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  • Building a Business Case for Order Processing Automation: How to Propel your Project to the Top of the List

    Sponsored by: Esker Inc.

    Before an automated order management project can hit the ground running one critical hurdle must be cleared — getting buy-in from upper management and other key stakeholders.This white paper will help readers build a strategic business case for order processing automation.

  • Downer - Downer needed consistent and consolidated tools to manage their travel and expense programs

    Sponsored by: Concur Technologies

    Downer is a growing business built on acquisitions and expansion and consequently dealing with the challenges of legacy systems. By implementing one leading travel & expense system, Downer has unlocked unprecedented benefits.

  • Challenger - Reporting was key in moving Challenger's expense process from a position of Policy to a position of Trust

    Sponsored by: Concur Technologies

    Challenger Limited is an ASX-listed investment management firm committed to providing Australians with financial security in retirement. Access this exclusive video now to learn more about Challenger's new expense reporting system and discover why the cost of policy management may outweigh the risk of fraud for your organization.

  • Travel and Entertainment Expense Visibility: To be or not to be

    Sponsored by: Concur Technologies

    In this infographic, readers can gain a better understanding of the struggle executives face with T&E expense reporting. Access this resource now to uncover a strategy that could help your business improve performance of spend analytics, increase likelihood of compliance, gain strategic advantage in negotiations, and more.

  • Beyond Measure: The Benefits of Integrating T&E Expense Data with your ERP

    Sponsored by: Concur Technologies

    This white paper describes best-in-class pillars of expense management, as well as how modern technology and optimal systems integration can help better manage traditionally difficult to measure T&E expenses.

  • Is Travel and Expense Management Your Data Blind Spot?

    Sponsored by: Concur Technologies

    The following white paper examines the importance of keeping your travel and expense systems up-to-date and offers several points of guidance to help ensure your T&E systems are where they should be. Access now and learn about the challenges many companies face with T&E, how they affect finance, and much more.

  • Improving Revenue Cycle Management in Health Care

    Sponsored by: Ayasdi

    In this e-guide, hear from experts as they describe the benefits of improving revenue cycle management (RCM) technology in healthcare, and provide the answers you need to initiate RCM in your organization.

  • ROI Calculator: How Much Can Automated Accounts Payable Save You?

    Sponsored by: OnBase by Hyland

    This ROI calculator enables you to think through your hard dollar investment and accurately assess the savings that can be realized from implementing electronic imaging and workflow in accounts payable.

  • How to Make the C-Suite Fans of your AP Automation Proposal

    Sponsored by: OnBase by Hyland

    Despite the well-documented benefits of technologies such as invoice data capture and enterprise content management (ECM), many accounts payable (AP) professionals remain frustrated that they can't get their automation projects approved by senior management. This report will show you the information to include in your proposals.

  • Executives Wise Up to Cloud Financial Apps

    Sponsored by: SearchFinancialApplications

    In this three-part handbook, experts give advice on how to make the move to cloud-based financial applications and offer examples of the best functions to move to the cloud.

  • Empowering Accounts Payable Through Automation

    Sponsored by: OnBase by Hyland

    This white paper explores the new modern era of accounts payable (AP) and how automation technologies allow AP staff to identify and maximize financial opportunities, increase support for compliance initiatives, and more.

  • SAP Simple Finance: Real-time Office of the CFO

    Sponsored by: SAP

    This video is your chance to get an inside look into the office of the CFO. Discover how tools like real-time analytics and comprehensive financial management platforms can help give CFO one single source of truth when making important decisions. Access now to determine if your CFO can benefit from a technological update.

  • 3 Ways to Accelerate and Improve the Financial Close Process

    Sponsored by: OnBase by Hyland

    Financial close management solutions provide real-time, centralized access to financial information, resulting in a faster, and more accurate and less labor-intensive process. Read on to learn how this strategy can accelerate your financial reporting.

  • 3 Ways Automation Improves Financial Operations Visibility

    Sponsored by: OnBase by Hyland

    By automating the processes surrounding AP and AR, organizations reduce costs, improve cash management and increase visibility while providing workers with the tools they need to increase efficiency. Discover how automation benefits your financial operations.

  • What Keeps Business Leaders Up At Night

    Sponsored by: SAP

    This quick guide is designed to help you lead your small business in the best ways possible, by converting your late-night worries into daytime business success. Access now to get goals and tools to better manage your workforce, finances, and execution systems.

  • The Next Stage in Creating the Value-Added Finance Function

    Sponsored by: SAP

    In the fall of 2014, CFO Research conducted a survey among senior finance executives at large companies to explore developments in the ways that finance functions employ advanced information capabilities to support business operations. This resource details the full findings of this survey.

  • Experience Transformation with SAP Fiori UX – Process Receivables

    Sponsored by: SAP

    This video demonstrates how a cash collections specialist benefits from SAP Fiori UX vs. SAP GUI. Discover if these systems could benefit your organization's financial workers and learn more about how you can streamline your financial operations.

  • Innovation in Receivable Management

    Sponsored by: SAP

    This whitepaper outlines how your organization can find the tools necessary to manage receivables more effectively. Discover how you can get the most from your working capital to effectively run operations, save money for expansion, and optimize order-to-cash cycle.

  • A New, Technology-Drive Approach to Finance

    Sponsored by: SAP

    This brief video introduces a new, app-driven method of doing finance that enables you to speed up reporting, track KPIs in real time, and gain financial insight for future planning.

  • How to Add Value with AP outsourcing and Lean Manufacturing

    Sponsored by: Kofax from Lexmark

    In this eGuide readers will learn how to add value with AP outsourcing and lean manufacturing. Discover how you can turn account payable outsourcing to a value adding advantage for your organization. Read now to learn more.

  • SAP: Simple Finance Video

    Sponsored by: SAP

    Financial management should be simple. Organizations want a single solution that can provide strategic value with instant insights across finance – all via a personalized user experience. This video outlines one potential solution for businesses looking to streamline their financial management systems.

  • Report: What you Need to Build High-Performing Finance Functions

    Sponsored by: SAP

    In this report, discover startling statistics from CFO researchers that detail the drive to transform finance operations. As you read, learn what you can do to optimize business process execution, cash management, and your bottom line.

  • How the Monthly Sales Tax Cycle Works

    Sponsored by: Avalara

    This webcast takes a look at each step in the tax reporting cycle and why it is important. Watch now to learn how automated sales tax compliance software could reduce your risk of reporting errors throughout the tax reporting process and alleviate your compliance-related stress at the same time.

  • How States Tax Digital Goods and Services (iTunes Tax and Beyond)

    Sponsored by: Avalara

    This webcast describes the differences between digital and physical products and services when it comes to taxation. Watch now to learn how you can begin to navigate through the often confusing but ultimately manageable landscape of taxation as it relates to digital sales.

  • How Consumer Use Tax Works

    Sponsored by: Avalara

    Consumer use tax laws impact a huge number of businesses, yet many face penalties from state audit departments because they don't understand their use tax requirements. Access this brief video to learn how to appropriately manage consumer use tax and avoid penalties and audits for your business.

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