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  • Hardest Problems in Data Management

    Sponsored by: VMware, Inc.

    Read this paper to learn how to enable a fast, scalable, fault-tolerant distributed foundation for data management that runs dynamically across the many-machine, many-core, memory-based computing topologies that today's organizations are assembling from existing IT resources and pay-as-you-go clouds.

  • Advanced Virtualization E-Book: Essentials of High-Availability Planning

    Sponsored by: Dell, Inc. and AMD

    This e-book provides planning and testing tips for establishing high availability in a virtual environment, plus highlights effective management tools and procedures currently available.

  • Implement Money and Time Savings Strategies

    Sponsored by: CCSS

    The powerful functionality and continued development of the QSystems Management Suite is driven by our commitment to meet the ever-changing, real-world needs of our customers. Learn more about money and time saving strategies available for your business by reading these examples.

  • Calculating Total Power Requirements for Data Centers

    Sponsored by: APC by Schneider Electric

    Assessing the electrical power required to support and cool the critical loads within the data center is essential in planning for the development of a facility that will meet the end user's availability expectations. Read this white paper to learn how.

  • Webinar: Autoscaling Server Arrays

    Sponsored by: RightScale

    This webinar focuses on how the RightScale Platform handles autoscaling with specific instructions and a live demo.

  • Performing Effective MTBF Comparisons for Data Center Infrastructure

    Sponsored by: APC by Schneider Electric

    Mean Time Between Failure (MTBF) is often proposed as a key decision making criterion when comparing data center infrastructure systems. This paper explains how MTBF can be effectively used as one of several factors for specification and selection of systems, by making the assumptions explicit.

  • Reliability Analysis of the APC Symmetra MW Power System

    Sponsored by: APC by Schneider Electric

    MTechnology, Inc. (MTech) performed a quantitative reliability analysis of the APC Symmetra MW UPS. The study used techniques of Probabilistic Risk Assessment (PRA) to calculate the likelihood of over 680,000 potential failure modes.

  • Under the Hood of Your New Server

    Sponsored by: Dell, Inc. and Microsoft

    Even though some network servers look very much like the standalone computers that fill your office, they play a very different role in your business than desktop PCs do, and therefore their design is very different under the hood. Take a tour of the components that give a server the power it needs to handle your tough workload.

  • Quantum esXpress Backup for VMware

    Sponsored by: Quantum Corporation

    Quantum esXpress™ backup software combined with a Quantum DXi®-Series data deduplication system provides a comprehensive and scalable, yet easy to use data protection solution for VMware® environments.

  • Optimizing Citrix XenApp High Availability - A New Approach

    Sponsored by: Marathon Technologies

    Many businesses today are delivering applications to users as an on-demand service. This reduces the cost of application management and can improve application and data security. This white paper explores what availability really means, and how availability correlates to RTO and RPO baselines.

  • Create Fault-Tolerant SQL Server 2008 Installations -- Rely on SQL Server 2008 Features to Protect Data

    Sponsored by: Dell, Inc. and Intel®

    Read this paper to determine how best to protect your SQL environment when running SQL Server on Dell PowerEdge servers.

  • VMware Fault Tolerance Recommendations and Considerations on VMware vSphere 4

    Sponsored by: HP, Intel, & VMware

    As dependencies on computing increase, ensuring that applications are highly available becomes more critical. This paper gives VMware fault tolerance recommendations and considerations on VMware vSphere 4.

  • Integrated Infrastructure and Performance Management for Virtualized Environments

    Sponsored by: CA Technologies.

    Enterprises, government agencies and service providers are increasingly employing virtualized environments to decrease costs, consolidate data center space and reduce environmental impacts. This paper describes a comprehensive set of CA tools for managing virtual environments.

  • Modular Systems: The Evolution of Reliability

    Sponsored by: APC by Schneider Electric

    Modularity is an established technique for organizing and simplifying a complex system. In data centers, modular design has already taken root in new fault-tolerant architectures for servers and storage systems. The mission of this paper is to illustrate how modularity delivers a profound reliability benefit: fault tolerance

  • System Grounding and Ground-Fault Protection Methods for UPS-Supplied Power Systems

    Sponsored by: Square D Critical Power Competency Center

    This paper explores the nature of circulating currents in UPS-supplied power systems when solid system grounding is employed and the use of modified-differential ground fault protection to eliminate the effects of these circulating currents.

  • HP Non-Stop Multi-core Architecture

    Sponsored by: Hewlett-Packard Company

    Learn about the new HP Integrity NonStop BladeSystem, which delivers a highly available, fault-tolerant, linearly scalable system that also dramatically increases performance, reduces costs and complexities, saves floor space...

  • Seven Secrets to 24x7 Exchange Availability

    Sponsored by: Marathon Technologies

    Read this paper to learn the seven secrets to 24x7, disaster-tolerant Exchange and get step-by-step tips on how to implement an Exchange environment with zero lost data and continuous application availability.

  • Building a Virtual Infrastructure from Servers to Storage

    Sponsored by: NetApp

    This technical report demonstrates how integrating Network Appliance technologies in a virtual infrastructure can solve the unique challenges inherent with ESX deployments in the areas of storage utilization, fault tolerance, and backups.

  • Comparing UPS System Design Configurations

    Sponsored by: APC by Schneider Electric

    An Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) is often the best way to avoid downtime, but choosing a system can be a challenge. This white paper explains the five most common UPS configurations and the benefits and limitations of each.

  • Understanding the Network Impact on Application Load Testing

    Sponsored by: Shunra Software

    Delivering an application without considering the target network is not sufficient for load testing. Read this white paper that details a new solution for testing to make sure that application performance is optimal across the board.

  • Stratus and VMware Bring Continuous Availability to VMWare Virtualization

    Sponsored by: Stratus Technologies

    For the growing numbers of organizations adopting VMware virtualization, this paper provides welcome news. Download and discover why bringing industry-leading uptime to your virtualized environment is simpler than ever.

  • Fault Tolerance in a Virtual World

    Sponsored by: Stratus Technologies

    As data centers adopt virtualization, fault-tolerance becomes more important. Download this white paper to learn about fault tolerance in a virtual world and how it can reduce overall cost of downtime.

  • Understanding Bottlenecks and Bandwidth Management

    Sponsored by: CA Technologies.

    This eGuide is designed to assist network engineers and managers in understanding the potential causes and cures of bottlenecks and traffic issues.

  • SolarWinds Engineer's Toolset v9

    Sponsored by: SolarWinds, Inc.

    SolarWinds' award-winning Engineer's Toolset delivers 48 applications designed to monitor, discover, manage, and troubleshoot the network from your desktop.

  • Mean Time Between Failure: Explanation and Standards

    Sponsored by: APC by Schneider Electric

    Mean Time Between Failure (MTBF) is a widely abused reliability term. Discover the underlying complexities and misconceptions of MTBF and the methods available for estimating it.

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