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Data Loss Prevention (DLP) Research

  • State of File Collaboration Security

    Sponsored by: FinalCode

    Access this research report on file collaboration security for insights into file data leakage risks, security processes and control maturity, perceived cloud-based file platform threats, and more.

  • DLP Benefits for Enterprises and Intellectual Property Protection

    Sponsored by: Digital Guardian

    This e-guide addresses some of the challenges posed by data security, with a special focus on data classification and data loss prevention.

  • Standard Operating Environment (SOE): Maximizing an Open Architecture

    Sponsored by: Red Hat

    In this webcast, you will learn how to implement a standard operating environment (SOE) with a unified platform, in order to eliminate the chaos of multiple operating systems. View now to maximize the benefits of open architecture.

  • Enabling the Connected Campus: Mobility Best Practices for Higher Education

    Sponsored by: VMware, Inc.

    IT teams on college campuses won't want to miss this helpful resource, which explores the following steps to protecting students' financial and personal information from the risks of BYOD in higher education. View now to learn how to choose the right EMM solution, prepare your network infrastructure, manage apps and content, and more.

  • 8 Storage Tips and Tricks from Pure Storage

    Sponsored by: Pure Storage

    This brief white paper highlights 8 tips and tricks for implementing one particular flash storage platform. Access this paper now to key into expert advice for selecting enterprise storage vendors, as well as learn why legacy storage recommendations no longer hold true for flash, and more.

  • Redefines Clinical Workflows on Mobile to Improve Patient Care

    Sponsored by: VMware, Inc.

    This resource follows Adventist Health System as they work to redefine clinical workflows to allow healthcare providers to leverage mobile devices to improve patient care. View now to learn how their 7000 employees are able to securely access email and clinical information on their iOS and Android devices.

  • How to Virtualize Disaster Recovery with Cloud Computing

    Sponsored by: IBM

    This white paper outlines how your business can grow securely and thrive in the expanding data universe, bolstered by one enterprise-grade, cloud-enabled disaster planning platform. Access this white paper to learn more about how cloud-based business resilience can provide an alternative to traditional disaster recovery.

  • Are You Getting the Most from Your Hybrid IT Environment?

    Sponsored by: IBM

    In this white paper, you will discover how to find the right sourcing provider for your organization, and determine the effectiveness of managed service providers in hybrid IT environments. Access this paper now to take advantage of scalable service integration and cloud management.

  • Data Breach Readiness 2.0

    Sponsored by:

    Drawing on insights from more than 400 senior business executives, this research from Experian reveals that many businesses are ill-prepared for data breaches.

  • Linking resiliency to business objectives: How to make a case for corporate investment

    Sponsored by: IBM

    This white paper serves as a guideline for IT professionals, and explains how to generate investment for resiliency initiatives by linking IT risks to business risk using one resiliency services framework. Access this white paper to learn how to uncover the critical connections between IT and the business.

  • High Availability is not a Luxury: How to Eliminate Downtime

    Sponsored by: arcserve

    It's time for another "get real" moment. What you do in terms of disaster recovery and business continuity planning matters to your organization...a lot. Yet many organizations choose to ignore the challenge. Don't ignore it. Review this analysis to get a better understanding of how you can eliminate application downtime.

  • The Data Loss Prevention Market by the Numbers

    Sponsored by: Digital Guardian

    This research report reveals the just how much the data loss prevention (DLP) market has grown in the wake of recent data breaches, and how organizations are incorporating it into a holistic data security strategy.

  • Security Report Card: Do You Meet NIST Standards?

    Sponsored by: LogRhythm, Inc.

    The collection, management, and analysis of log data is integral to meeting many NIST-CSF requirements, and precautions taken can be summarized in five words: identify, protect, detect, respond, and recover. This white paper outlines the complete updated NIST-CSF guidelines, and highlights one comprehensive log management and analysis solution.

  • Is it time for a DLP system in your enterprise?

    Sponsored by:

    Data loss prevention technology is a mature security control whose role is growing as DLP systems are made to respond to mobile and cloud technology in the enterprise.

  • Customer Spotlight: Deploying a Data Protection Program In Less Than 120 Days

    Sponsored by: Digital Guardian

    In this webcast, Mike Ring from Jabil discusses his company's experience deploying a data protection program from Digital Guardian in 120 days.

  • Security Audit Checklist

    Sponsored by: Digital Guardian

    This checklist presents the 12 most common questions in a client data protection audit to get your organization ready to meet stringent partner or supplier data management requirements. Continue reading to assess your security strategy and prepare for an audit.

  • Financial Organizations: Controlling Secure Communications

    Sponsored by: IntraLinks, Inc

    In this white paper, you will learn how to build more structured and controlled processes for assembling, refining, and sharing information. View now to examine several case studies presenting common financial information sharing challenges and how to craft your security strategy to overcome them.

  • Controlling Keys - How to Prevent Data Leaks

    Sponsored by: IntraLinks, Inc

    This white paper explores an alternative keys strategy that only the consumer can directly acess over a protected communications channel. View now to learn how to control access to encrypting and decrypting cloud stored files and how you can prevent data leaks.

  • Securing Shared Data through FSS systems

    Sponsored by: IntraLinks, Inc

    This case study explores how a robust file sync and share (FSS) system can secure data accessed by collaborators.

  • Securing Collaborative Data

    Sponsored by: IntraLinks, Inc

    This case study explores how to secure remote users and manage documents to eliminate multiple versions and confusion.

  • The Digital Guardian Managed Security Program (MSP) Technical Overview

    Sponsored by: Digital Guardian

    In this white paper, you will learn how to simplify managing sensitive data and intellectual property protection.  Access now to learn more.

  • Case Study: Catching Virtual Thieves

    Sponsored by: Prelert

    In this brief case study, discover a crime on intellectual property that came very close to slipping through the cracks.

  • Get the Upper Hand on Virtual Machine Sprawl

    Sponsored by: SearchServerVirtualization

    As hypervisor features have become increasingly similar, the next vendor battleground will be management software. Microsoft and VMware have similar capabilities, and now they'll look to make their product stand out by touting their management tools and complimentary products.

  • Data Loss Prevention: Decision Time

    Sponsored by:

    This expert IT decisions checklist examines the crucial role that data loss prevention systems play in today's organizations' security strategies. Read on and also find out which critical questions you need to ask when looking for a solution.

  • Data Loss Prevention: RFP Technology Decisions

    Sponsored by:

    This expert IT decisions checklist examines the crucial role that data loss prevention systems play in today's organizations' security strategies. Read on and also find out which critical questions you need to ask when looking for a solution.

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