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  • 5 Data Quality Problems in Every CMDB

    Sponsored by: BDNA

    Explore why clean data is essential for your configuration management database (CMDB). Uncover the top 5 data quality problems in every CMDB and how you can address these challenges.

  • Build a Reliable, Accurate CMDB by Addressing Data Quality

    Sponsored by: BDNA

    Discover the top data quality issues derailing your configuration management database (CMDB) initiatives. Learn how you can build and maintain an accurate, reliable CMDB by taking the steps to address poor data quality.


    Sponsored by: Infogix

    Data analytics is essential to any organization. Discover how you can get the most accurate analytics for data in real-time as it moves throughout your enterprise.

  • How to Succeed in the New Age of Data Quality

    Sponsored by: Trillium Software

    Businesses need accurate, easy-to-access customer data to make important business decisions. But enterprise data is not always reliable. Discover how a data quality program can ensure accuracy for more effective business decisions.

  • Put The Business Back In Your Data Management Business Case

    Sponsored by: Microsoft

    In this Forrester report, learn how you can build a data-driven business strategy and how to make the business case for a data management agenda. Key topics of discussion include creating a business go-to team that is fueled by data, framing your business strategy as a business success story, and more.

  • Keys-to-Data-Success

    Sponsored by: Trillium Software

    Launching a data governance program can be challenging, even if you've already sought out resources for help. Download this white paper as a companion to the webinar "Data Governance: Three Steps to Get Started...or Back on Track" for helpful tips you may not already know.

  • Financial Institutions Data Quality Is Vital For BCBS 239 Compliance

    Sponsored by: Infogix

    Discover how your organization can incorporate data quality checks into your risk data aggregation and reporting processes by downloading this e-book now. Learn how you can stay in compliance with BCBS 239 guidelines.

  • Enterprise Risk Data in Motion is Vulnerable to Data Integrity Issues.

    Sponsored by: Infogix

    Risk data travels through a myriad of systems before it is aggregated into a report. For this reason, a system of checks must be integrated to ensure that risk data integrity remains intact. Download this white paper to learn more

  • Financial Data Integrity Starts with Breaking Down the Silos

    Sponsored by: Infogix

    Data quality is increasingly more important to organizations to guarantee compliance and prevent bad data from proliferating through multiple systems unchecked. Learn about the positive effects that data quality and data integrity tools can help you gain.

  • Importance of DQ in the Age of Digital Transformation

    Sponsored by: Trillium Software

    Data is at the heart of digital transformation, and as an essential element in the majority of business initiatives, organizations need to ensure that their data is accurate. Download this white paper now to discover how data quality tools can ensure a successful digital transformation for your business.

  • Data Quality Challenges Hindering Your CRM Initiatives

    Sponsored by: Trillium Software

    This white paper explores the top data challenges of CRM. Discover ideas on how you can address poor data quality to help ensure the success of your CRM initiatives.

  • Data Integrity For Data Lakes

    Sponsored by: Infogix

    Data integrity is taking the spotlight as the key to reliable and effective data usage while organizations begin to delve into big data analytics. Discover how your business can increase visibility by implementing your very own data integrity program for data lakes.

  • Understanding Information Integrity Risk: A critical component of information risk that must be mitigated to assure accuracy

    Sponsored by: Infogix

    For many businesses, the data supply chain is critical to ensuring your business is running smoothly. But without data analysis controls, errors in the supply chain can go on without notice—until it is too late. Uncover how information integrity can assure your data is accurate and help you mitigate risk.

  • Best Practices for Enterprise IT Data Quality

    Sponsored by: BDNA

    This white paper explores how you can successfully accelerate data maturity by leveraging 3 core capabilities: reference language, data abstraction, and content refresh processes. Plus, learn a 3-phased approach to addressing poor data quality in your enterprise.

  • SAP Utilities Gold Client for SAP Utilities

    Sponsored by: Attunity

    In this webinar, discover how to quickly replicate and secure relevant, accurate data for testing, development and training across your SAP environment.

  • Navigating The Data Quality Challenges of CRM

    Sponsored by: Trillium Software

    This white paper examines why data quality is essential to effective CRM initiatives and provides ideas on how you can achieve customer data integrity.

  • How to keep Test Data current across your SAP landscape

    Sponsored by: Attunity

    To ensure your testing is accurate and effective across the SAP environment, your business needs to be using the most current data. Discover how you can drastically reduce the time and effort it takes to acquire data by accessing this webinar now.

  • Visual Analytics: Easily Explore Data to Make Decisions You Can Trust

    Sponsored by: TIBCO Software Inc.

    Many organizations are looking to invest in analytics tools to empower business users, but expert users still need analytics capabilities to fulfill more complex tasks. Discover a visual analytics platform that can support the needs of business users, advanced data scientists, and everyone in between.

  • How to Succeed in the New Age of Data Quality

    Sponsored by: Trillium Software

    Data quality programs are essential for organizations that rely on their big data for accurate operational insights. Discover 3 top qualifiers of a successful data quality program by downloading this white paper now.

  • Practical Challenges with Implementation of Revenue Assurance Solutions

    Sponsored by: Infogix

    On April 19, at 1pm CT discover how you can find and implement a solution that turns your business' revenue leakage into revenue.

  • The Role of Metadata in a Data Governance Strategy

    Sponsored by: ERwin

    Discover how your organization can use metadata for a comprehensive and effective data governance strategy.

  • Maximize CRM's Potential with Data Quality

    Sponsored by: Trillium Software

    This white paper addresses data quality issues that may be reducing the effectiveness of your CRM initiatives. Learn how you can ensure data quality in your enterprise to establish a foundation for accurate analytics, forecasting, and targeting, ultimately improving the customer experience.

  • Overcoming Data Sovereignty and Security Challenges with the Cloud

    Sponsored by: PEER 1

    Access this valuable resource now and learn how to stay ahead of data residency laws, ensure you are storing data correctly, and safeguard your customer's data and ensure that its sovereignty remains intact.

  • 10 Tips & Tricks for CRM Data Quality Success

    Sponsored by: Trillium Software

    In this e-book, you will discover how to initiate a meaningful data quality project, and maintain it over time, to bolster your ongoing CRM efforts by utilizing 10 industry-proven tips. Learn how to accommodate the different internal and external constituencies that are impacted by your CRM, and more.

  • Big Data Preparation Cloud Service

    Sponsored by: Oracle Corporation

    In big data analytics projects the need to prepare and process data for analysis can cause costly delays. Download this white paper to uncover how automated data preparation and processing can expedite your next big data analytics project.

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