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  • Product Snapshot: Axxiome Digital for Financial Institutions

    Sponsored by: Dell EMC, Axxiome & Intel®

    Financial institutions are facing challenges including evolving customer preferences, changing industry regulations, and more. A long-term, holistic tool can help attack these challenges without causing disruption. In this product snapshot, learn about Axxiome Digital, an omni-channel platform for financial institutions.

  • Product Snapshot: Axxiome Digital Online and Mobile Banking

    Sponsored by: Dell EMC, Axxiome & Intel®

    Banking has become more convenient with ever-increasing adoption of online and mobile banking, and customers seek a personalized experience across many channels – leaving some banks struggling to keep up. Learn how to use Axxiome Digital Online and Mobile Banking to help you keep up with customer expectation.

  • Leveraging the Cloud In The Face of Digital Disruption

    Sponsored by: Oracle NetSuite

    In the face of rapid digitization, cloud computing is proving to be a key enabler for organizations to compete and survive. Learn about how your business can benefit from leveraging the cloud in today's changing business landscape.

  • A Buyer's Guide to Financial Management Software

    Sponsored by: Oracle NetSuite

    Managing your company's financials properly is the backbone of your business. But to continue applying the necessary financial rigor to support rapid growth, your accounting department needs the right tools to efficiently do their job. Learn the 10 essential features of an effective financial tool.

  • Optimize your AML Investigation Productivity

    Sponsored by: Attivio, Inc.

    Read this e-book to reveal a holistic view of risk and compliance to strengthen your anti-money laundering software.

  • How The Right Accounting Tool Can Help You Achieve Your Goals

    Sponsored by: Microsoft

    As your business grows, you may need to redefine your needs to help you thrive. Upgrading your accounting software can offer you a faster, more affordable way to manage this growth. Learn about what's in your way, what you need to keep growing, and what the right tools can do for your business.

  • Procurement and Sourcing Technology 2017

    Sponsored by: Coupa

    This is a Hype Cycle report on procurement and sourcing solutions from Gartner. Explore the position and adoption justification, user advice, business impact, benefit rating, sample vendors, and other considerations of 5 transformational technologies, including: AI, B2B network intelligence, postmodern ERP blockchain, and 2 others.

  • Revenue Recognition: Complexity Simplified

    Sponsored by: Oracle Corporation

    If you account for revenue recognition (RevRec) under new accounting standards using a spreadsheet, this is going to complicate your financial processes. So how can you effectively simplify RevRec? Learn 4 key areas to focus on associated with the new rules, and uncover how NetSuite can provide a roadmap to configure the required functionality.

  • Why Fast-growing Companies Adopt Cloud Financials To Accelerate Growth

    Sponsored by: Oracle Corporation

    Why are more businesses moving to a single, integrated cloud-based system to support financials? This resource explores 5 triggers that indicate systems and applications are failing your ability to run essential business functions from billing to inventory.

  • Overcoming 5 Obstacles to Business Growth with Cloud-Based ERP

    Sponsored by: Oracle Corporation

    Surviving in business can be hard, but growing your business and managing that growth can be even harder. Learn about 5 issues that growing companies typically face, and why some have turned to cloud-based ERP technology to help combat these business challenges.

  • 5 Ways to Reinvent Your ERP

    Sponsored by: Zuora, Inc

    Your ERP systems are the foundation for your business – they manage supply chain, act as your system of record and are your general ledger – but they aren't immune to being outmoded, particularly in a subscription-based economy. Learn 5 ways to reinvent your ERP to support your subscription services.

  • Built Backwards: Why Companies Fail Their Customers

    Sponsored by: Zuora, Inc

    Consumers now have the ability to price, critique and purchase anytime, anywhere. They increasingly value access, not ownership. Your enterprise needs to re-organize to reflect those changes. Marc Diouane, President of Zuora, explains how to begin.

  • The Subscription Economy Index Research Report: Which Industries Thrive in the Subscription Economy?

    Sponsored by: Zuora, Inc

    In this Zuora Subscription Economy Index (SEI) research study, learn about how subscription-based business sales have grown, SEI vs. American GDP growth, market trends, top business growth leaders by model, and much more.

  • Product Overview: Zuora for SaaS Businesses & Subscribers

    Sponsored by: Zuora, Inc

    SaaS businesses are known for rapid innovation which means finance, operations and IT teams need to move fast enough to keep up with their Product, Engineering and Sales counterparts. In this brief infographic, learn about the many facets of Zuora, including tax, finance, payment and more.

  • CIOs: Subscription Market Trends Survey

    Sponsored by: Zuora, Inc

    How is the role of CIO evolving in today's digital enterprises? In this survey, uncover how subscription CIOs can (and are) encouraging transformation in the digital age, creating recurring revenue, and more.

  • 4 Ways ERP Fails Subscription Businesses

    Sponsored by: Zuora, Inc

    Growing subscription businesses are faced with the pains associated with growth, and many turn to upgrading their ERP systems first. Learn why heading straight to an ERP upgrade isn't the answer, and how to find relief away from ERP.

  • 7 Real-Life Case Studies: Coupa's SAP ERP Integration

    Sponsored by: Coupa

    Over 25% of the world's companies run SAP, but in most companies, user adoption of automated business processes for procurement, invoicing and expense management still hovers around 20-40%. Learn how Coupa integrates with SAP ERP systems with real-life case studies.

  • Benefits of Updating Your ERP System

    Sponsored by: Sage (UK) Limited

    Outdated ERP technology can be too slow, complex, and inflexible to keep up with emerging technologies and ever-changing regulatory requirements. Learn 4 reasons to update your ERP system.

  • 4 Subscription Economy IT Innovation Strategies from Accenture

    Sponsored by: Zuora, Inc

    As customers increasingly look to subscribe rather than purchase a one-time product, companies are meeting that demand by changing the way they do business. This resource provides 4 ways to innovate in the subscription economy.

  • 10 Best Practices for a Fast and Clean Software Implementation

    Sponsored by: Zuora, Inc

    Discover 10 best practices for implementing a mission-critical software platform. Learn why it's important to define success, establish requirements consensus in advance, and more.

  • Streamline Your Business Operations Processes

    Sponsored by: Sage (UK) Limited

    Obsolete ERP systems are causing many businesses to lose the competitive edge. What is fueling this change, and what can be done to remedy the situation? Learn 4 of today's biggest manufacturing challenges, and the technologies that can help combat them.

  • Understand Your eProcurement Options

    Sponsored by: Coupa

    Enterprises are increasingly implementing eProcurement platforms to enable employees to buy what they need quickly, safely, and cost-effectively. In this Forrester Research report, learn what to consider to choose the right eProcurement product for your business out of the 12 most significant providers.

  • How to Cure Your Inventory Management Headache

    Sponsored by: Sage (UK) Limited

    Explore why disparate and legacy enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems can overcomplicate inventory management. Discover 3 key benefits of using modern business management tools for your inventory.

  • Growing Faster with Cloud ERP Deployment

    Sponsored by: Sage (UK) Limited

    In this infographic, learn why many companies who took part in a recent survey have chosen cloud as-a-service ERP over other options.

  • Improve Your ROI With The Right Business Management Technology

    Sponsored by: Sage (UK) Limited

    As your business grows, you need software that can keep up with the evolution. In this ROI improvement guide, learn how to search and review business management technology, plan for the future, and maximize profitability.

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