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  • ERP for Midmarket Companies: What to Know Before Buying

    Sponsored by: SAP

    In this e-guide, experts reveal what you need to look for when considering an ERP system. From training to scalability and performance of the vendor, you'll discover how to address your company's needs.

  • ERP Value Matrix

    Sponsored by: Unit4

    Access this ERP Value Matrix to discover the advances ERP vendors have made in increasing the usability of their applications as well as their ability to support better decision-making through embedded analytics.

  • The Value of Integrating T&E Expense Data with Your ERP

    Sponsored by: Concur Technologies

    This white paper highlights some of the commonalities among what the Aberdeen Group coins the "best in class" pillars of expense management. Read on and discover how modern technology and optimal system integration can help both travel managers and finance teams manage what has historically been difficult to measure.

  • Maximizing the Value of Enterprise Business Systems through Integration

    Sponsored by: Unit4

    This extensive white paper analyzes what the recession means for app integration, legacy ERP systems, and more. Access it now to learn how you can improve integration and increase interoperability while still getting the best performance possible from your existing systems.

  • Cloud-Based ERP for the Midmarket

    Sponsored by: SAP

    Access the following e-guide to gain a quick look at midmarket ERP vendors. According to our experts, the cloud could be the right approach for companies needing midmarket ERP. Read on now to find out more.

  • Is your Company Suited to ERP Cloud Services

    Sponsored by: SAP

    If you're a startup with simple data and don't require tons of customization, the cloud could be a perfect fit. In this e-guide, learn about the qualities of the most cloud-compatible companies and ultimately decide id cloud-based ERP is a right fit for your business.

  • Customer Success Story: Arkema Inc.'s Journey to a best-in-class AP organization

    Sponsored by: Kofax from Lexmark

    Arkema Inc., headquartered in King of Prussia, Pa., is the U.S. subsidiary of the French global chemicals and materials provider, Arkema. In this case study you will learn how Arkema Inc. was able to achieve their goal of becoming a best-in-class AP organization by adopting one specific accounts payable platform.

  • Inflexible ERP: The High Cost of Business Disruption

    Sponsored by: Unit4

    Access this brief yet informative infographic to learn how common business changes affect ERP spending, and the pain-points you need to prioritize.

  • Gartner's Strategic Road Map for Postmodern ERP

    Sponsored by: Concur Technologies

    Legacy ERP systems have become too cumbersome to change at the pace of business. Read Gartner's Strategic Road Map to discover new trends and technologies shaping the postmodern ERP strategy - and reimagining business models.


    Sponsored by: Knoa Software

    Learn more about SAP Fiori UX in part two of this exclusive two-part Q & A. Convergent Managing Partner Shaun Syvertsen discusses why SAP had to develop the Fiori user experience (UX) and how companies can begin to implement it.

  • 10 Signs Your Consolidation System Needs Updating

    Sponsored by: Tagetik Software

    In this white paper, learn how a dedicated consolidation tool can complete the extended close process considerably faster than spreadsheets and can provide important capabilities that ERP systems lack. Additionally learn 10 reasons to replace a consolidation system.

  • Economist Intelligence Unit: Flexibly Scaling your Business

    Sponsored by: SAP

    Access this report and learn how to scale resources for growth while remaining flexible in the event of market changes. As you read, you'll find input from multiple industry experts who participated in this program.

  • Enabling Finance in a Digital Enterprise to Plan, Monitor, and Predict

    Sponsored by: SAP America, Inc.

    Access this IDC technology spotlight today to discover how you can enable finance in a digital enterprise by providing the right information to plan, monitor, and predict the future.

  • HR and Financial Apps: Tap into Hidden Opportunities

    Sponsored by: Workday

    Access this brief video to receive an overview of a cloud financial and HR tool that can help your entire organization identify untapped talent, seamlessly open new markets, and find new potential investments.

  • The Elastic ERP Approach

    Sponsored by: Unit4

    This resource features suggestions for cloud decision-makers with complex business operations. Discover considerations to make for the impact of changes to the enterprise brought on by multi-tenant SaaS solutions.

  • Tips for selecting midmarket ERP software

    Sponsored by: Oracle Corporation

    In this e-guide, readers will find an overview at some midmarket ERP vendors. Additionally, they'll learn why the cloud could be the best option for midmarket manufacturers. Click through now to learn why integrating with cloud based ERP may not be as difficult as you thought.

  • Cloud ERP: The Great Enabler Of Growth

    Sponsored by: SAP

    This Mint Jutras report explores ways to scale your business with SaaS ERP, its top four benefits, and which capabilities to look out for.

  • Process Improvement: A Universal Framework for Effecting Change

    Sponsored by: Workiva

    Discover how financial reporting can become an area for managers to make leaps in efficiency and cost savings by using the resources they have within the boundaries of their existing budgets. Read on to devise your own process improvement strategy by creating a framework for change.

  • The Top 5 Ways To Tell It's Time For A New ERP

    Sponsored by: SAP

    Access this report to discover data revealing the goals and challenges of 400 different companies' ERP adoptions, and what you can do to kick your ERP strategy into high gear.

  • Top 10 strategies to improve efficiency in complex reporting

    Sponsored by: Workiva

    Access this white paper to get 10 strategies to improve efficiency in complex reporting.

  • How Can a Modern ERP Cloud Help You Succeed?

    Sponsored by: Oracle Corporation

    How can modernizing your ERP system help you to succeed? Access this infographic now to learn 3 benefits of updating your ERP system.

  • Big Decisions: Choose the Right ERP for Your SMB

    Sponsored by: SearchManufacturingERP

    Small and medium-sized businesses must choose carefully when picking an ERP platform.

  • Preparing to Go Public: An€“ IPO Readiness Best Practice Guide

    Sponsored by: Oracle Corporation

    Preparing for an IPO must be well thought out and skillfully managed. While the preparation process for an IPO is lengthy and complex, touching nearly all aspects of your business, you can access this white paper now for 4 modern finance best practices for IPO readiness to help you in your journey

  • Cloud-based ERP is coming to your company whether you like it or not

    Sponsored by: Kenandy

    This e-guide reveals more information as to why cloud-based ERP is inevitable, and offers insight to how this changes the ERP market. Additionally, explore the necessary steps to take before moving financial applications to the cloud. Download now to learn more.

  • As Technology Transforms Financial Services, Who Will Triumph?

    Sponsored by: SAP

    This e-book highlights several crucial discussions on the future of financial services organizations. Read on to learn how the Internet of Things (IoT) is impacting banking, as well as how to deliver real-time service and accommodate consumer mobility.

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