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  • Modernizing Your Database Processes With DevSecOps

    Sponsored by: DBMaestro

    Uncover 4 pillars to building the infrastructure you need to shift your database development into high gear via DevSecOps.

  • Using the Oracle Cloud for Database Upgrades

    Sponsored by: Oracle & Explorer

    Inside, learn how one organization completed an upgrade project involving a 10TB Oracle 11gR2 release to 12c. This complete walkthrough will show you how quickly and painlessly you can use your Oracle cloud for database migration with no risks to the production environment

  • Need More Oomph from Oracle

    Sponsored by: Oracle & Explorer

    Find out how to control Oracle costs better while improving database performance by learning how to conduct an Oracle Architecture Review.

  • How to Reduce Your Oracle Costs

    Sponsored by: Oracle & Explorer

    Learn how to manage Oracle costs while still improving support for key databases by exploring topics, like License Advisory Services, Oracle Database Appliances, Private Cloud Appliances, and more.

  • Oracle Licensing Rules for AWS & Azure

    Sponsored by: Oracle & Explorer

    With AWS and Azure rising to prominence, you need to make sure that your licenses are up-to-date, compliant, and cover what they should. This white paper answers common questions about cloud licenses. You will also gain several tables to help you better plan out your licensing needs when it comes to AWS and Azure.

  • SAP HANA: The In-Memory Platform for Digital Transformation

    Sponsored by: SAP India

    Explore how to reimagine your analytics, data management, and database strategies for digital transformation initiatives. Plus, learn about SAP HANA, a unified, in-memory database platform for transactions and analytics.

  • A Comprehensive Guide to the Data Catalog

    Sponsored by: Collibra

    Data is a valuable business asset with the potential to transform almost every aspect of the enterprise. To articulate business benefits, data catalogs can help organizations tap into the real value that data provides. Evaluate if you need a data catalog and how you can get started.

  • Study: How SAP Innovated for the Cloud

    Sponsored by: Lenovo and Intel

    Faced with a potent mix of internal and external demands, read on to discover how implementing the right server system provided SAP with support for both on-premises and cloud-based apps, as well as real-time data visibility and access to predictive analytics, ability to scale new workloads anytime, and more.

  • Innovating with Real-Time Data and Insights with SAP HANA

    Sponsored by: SAP India

    In this IDC white paper, gain a deeper understanding of 10 organizations using SAP HANA platform to create insights through real-time analytics, deliver more applications and services, generate more revenue, and more.

  • SAP Data and Database Management for the Digital Enterprise

    Sponsored by: SAP India

    New data-driven ways of doing business are essential for success in today's digital economy. Learn how you can develop a smarter SAP data management portfolio to be more agile, gain a competitive edge, accelerate business processes through in-memory computing technology, and more.

  • Moving to the Cloud: A Developer's Perspective

    Sponsored by: Oracle & Explorer

    The developer had hosted their application on a website, which was limited in the capabilities it offered. Specifically, it lacked direct database access. See how migrating the application to a database cloud service enabled it to reach its full potential and the thought process the developer went through.

  • Enabling the Agile Enterprise Through Unified Data

    Sponsored by: SAP India

    Learn about the journey toward the analytic-transactional data platform, and explore topics like data integration between databases and data warehouses, disk backup optimization for analytic data, the benefits of unified data for transactions and analytics, and more.

  • Lexmark International: Improving Reporting with SAP Databases and Apps

    Sponsored by: SAP India

    Discover how Lexmark International implemented a business planning and consolidation app powered by SAP HANA to improve data management and strategic planning.

  • Sony Network Communications Updates their Database for Growing Customer Base

    Sponsored by: SAP India

    Find out how Sony Network Communications used the SAP database management portfolio to help manage their data and provide high-quality services to its growing customer base.

  • How Utilitywise Increased Performance of IoT Applications Using Redise Pack

    Sponsored by: Redislabs

    In this case study, learn how Utilitywise increased performance of IoT applications using the Redise pack DB tool.

  • Getting Started: RediSearch for A High Performance Search Engine

    Sponsored by: Redislabs

    Learn how you can use Redis DB Modules to enable search engine features and performance.

  • How to Use Redis DB for Real-Time Analytics

    Sponsored by: Redislabs

    Uncover the real-time analytics capabilities of Redis database, which is fit for a variety of real-time scenarios.

  • Redis 101

    Sponsored by: Redislabs

    How well do you really know Redis? Learn about common misconceptions, why it's popular, and how it's evolving into an all-purpose DB.

  • Using Redis As a Time Series Database

    Sponsored by: Redislabs

    Redis has been used for storing and analyzing time series data since its creation, and has grown to include 5 explicit and 3 implicit structures/types that offer different methods for analyzing data. Learn about the most flexible method of using Redis for time series analysis.

  • Machine Learning: The New Proving Ground for Competitive Advantage

    Sponsored by: Google Cloud

    In this study conducted by MIT Technology Review Custom and Google Cloud, analysts reveal how some companies are developing ML strategies and realizing genuine ROI. Learn what you can do to align yourself with these 375 qualified survey respondents.

  • In-Memory Database: Managing Data Transactions Effectively

    Sponsored by: Redislabs

    Businesses are gearing up to manage data at an unprecedented scale. The challenge increases exponentially when managing data that requires a permanent proof of record. Learn how a high-performance in-memory DB can support your high-speed data transactions.

  • Start-Up Guide: Spark and Redis

    Sponsored by: Redislabs

    Learn about the initial steps needed to start using Apache Spark and Redis. Uncover the steps for a basic Apache Spark install, followed by usage of the Spark-Redis package to expose Redis data structures to Spark. Plus, view a "word count" example to demonstrate how to use Spark, Redis and the spark-redis package together.

  • Six Essential Features for Highly Available Redis DB

    Sponsored by: Redislabs

    It's important that Redis databases remain highly available because they're supporting mission-critical business applications. Learn 6 key requirements for making Redis highly available, and 6 features essential for safeguarding service and deployment.

  • Mastering the Art of Database Backup and Recovery

    Sponsored by: Oracle Corporation UK Ltd

    DBAs are usually concerned with backing up their databases, but they should spend more time focusing on database recovery as part of the backup process. Read this expert guide to learn how to cover all your DB recovery bases and how to back up data more efficiently.

  • Can Containers Save Your Legacy Applications?

    Sponsored by: Oracle Corporation

    As container technology continues to mature, enterprises see the value in using them to modernize legacy apps. Others are realizing that the use cases are still somewhat limited. In this e-guide, learn how your organization can leverage containers and whether your needs align with the technology's capabilities.

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