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  • 5 Myths of Supplier Portals

    Sponsored by: Kofax from Lexmark

    View this on-demand webinar and learn how to get ahead with supplier self-service portals with The Hackett Group's Amy Fong, and watch the demo to learn how a supplier portal simplifies the work for AP organizations.

  • 5 Strategies Organizations are Using to Improve AP Efficiency

    Sponsored by: Kofax from Lexmark

    In this on-demand webinar you will learn critical findings of IFO's AP efficiency study, see valuable benchmarking data, hear where AP departments still have lots of work to do in terms of AP efficiency, and learn five strategies real-world organizations are using to improving AP efficiency.

  • Improving Accuracy and Reducing Errors with Advance Capture

    Sponsored by: Kofax from Lexmark

    Financial operations executives are focused like never before on reducing invoice processing errors and improving information accuracy. In this exclusive webinar you will learn what types of impact these errors can have on your AP processes.

  • How Saint-Gobain CPS Gave Clients Real-Time Order Status Updates through Innovative Mobile Apps

    Sponsored by: IBM

    In this case study, find out how one high-performance habitat solution provider designed and implemented iOS and Android mobile apps to deliver real-time delivery status for the company, its haulers and its clients.

  • Case Study: CarrefourSA Opens a New Store Every Day to Reach its 750-Store Target

    Sponsored by: IBM

    In this case study, you'll learn how one French retail group was able to automate and accelerate many of the repetitive processes required to set up business systems for a newly built store.

  • 5 Myths of Supplier Portals

    Sponsored by: Kofax from Lexmark

    This white paper outlines how better utilization of the self-service functionality embedded in supplier facing system is worth the effort for many purchase to pay businesses. Read now to discover how your organization can free up resources, lead to better data quality and improve supplier relations.

  • ZIP codes don’t mean zip for ecommerce sellers

    Sponsored by: Avalara

    In this resource learn how a retailer's reliance on ZIP codes can detract from the bottom line, lead to fraud and even lead to compliance issues.

  • Can You Tell Tax Fact from Fiction?

    Sponsored by: Avalara

    Think sales tax is just a rate? Think again. Don't fall prey tocommon misconceptions around compliance. Here are five taxmyths that could trip you up if you aren't careful.

  • Sales Tax And The Internet Merchant

    Sponsored by: Avalara

    This paper will help you understand and be prepared for some of the basic requirements around sales and transactional taxes in the ecommerce world.

  • Shipping and Not Handling Sales Tax: 5 Challenges for Online Retailers

    Sponsored by: Avalara

    This brief explores 5 challenges regarding sales tax on the shipping and handling of consumer goods, including state rules regarding shipping taxability; tax on freight; and 3 more.

  • Optimize your Internet of Things strategy with predictive analytics

    Sponsored by: IBM

    In this white paper you will discover that by leveraging predictive analytics and the Internet of Things, you can transform your business from a product-based model to a service-based model. Access this resource now to learn about one platform that supports a predictive culture.

  • Top Five Supply Chain Technology and Integration Challenges

    Sponsored by: IBM

    This e-guide reviews five top challenges to avoid when it comes to implementing a supply chain integration strategy. Keep your mission-critical value-chain on target and avoid common missteps.

  • ERP Market Review

    Sponsored by: Lumenia Consulting

    The world of ERP software is complex and mercurial. Recently, there have been significant developments – making it impossible for decision makers to stay up to date on the latest ERP trends and innovations. In this white paper, readers will get an overview of the current ERP market with an emphasis on the newest developments of the past year.

  • Optimize To Modernize: Automated ERP Performance

    Sponsored by: Automic

    This white paper demonstrates how to bring ERP applications out of the on-premise age. Learn how to cope with the pace of change when CIOs implement new functionality to satisfy customer demand quickly.

  • Key Requirements for Automating the Financial Close Process

    Sponsored by: Automic

    This brief white paper presents close process automation as the key to mitigating problematic financial period endings. Eliminate root causes of messy closings such as cumulative unresolved transaction issues, end-to-end transparency issues and tedious manually-driven tasks.

  • Acquire companies, not headaches

    Sponsored by: Avalara

    Systems integration following a merger often leads to more questions than answers (like, "Which ERP software system do I keep?"). This white paper addresses these questions and reveals why proper ERP integration, post-acquisition or consolidation, is critical to business success.

  • Trust in a single system for mission-critical needs

    Sponsored by: HP

    Gain advice on how you can transform your business with real-time data management tools that speed time-to-value. Access this resource now and learn how you can support faster decision making, amplify performance, and more.

  • Workday PSA: Product Preview

    Sponsored by: Workday

    Workday Professional Services Automation combines resource management, time and expense tracking, and project billing and revenue recognition in a single system for better alignment and execution across today's billable services organizations.

  • Gartner: 2015 Strategic Road Map for Postmodern ERP

    Sponsored by: Workday

    Access this resource to find a strategic ERP road map based on research taking into account market trends and new technologies.

  • Case Study: New CRM Saves Time and Improves Efficiency

    Sponsored by: Microsoft

    In this case study, Tyroo Media describes how it overhauled its slow and complex CRM solution to obtain a more comprehensive and scalable one.

  • Support lean manufacturing principles with IBM Maximo Asset Management

    Sponsored by: IBM

    This white paper describes how one platform can support lean manufacturing by helping to improve asset reliability while optimizing the cost of maintenance and operations across a wide range of asset classes. Read now to discover the benefits of lean manufacturing for your business.

  • Choosing the Right ERP for Your Small Business

    Sponsored by: Avalara

    Uncover top tips to help you select the ideal ERP for your business needs based on efficiency, scalability, risk, cost, and deployment. Plus, review why integration and transactional tax compliance are important when selecting an ERP system.

  • From IT Inertia to IoT Innovation

    Sponsored by: IBM

    This whitepaper from a leading analyst, VDC, outlines some of the opportunities and challenges facing companies that make the "things" that comprise the Internet of Things.

  • HP Planning and Simulation Project

    Sponsored by: HP

    In this exclusive case study, discover the ways in which your organization can implement a business planning system to achieve high impact results.

  • How The Growing Interconnectedness of Society is Changing the Landscape for Business

    Sponsored by: SAP America, Inc.

    This report is the foundation of a three-stage research program which assesses the business impact of hyperconnectivity, how companies should adapt to them, and how executives must lead that transformation. Read now to learn more.

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