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  • Unlock the Full Potential of DevOps for Oracle Database Development

    Sponsored by: Quest

    Find out how to bring the speed and efficiency of build automation processes, Agile development, DevOps to your Oracle database development.

  • Using Apache Spark and Apache Cassandra to Power Intelligent Applications

    Sponsored by: Instaclustr

    Explore how you can apply the analytics from Apache Cassandra and Apache Spark to several aspects of business.

  • Surviving and Thriving in a Hybrid Database World

    Sponsored by: Quest

    Emerging business practices and technologies are creating more data than ever, increasing the pressure on your database. You need a way to maintain productivity and reduce risks while managing multiple database platforms. Learn how a hybrid database environment can help you meet these challenges and handle big data's future.

  • 6 Step Guide to Apache Cassandra Data Modelling

    Sponsored by: Instaclustr

    This white paper covers a methodical approach that can be useful in approaching Cassandra data modelling, focusing on 3 simple principles and 6 steps that implement the principles.

  • Case Study: AdStage Deploys Instaclustr

    Sponsored by: Instaclustr

    In this case study, uncover how AdStage (a technology company) migrated to an open source database that provided a highly available architecture, a managed service allowing them to concentrate on customers and to get the most value out of customer data sets, and more.

  • 10 Ways Data Enriches Your Business

    Sponsored by: IBM

    Discover how you can use data analytics technology to embrace data, and 10 ways data enriches your business, giving you the competitive advantage you need.

  • Instaclustr Blackberry Case Study

    Sponsored by: Instaclustr

    Learn how BlackBerry deployed a NoSQL database for its IoT platform to handle data intake and application scaling requirements.

  • Cassandra NoSQL Data Model Design

    Sponsored by: Instaclustr

    Uncover the 3 phases you can follow when designing a new data model, as well as an example of building a database to store and retrieve log messages from multiple servers to avoid any traps along the way.

  • BARC Score Business Intelligence: Enterprise BI Platforms

    Sponsored by: IBM

    This BARC report analyzes the strengths and challenges of the 21 leading vendors that offer beneficial value to customers wanting to implement a 'modern' enterprise BI platform.

  • Managed Cassandra versus DynamoDB

    Sponsored by: Instaclustr

    This white paper explores the strengths and weaknesses of 2 popular NoSQL databases, and the functional differences to look at when selecting a system that best fits your requirements.

  • 23 Reasons to Get Excited About Data

    Sponsored by: IBM

    With the right application, data is exciting when it's your business partner, a personal friend, a difference maker in the world or a buddy you can lean on. Discover 23 reasons to get excited about data.

  • Understanding Google Cloud Platform: Architecture

    Sponsored by: Global Knowledge

    Google Cloud Platform (GCP) is Google's public cloud offering on par with AWS and Azure. Before you dive in headfirst, you need to understand that basics of GCP's architecture. This white paper takes you through the various parts of GCP and discusses how it checks key items off the list.

  • Bridging the Innovation Gap: People, Government and Enterprise

    Sponsored by: Delphix

    Listen to Jay Nath, CIO of City and County of San Francisco, and Jitendra Kavathekar, managing director at Accenture Ventures, speak about bridging the innovation gap via artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning, Blockchain and more.

  • DataOps Infographic

    Sponsored by: Delphix

    In this infographic, explore the challenges of digital transformation and the impact of DataOps on businesses.

  • Introducing the Delphix Dynamic Data Platform

    Sponsored by: Delphix

    IDC predicts that by 2025, worldwide data will grow to 163 ZB – majority being created and managed by enterprises. What does this mean for you now? This webcast discusses the need to rethink current data management approaches and access to data, which will require significant changes among people and processes.

  • The Power of DataOps and Digital Transformation

    Sponsored by: Delphix

    In this webcast, Eric Schrock, CTO at Delphix, discusses data challenges in the cloud, and approaches he's seen to be effective for organizations moving to the cloud. Uncover insights on cloud adoption, and how you can use DataOps to power a digital transformation, reduce data friction and more.

  • EU General Data Protection Regulation

    Sponsored by: MarkLogic

    This webcast covers the importance of understanding the GDPR, and steps you can take to comply with the new regulation, with the use of a database that integrates data better and faster, and that's cost efficient.

  • CIOs Discuss Digital Transformation

    Sponsored by: Delphix

    Learn from CIOs about their top challenges to meet today's data demands as the need for digital transformation accelerates.

  • 10 Tips for Optimizing SQL Server Performance

    Sponsored by: Quest

    Uncover 10 tips for optimizing SQL Server performance to help you get started and simplify your database optimization.

  • Toad DevOps Toolkit

    Sponsored by: Quest

    Find out how to remove the bottleneck between database and app development functions within your DevOps workflow and learn about the Toad DevOps Toolkit.

  • The Future of Insight-Driven Business

    Sponsored by: Workday

    According to Forrester, insights-driven businesses will take $1.2 trillion a year by 2020. In this report, discover how to hold your ground among competitors, 6 organizations that illustrate how to differentiate and win using insights, as well as 4 steps to take towards an insight-driven business.

  • Using Data Replication to Upgrade your Oracle Database with Minimal Downtime

    Sponsored by: Quest

    Uncover an overview of hardware, OS, and Oracle migrations, and find out how you can minimize the downtime and risks associated with these migrations.

  • EU GDPR - The Path to Compliance

    Sponsored by: MarkLogic

    What are the key data challenges your company faces with GDPR compliance? This white paper addresses key issues related to GDPR and provides practical guidance into solving them in a timely and cost-effective way.

  • Zero Impact Database Migration

    Sponsored by: Quest

    Discover how to navigate the most common pitfalls of migrating from Oracle to SQL Server with tools that enable seamless data replication across platforms.

  • Why Invest in Exadata?

    Sponsored by: Oracle & Explorer

    In this resource, discover the history of Oracle's converged infrastructure product Exadata, as well as the cost, productivity, and recoverability benefits of adopting it over a traditional infrastructure.

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