defy the Top 10 Remote Collaboration Challenges with UC

    Sponsored by: Polycom, Inc.

    This white paper outlines the top ten challenges enterprises face when incorporating remote collaboration, and provides proven solutions and benefits of video as facilitated by IT, human resources, marketing teams, and executives. Read on here to access this guide.

  • MSPs: Top 4 Signs It's Time for a New RMM

    Sponsored by: LogicNow

    In this white paper, explore the top 4 warning signs it's time for a new remote monitoring and management (RMM) platform and discover 2 best practices for making a successful RMM switch.

  • What Windows Admins Need from Configuration Management

    Sponsored by: Puppet Labs

    In this white paper, discover what to look for in a configuration management tool for your Windows environment.

  • Your Guide to Automated Configuration Management

    Sponsored by: Puppet Labs

    In this white paper, discover why automated configuration management matters and how to get it up and running in your enterprise. Read on see its capabilities and how it will affect everyone from IT managers to customers.

  • Security, Collaboration and Scalability for Business End Users

    Sponsored by: NVIDIA

    The following white paper details key challenges that result from poor collaboration practices. Learn how to optimize digital teamwork by leveraging evolving technology and workforce needs in a secure manner.

  • The Complete Guide to Choosing an Online Help Desk

    Sponsored by: Freshdesk Inc.

    This white paper walks through each stage of the decision making process for choosing the right online helpdesk.

  • Data-driven enterprise infrastructure

    Sponsored by: Hewlett-Packard Limited and Intel ®

    Access this white paper to learn how big data is enabling IT to cater to customer and business needs. Discover why the right infrastructure is essential to harnessing the power of big data to build your brand to the fullest potential. Assess your business' infrastructure and your readiness to harness the power of big data now.

  • Infrastructure for the New Style of IT

    Sponsored by: Hewlett-Packard Limited and Intel ®

    Access the following brief white paper to learn how HP can help your business master the new infrastructure for the new style of IT. Read on to learn how you must adapt your infrastructure now to deal with the changes tomorrow.

  • Insights: 2015 Infrastructure Imperatives

    Sponsored by: Hewlett-Packard Limited and Intel ®

    This in-depth white paper examines the results of a survey of over 1,200 senior IT and line-of-business decision makers in order to determine how today's digital leaders are leveraging IT infrastructure in a way that increases revenue streams, creates faster time-to-market and increases profitability.

  • Top 5 Characteristics of Infrastructure Leaders

    Sponsored by: Hewlett-Packard Limited and Intel ®

    his white paper examines the top five characteristics of IT infrastructure leaders. Read on to learn what these qualities are and discover where your organisation stands in terms of IT management.

  • 2015 Report: Profiling Infrastructure Leaders

    Sponsored by: Hewlett-Packard Limited and Intel ®

    This report, based on findings from a December 2014 through January 2015 survey, examines who can be considered the leaders, mainstream players and laggards in modern digital asset management by taking a close look at the most successful (and least successful) management practices. Learn where today's organisations stand.

  • Configuring and Deploying Open Source with WebSphere Application Server Liberty Profile

    Sponsored by: IBM

    Enterprises are always searching hard for a capable platform for developing and testing web and OSGi applications. This e-book demonstrates the use of multiple open source frameworks or toolkits with the Liberty profile server, including Maven, MongoDB, Spring, JPA, Arquillian, Wicket, and others.

  • Accelerated Mentoring for Cloud Technologies

    Sponsored by: Red Hat

    This white paper explores a mentoring-based delivery model that can enable IT staff to move beyond basic cloud knowledge and toward practical skills.

  • Big Data in Healthcare: The 5 Most Enticing Insights

    Sponsored by: Qlik Healthcare

    Access this brief guide for the 5 key ways healthcare organizations can create insight through data analytics, and successfully deliver those to key decision makers.

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