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  • Living proof. Success Story

    Sponsored by: SAP

    As a fast-growing company, Living proof. quickly learned how to overcome lack of infrastructure, and avoid hiring an IT department in order to accommodate a growing product line. In the end, find out how they grew their profits by 300%.

  • SAP Business ByDesign - Run the Way You Want To On the Cloud

    Sponsored by: SAP

    Learn how you can focus on development with a tool that allows you to connect every function across your business.

  • How Insurers Develop and Market New Benefit Plans Using the Right Technology

    Sponsored by: HealthEdge

    As an insurer, your organization can only remain competitive if you can keep both your premiums and administrative costs down. Learn more about how insurers are working to contain costs and using next-generation core administration.

  • SAP® Business ByDesign® - Business Solutions for Small and Midsize Companies

    Sponsored by: SAP

    How can you manage your company's key processes with a high degree of precision allowing you to adapt, enhance, and expand your business areas quickly? Learn about SAP® Business ByDesign®, a comprehensive cloud solution for small and midsize enterprises that want to grow profitably while continually optimizing their operations.

  • Understanding the Role of Robots in Modern-Day Accounting

    Sponsored by: BlackLine

    Accounting has changed, and the robots are here. They have already been deployed in accounting departments at leading companies big and small. Learn about the effects of robotics and robotic process automation (RPA) has on the corporate accounting function.

  • The Value of Continuous Accounting for Business

    Sponsored by: BlackLine

    In this Ventana Research report, learn the value of implementing continuous accounting in your business. Uncover the challenges of spreadsheets, how you can create a strategic finance department and more.

  • 7 Habits of Highly Exceptional Accountants

    Sponsored by: BlackLine

    Accounting and finance professionals need to focus on bigger picture activities – which can be extremely difficult if the majority of the day is spend manually reconciling accounts and matching transactions. Learn 7 helpful habits of highly exceptional accountants, so you can focus on what really matters.

  • How ViaSat Improved the Usability of Customized ERP Apps for Employees

    Sponsored by: PowWow

    Find out how ViaSat simplified the mobile user experience for employees entering data in complex ERP apps by easily modernizing customized Oracle systems.

  • A Field Service Transformation Handbook for Executives

    Sponsored by: ServiceMax by GE Digital

    Find out how to futureproof field services for a digitally transformative era by exploring topics like applying mobile apps, IoT, virtual reality, wearables, and advanced analytics to field service management for better customer engagement, connectivity, and reliability.

  • Research Report: The Economic Impact and ROI Possibilities of Adyen Global Payment Processing

    Sponsored by: Adyen

    In this Forrester Research report, learn about the total economic impact and possible ROI opportunities of Adyen Global Payment Processing. Uncover the benefits, costs and risks of implementation from perspectives of real-life users.

  • The Costs, Causes, and Consequences of Unplanned Downtime in Field Services

    Sponsored by: ServiceMax by GE Digital

    Find out how other field services organizations are planning to deal with unplanned downtime, and uncover Vanson Bourne's key findings about the use of AI, machine learning, IoT, asset performance management, and other digital tools to improve their services.

  • Into The Diamond Mine: A Field Service Transformation Handbook for Executives

    Sponsored by: ServiceMax by GE Digital

    Find out how to grow your field service organization with transformative best practices. Discover how you can connect with your customers and enhance your services for an environment of disruption by exploring topics like predictive services, machine learning, IoT analytics, and more.

  • Computer Weekly Buyer's Guide Cloud ERP

    Sponsored by:

    In this 14-page buyer's guide, Computer Weekly looks at how enterprise applications have evolved, migrating ERP to the public cloud, and the shift from on-premise ERP to cloud-based systems.

  • Budgeting, Planning And Forecasting For Insurance

    Sponsored by: Tagetik Software

    What implications do the demands for digital, mobile and self-service insurance have on your business model? What about a new risk-inclined customer type? What about compliance? So many questions! Learn about a unified platform for budgeting, planning and forecasting that can help you plan for risk, improve performance and increase profitability.

  • Cch Tagetik Lease Accounting Solution

    Sponsored by: Tagetik Software

    With the new IFRS 16 and ASC 842 lease standards focusing on transparency of lease obligations on the balance sheet, there is a significant amount of lease data that must now be collected, calculated, reported and disclosed. Learn how CCH Tagetik Lease Accounting Tool can help keep these check and balances aligned.

  • Budgeting, Planning And Forecasting For Banks

    Sponsored by: Tagetik Software

    Today's banking climate is tumultuous; tight margins, industry consolidation and compliance demands, the added complexity of FinTech competition, digital innovation and changing consumer demographics. Learn about industry-specific solutions that can help you automate reporting, modernize budgeting and more.

  • Product Introduction: CCH Tagetik Revenue Accounting Solution

    Sponsored by: Tagetik Software

    It can be tough weeding through the thicket of accounting programs and revenue tools available. How can you find one that is fast, flexible, and right for you? Allow this introduction to the CCH Tagetik Revenue Accounting solution to help you identify what features and functionalities are most important for your business needs.

  • IFRS 17: Meet The New International Financial Reporting Standards

    Sponsored by: Tagetik Software

    With the new IFRS 17 for insurance contracts, insurers will have to significantly change the accounting for liability measurement and profit recognition. Learn how CCH Tagetik can assist you in meeting the new and expanding compliance requirements.

  • Experience A New Perspective On Consolidation

    Sponsored by: Tagetik Software

    Compare capabilities of CCH Tagetik and IBM Cognos Controller to help you better understand the vendor landscape.

  • Product Overview: CCH Tagetik IFRS 9

    Sponsored by: Tagetik Software

    Uncover the details of the CCH Tagetik IFRS 9 tool, which can help you create reports and conduct detailed analysis of specific items for IFRS 9 and IFRS 7 disclosure requirements.

  • Beyond the Basics: How to Evaluate a QuickBooks Replacement

    Sponsored by: Microsoft

    From day 1, your small business is constantly learning. And every new challenge presents an opportunity to adapt your business model and better position yourself for the future. Learn how to evaluate a Quickbooks replacement.

  • 10-Question Checklist for Choosing a New Payment Partner

    Sponsored by: Adyen

    Your growing company is ticking off milestones, and expansion is a top priority. But your payment processor can't keep pace, and now it's up to you to pick a new one. How do you determine which processors should make the short list? Explore this 10-question checklist for choosing a new payment partner.

  • AMCAP Accelerates Supply Chain with Dell Boomi Integration

    Sponsored by: Dell Boomi

    Find out how AMCAP, an Australian supply chain management company, implemented the Dell Boomi PaaS to support their app integration processes while also providing capabilities like workflow automation, real-time access to supply chain data, faster order-to-delivery times, and more.

  • CW ASEAN - October 2017: Juggling in the cloud

    Sponsored by:

    In this month's issue of CW ASEAN, we take a look at what organisations need to do to overcome the complex task of pulling together a seamlessly integrated data management strategy.

  • Lockheed Martin Case Study

    Sponsored by: Amazon Web Services

    Read this case study to learn why Lockheed Martin, an aerospace and defense systems developer for the U.S. military, chose AWS to test its largest and most complex test and development system in the cloud.

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