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  • Case Study: Streamline Workflow, Enhance Documentation Quality & Efficiency

    Sponsored by: Aventura

    This case study demonstrates how one provider's struggle with an inefficient EHR platform was turned around with the optimization of one simple feature.

  • Requirements Case Study: Support Collaboration and Make Critical Decisions in Less Time

    Sponsored by: SERENA Software, Inc.

    How well is your ability to visualize the use case breakdown of applications in your enterprise to check history, and show traceability? Read this case study to discover how a medical group adopted a new requirements management strategy to promote agile development, increase efficiency, and foster productive teamwork across departments.

  • Caring for Mission Critical Printing

    Sponsored by: Nuance

    Read this case study to discover how one medical center adopted a more streamlined printing strategy that kept sensitive documents from falling into the wrong hands.

  • ECM Trends: Cloud, Compliance and Records Management

    Sponsored by: OnBase by Hyland

    In this expert e-guide, you'll learn why ECM systems are becoming a staple in today's enterprises. Additionally, discover why ECM is considered the heart of a well-governed compliance policy.

  • Case Study: Meeting Compliance with Secure Document Capture and Printing

    Sponsored by: Nuance

    Read this case study to discover how the VHA implemented secure document and print management solutions for improved security, compliance, and quality of care.

  • Unlock Your Content With a Flexible Patient Viewer

    Sponsored by: OnBase by Hyland

    Manage medical imaging and documentation better by presenting patient information – in context – in one location. Read on to see how a flexible, enterprise patient viewer helps healthcare IT ensure patient and clinician satisfaction while supporting the market's healthcare delivery and payment system initiatives.

  • Transforming Accounts Receivable Processes to Speed the Revenue Cycle

    Sponsored by: OnBase by Hyland

    Discover how leveraging AR management strategies that combine intelligent data capture and content management promotes faster invoice and payment processing, increases transparency and reduces costs associated with paper, so that organizations can realize a return on investment almost immediately.

  • Charting ECM’s Course to Enterprise Information Hub

    Sponsored by: OnBase by Hyland

    This white paper explores how using enterprise content management (ECM) as an information hub instead of a mere document repository can decrease inefficiencies and enable confident decision-making in the enterprise.

  • Top 5 Reasons to Make the Move From Document Management to ECM

    Sponsored by: OnBase by Hyland

    This guide pinpoints key reasons to migrate from document management to ECM. Read on to discover how capturing, storing, integrating, and processing content can benefit your organization in ways document management can't.

  • 3 Keys to Choosing an ECM Solution

    Sponsored by: OnBase by Hyland

    This guide brings to light the foundation for ECM decision-making. In a simple, 3-step process, determine how to choose and develop an ECM strategy that best meets your organization's unique needs.

  • Private Bank Creates App to Give Customers Mobile Access to Valuable Financial Content

    Sponsored by: Carrington Associates

    This case study describes how BNP Paribas Wealth Management, one of the largest private banks in the world, created its first app to give customers access to valuable financial information on their smartphones, tablets, and computers.

  • Waste and Risk: The Problems Posed by Printers

    Sponsored by: Nuance

    This humorous video demonstrates how easily a simple print job can go wrong – and what you can do to stop that from happening.

  • Gain Control of Sensitive Documents

    Sponsored by: Nuance

    Take a look at this brief video to discover just how dangerous an insecure printer can be, and to learn what you can do to protect your sensitive documents.

  • Dynamic Content: Connecting Performance and Learning

    Sponsored by: IBM

    This white paper answers your most basic LCMS questions, with insights into how this technology can improve individual, group, and organizational performance. Discover how to accelerate training development and deployment while reducing costs.

  • Learning Content vs. Document and Content Management Systems

    Sponsored by: IBM

    This white paper outlines the similarities and differences between traditional content management and learning content management systems. Discover the value of LCMS as a standalone platform, in addition to the synergy it provides when paired with an enterprise content or document management system.

  • Increase Productivity and Improve Collaboration with Power PDF

    Sponsored by: Nuance

    Access this brochure to learn about a PDF solution that will save your organisation money, as well as provide a host of collaboration tools.

  • Increase Collaboration and Productivity with Nuance Power PDF

    Sponsored by: Nuance

    This brief white paper assures that the growing expectations on PDF users can be met. Use this resource to gain awareness of effective PDF strategies that have the power to create a standard, productive, compliant, and cloud-based workflow.

  • PDF Collaboration Efforts for Optimizing Workflow

    Sponsored by: Nuance

    This white paper explores how to determine which PDF technologies will meet your collaboration workflow needs. You'll know you've formed an effective strategy when you discover 6 key benefits.

  • Speed Up Document Review Simply by Speaking

    Sponsored by: Nuance

    Adding comments and notes into PDF documents as part of a document review workflow is very common. But what if you could add notes by simply speaking instead? Tune in to this brief video about leveraging speech recognition with document management, and increase efficiency.

  • PDF Document Comparison Made Easy

    Sponsored by: Nuance

    This video illustrates the importance of accuracy when comparing earlier and later releases of documents. Tune in now and discover how to leverage document comparison with effective technological strategies, along with a brief demo.

  • Digitize and Accelerate Workflows with Electronic Stamp, Watermark and Signature Application

    Sponsored by: Nuance

    This brief video demonstrates the process of digitally implementing stamps, watermarks and signatures on important files. Tune in and learn which technologies are appropriate for this endeavor.

  • Create Electronic Forms with Ease

    Sponsored by: Nuance

    Office workers today are increasingly frustrated with static PDF forms that need to be recreated from scratch, or require handwriting on pre-printed hard copy forms. This practice is a serious strain on time and resources. Discover ways to turn static documents into readily usable forms that can be filled out electroncially.

  • Increase Productivity with Document Coversion

    Sponsored by: Nuance

    A common frustration for office employees today is spending too much time recreating PDF documents. This brief video features a demonstration on how to convert and edit documents quickly and easily using appropriate technologies. Tune in and learn how to make employees' lives easier.

  • PDF Security in Seconds

    Sponsored by: Nuance

    In today's business world, redacting information in sensitive documents can consume valuable time and money. This brief video explores how to make your documents, as well as entire folders, more secure in seconds with agile search capabilities. Tune in now and be well on your way to more compliant collaborations.

  • PDF Protection: Features and Benefits

    Sponsored by: Nuance

    PDF files often contain sensitive information about people, organizations, and products that need to be protected before sharing. This brief video explores capabilities that ensure safe PDF sharing. Discover what you may be missing for compliant collaboration.

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