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  • The Smart Alternative to DIY Infrastructure or Cloud Services

    Sponsored by: Peak Hosting

    Read this white paper to discover which operations management service best suits your needs as you discover the costs of DIY, cloud hosting, and operations as a service. Read on to learn which best suits the needs of your organization.

  • Implement a More Secure Network to Keep Up with Shadow IT

    Sponsored by: Verizon

    This white paper examines the ramifications of the growth of shadow IT and examines how you can protect against potential issues. Read on to learn how you can implement a more secure network to keep up with evolving IT demands.

  • Data Center Projects - Commissioning

    Sponsored by: Schneider Electric

    Explore this white paper to learn the finer details of commissioning and how your organization's data center benefits from it.

  • The Top 9 Mistakes in Data Center Planning

    Sponsored by: Schneider Electric

    Explore this asset to arm yourself against the 9 big mistakes when expanding your data center. Ignoring them increases the likelihood that your organization will encounter failure like many before.

  • Info-Tech Research declares IBM a Champion in Systems Management

    Sponsored by: IBM

    Access this guide to examine an evaluation of 13 competitors in the systems management market. You'll be able to compare products based on functionality and price and get insight into where the market is going. On top of this, you'll learn what sets IBM apart from the competition in the systems management market.

  • A Tale of Two Workloads

    Sponsored by: Rackspace

    Explore this informative resource to learn about one possible solution that you can leverage with existing VMware vSphere to build a hybrid cloud infrastructure for your organization. Read on now to learn more.

  • Enplug Migrates from Rackspace to Peak Hosting

    Sponsored by: Peak Hosting

    Explore this white paper to learn Enplug's journey from a cloud hosting provider to choosing a managed hosting service. Follow their logic, delve into their thoughts, and discover why a managed hosting service made the most sense for them, such as saving 50% in monthly hosting fees.

  • BYOD: A Complex Environment to Deploy Secure Solutions

    Sponsored by: Gemalto

    This white paper gives an overview of a number of problems associated with mobile security, as well as several potential solutions. Read on to learn how to maximize security for mobile endpoints within your enterprise, and how to successfully implement these solutions in a rapidly changing mobile enterprise market.

  • 5 Steps for Migrating Your Legacy Apps to the Cloud

    Sponsored by: Rackspace

    Explore this informative resource and learn how to migrate your legacy applications to the public cloud in just 5 easy steps.

  • Operations-as-a-Service: Outsource everything but your code

    Sponsored by: Peak Hosting

    Download and access this insightful resource on why Operations as a Service (OaaS) takes all of the frustration out of your hands and boils down to, "Not your problem," meaning that all of the maintenance is handled for you.

  • Should I Outsource Infrastructure?

    Sponsored by: Rackspace

    In this informative guide, gain the knowledge you need to make a detail, informed assessment of the financial side of the outsourcing decision.

  • How to Meet the Growing Demands on IT: Four Steps Along the Path

    Sponsored by: Rackspace

    In this informative resource, gain critical insights into a new "service broker" model of IT operations that can provide end users with faster service, enable IT teams to undertake more strategic projects, and allow management to see more clearly IT's business contributions.

  • Fundamentals of Managing the Data Center Life Cycle for Owners

    Sponsored by: APC by Schneider Electric

    View this white paper to gain an understanding of leading and managing mission critical facility projects in the conext of the data centre life cycle. Download and use this guide as a reference to the 5 phases of a data centre's life cycle as well as the steps within each and how they intertwine.

  • Rack Provisioning Use Case

    Sponsored by: Intel Data Center Manager

    Using the Intel Data Centre Manager, you can monitor your servers in real time to uncover the true peak power performance. You can then set a policy to the peak capacity of the servers and add more to a rack without impacting performance.

  • Forrester CIB Bank ROI Study

    Sponsored by: IBM

    Download and view this extensive and in depth case study performed by Forrester Research on the benefits of IBM Tivoli ITM and ITCAM. CIB Bank chose IBM to receive the single pane of glass view necessary to optimize infrastructure performance.

  • Tone Down the Costs Associated with Network Management

    Sponsored by: SolarWinds, Inc.

    Check out this white paper to find out why many enterprises aren't leaning towards a cost-effective network management strategy that meets their needs

  • Rethinking People Costs in Enterprise IT

    Sponsored by: Rackspace

    This insightful document offers strategies of infrastructure outsourcing as liberation for your talented IT staff members from day-to-day menial tasks so you can allocate them to work on customer-facing applications. Download and read on to learn how outsourcing your organization's IT infrastructure enables budget breathing room.

  • How Data Center Infrastructure Management Software Improves Planning and Cuts Operational Costs

    Sponsored by: Schneider Electric

    By utilizing new, proper management software tools, you enable and maximize data center professionals control over energy costs and can allocate IT assets more effectively for the business.

  • Meeting the Big Data Challenge: Get Close, Get Connected

    Sponsored by: Equinix

    The following CITO Research white paper explains the big data network challenge and offers solutions to overcome it so you can deliver value faster on your big data projects. Read on to learn about the untold story of big data, use cases for big data analytics, moving to the best architecture, and more.

  • So You Think You Know the Cloud

    Sponsored by: Peak Hosting

    Take a deeper neutral look at the fine print of cloud computing through a provider and weigh it against keeping everything in-house. Uncover the truth about vendor oversubscription, lack of transparency, and other details sometimes swept under the rug.

  • Tata Communications Speaks to Bill Haskins, Senior UC Analyst

    Sponsored by: TATA Communications

    In this video, Senior Unified Communications Analyst Bill Haskins explains how UC is used today and what is projected for the future.

  • Database Performace And Resiliency In The Dell Poweredge R630 Running Microsoft SQL Server 2014

    Sponsored by: Dell, Inc. and Intel®

    To answer your needs, Dell offers the PowerEdge R630, a 1U space-saving server. Running two or three of these servers in a cluster with 1.8inch SATA SSDs, you can boost OPM performance up to 10.5 times that of with HDDs, meaning fast delivery with a small footprint.

  • The Migrate-Manage-Govern Strategy to Active Directory Transformation

    Sponsored by: Dell Software

    View this white paper to learn how to transform your AD into a business agility enabling asset through a parallel of Maslow's hierarchy of needs. Read on to learn how to move up the pyramid.

  • Global SIP Connect: Manage Better, Communicate Smarter and Save More

    Sponsored by: TATA Communications

    This video highlights a solution that is designed to improve your unified communications strategy.

  • Automation 101

    Sponsored by: LabTech Software

    Use this ebook as a guide to build and master automation in your IT department. These six simple steps guide you through the process and offer tips of the trade to ensure success. Download and keep this as a reference point through your automation process.

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