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  • Bonnie Plants

    Sponsored by: IBM

    In this white paper, learn how Bonnie Plants, a national plant wholesaler, leveraged integration services that allowed them to remain competitive while reducing their overall costs. The business benefits they saw included improved onboarding time, increased visibility, and more.

  • Sport England Uses Data Analytics Create a Sporting Habit for Life

    Sponsored by: Esri

    Sport England leveraged a geographic information system (GIS) to develop a range of internal and partner-focused tools. Read on and learn how this organization gained access to accurate and current information to support decisions on the allocation of sport funding using GIS technology.

  • The Next Cloud Challenge: The Key to Open Source Solutions

    Sponsored by: HP

    This white paper highlights the chief issues around building a hybrid cloud environment, and examines the best means for enterprises to expose their data and workloads to different clouds. Read on now to see why using open source tools provides one means to remove the barriers to agility and efficiency posed by disparate cloud architectures.

  • Effective Visualization Paints a Proper Big Data Picture

    Sponsored by: SearchBusinessAnalytics

    Data visualization projects require IT teams to know the audience that will be working with the visualization and know what they need.

  • Case Study: Leveraging Cloud to Power Different Data Sets

    Sponsored by: Rackspace

    This case study explores how a company built their cloud-based data visualization platform on architecture that enabled them to decrease costs, create a consistent user experience, and more.

  • Financial Services Expert Boosts Performance of Data Warehouse and Storage Solutions

    Sponsored by: X-IO

    This case study examines how X-IO's ISE technology can reduce the data center footprint and boost disk throughput speed by four times while increasing scalability and reliability. Read on to learn about the multiple benefits ISE systems can offer for your enterprise.

  • Validation Report: Data Management Designed to Intelligently Catalog, Manage, and Protect Data

    Sponsored by: Catalogic Software

    This ESG Lab report analyzes Catalogic Software's Copy Data Management platform and the technology that comprises it. Learn how to leverage instant data access for disaster recovery and big data analytics across your physical, virtual, and cloud environments.

  • Are You Getting the Most from Your Hybrid IT Environment?

    Sponsored by: IBM

    This white paper demonstrates how to find the right sourcing provider for your organization, and highlights several areas in which providers should be effective in hybrid environments.

  • Optimized Sourcing in Hybrid IT Environments: Impacts and Improvements

    Sponsored by: IBM

    This research paper discusses how hundreds of organizations feel about multiple-sourced hybrid IT, how to predict upcoming service needs, and how to manage IT acquisition in a way that will optimize environments.

  • How Do Enterprise Data Protection Platform Vendors Stack Up?

    Sponsored by: IBM

    In this webcast, Vinny Choinski, Senior Lab Analyst at Enterprise Strategy Group, examines a software solution designed to protect VMware environments by transferring block-level incremental data from snapshots between virtual environments and the TSM server.

  • Case Study: Data Analysis at a Large Federal Agency

    Sponsored by: Splunk

    In this webcast, a senior solutions architect at a large federal agency talks about evaluating various data analysis tools after the product his team was using had "a major meltdown." Watch now to learn about the analytical capabilities of the tool he ended up choosing.

  • Updated Machine Data Platform Offers Improved Performance

    Sponsored by: Splunk

    This webcast explores a machine data platform that allows organizations to search, navigate, and interact with data that is generated in real time. Watch now to learn more about how all of your data can not only become available and useful, but also how it can be protected with this data platform.

  • Your Guide to Embedded BI

    Sponsored by: TIBCO Software Inc.

    This guide covers the multiple ways in which reporting and other BI components can be embedded in your applications. Discover the key to seamless integration with a range of applications and the capability to easily add custom functionalities.

  • 5 Fundamentals of Virtual Server Protection

    Sponsored by: Commvault

    Server virtualization has its benefits – and consequences. Learn how to deal with storage and preservation problems that can arise, and how to revamp your data protection strategy.

  • Case Study: How to Maximize Business Benefits with Faster BI

    Sponsored by: TIBCO Software Inc.

    The following white paper demonstrates ways to speed up analysis and presentation, using two compelling studies as an example. Through both cases, you'll learn how to generate insights rapidly and thoroughly throughout available data.

  • The Modern Data Analyst: Generating Insight at the Line of Business

    Sponsored by: Qlik

    This white paper features the findings of top researchers as they tap into the minds of nearly 700 analytics users. Discover an overview of where to find the ideal combination of inquisitive and capable individuals within your organization.

  • Data Visualization Software Deserves a Deep Look Before Buying

    Sponsored by:

    This expert e-guide offers best practices for evaluating and selecting data visualization software. Additionally, it provides insight into new analytics tools with big data capabilities.

  • Substance, Not Just Flash, is Needed on Data Visualization

    Sponsored by: SearchBusinessAnalytics

    In this e-guide, learn how to build a foundation that allows business users to take advantage of data. Discover BI and data management experts' take on how architecture enhanced their analytics efforts. Also, see why business users still need help from IT when they use self-service BI tools to analyze and visualize data.

  • See What's Possible with Analytics

    Sponsored by:

    This interactive resource gives users a taste of analytics in real-time. Before you make the investment, access this demo and get accustomed to dashboards, sales analytics, and more.

  • Cloud Analytics Keynote

    Sponsored by:

    View this webinar to gain an understanding of how to improve your customer's journey using analytics. Watch and learn how to redefine your customer strategy by putting all of your data into one place.

  • Tips for Buying and Designing BI Dashboards

    Sponsored by: TIBCO Software Inc.

    This expert e-guide shows readers how to build advantageous dashboards without overwhelming business users with too much information. Discover tips and tricks on what to look for in a visualization vendor, with insider information from BI and data warehousing consultant Rick Sherman.

  • Visual Dashboards for Self-Service BI

    Sponsored by: SAS

    If companies are unable to mine their data better and faster than their competitors, they will get left behind. The following white paper explores the evolved BI tool known as visual data discovery. Discover how these mechanisms reduce the time to insight by using visualizations, best practices in visual perception, and easy exploration.

  • Self-Service Analytics That Your Business and IT Users Will Love

    Sponsored by: SAS

    This informative white paper highlights the qualities of a sound BI strategy. Discover how sophisticated visualization techniques and relevant, easy-to-use analytics garner the fact-based answers you need to create real business advantage.

  • Information Strategy in Financial Services

    Sponsored by: Information Builders

    Access this white paper to explore how these five vital actions can help financial service organizations develop and effective and broad-reaching information strategy. Learn which technologies that enables each one, including data governance.

  • Analysts Reveal Advanced Analytics Platforms

    Sponsored by: SAS

    In this Gartner report, analysts, Gareth Herschel, Alexander Linden and Lisa Kart highlight trends in analytics and major factors in the market. Use this as a resource to evaluate 16 leading advanced technologies in the analytics market, and determine whether or not your own analytical methods fall short.

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