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  • Shrink Your Desktops, Expand Your Potential

    Sponsored by: Dell, Inc. and Intel®

    This infographic offers a quick look into how replacing legacy desktops with new mini PCs can boost employee productivity, lower IT and power costs, revitalize employee workspaces, and more.

  • Why IT Needs a Cloud Transformation

    Sponsored by: Dimension Data

    This research report delves into the ways IT needs to transform in order to support business growth in the digital market, and how cloud-based infrastructure will be able to handle these accelerating business dynamics.

  • Power and Cooling Guidelines for Deploying IT in Colocation Data Centers

    Sponsored by: Schneider Electric

    This paper explains some of the causes of stranded power, cooling, and space capacity in colocation data centers and explains how high-density rack power distribution, air containment, and other practices improve availability and efficiency. Access now and uncover various examples of acceptable use policies that address these issues.

  • Calculating Space and Power Density Requirements for Data Centers

    Sponsored by: Schneider Electric

    This paper demonstrates how the typical methods used to select and specify power density are flawed, and provides an improved approach for establishing space requirements, including recommended density specifications for typical situations.

  • 6 Steps to a Painless Cloud Migration

    Sponsored by: CenturyLink Business

    This white paper is your step-by-step guide to cloud migration. Access now to uncover the 6 checkpoints you need to take.

  • How to Use Hyper-Convergence to Get More Out of Oracle

    Sponsored by: SimpliVity

    In this expert white paper, learn how hyper-converged infrastructure can solve your top challenges in managing Oracle databases.

  • Telecity: A Data Center Built for Cloud Computing

    Sponsored by: Schneider Electric

    Watch this brief video case study to learn how Schneider Electric helped Telecity Group meet their stringent data center demands and allowed them to support the extreme requirement for their cloud computing environment. View now to learn what they can do for your business as well.

  • Data Center Checklist: Expert Advice for Selecting a Colocation Provider

    Sponsored by: CenturyLink Business

    The following resource is an exclusive checklist designed to help readers choose the right colocation data center for their business. Inside, learn about the essentials that every colocation provider must deliver; how to address critical infrastructure, compliance, security, and more.

  • How to Prove the Value of Business Continuity

    Sponsored by: Colt IT Services

    In this e-guide, our experts explore why linking risks to business performance is the key to proving the value of a continuity plan to business managers. Access now and discover best practices for approaching this important disaster recovery topic.

  • ABC’s of VDI in 2016

    Sponsored by: Dell, Inc. and Intel®

    In this e-guide, experts discuss the history and the current state of VDI technology. Learn how VDI implementations are poised for acceptance in 2016 after many of their original implementation challenges having been addressed or eliminated.

  • The Lowdown on Software-Defined Storage in the Data Center

    Sponsored by: Dell, Inc. and Intel®

    This expert guide gives you the lowdown on software-defined storage (SDS), detailing what it can really do, what challenges it may pose, and how you can benefit from it.

  • Best Practices for Implementing Converged Infrastructure in the Data Center

    Sponsored by: Dell, Inc. and Intel®

    This expert guide details some best practices for implementing converged infrastructure in a way that works for you.

  • Radware Hosting and Cloud ADC Services Solution

    Sponsored by: Radware

    In this white paper, learn about a solution enabling cloud and hosting providers to offer a broad variety of load balancing and application delivery services custom defined to address their customer's requirements. Read on to learn how this platform works and the key features and benefits.

  • IT Infrastructure: How to Achieve 100% Uptime, High Security

    Sponsored by: CyrusOne

    This case study uncovers the data center provider SmartVault leveraged that met its requirements of 100% uptime and safety compliance.

  • Key Considerations in Choosing a Web Application Firewall

    Sponsored by: F5 Networks

    Access this white paper to learn how web application firewalls (WAF) have changed due to the rise of the cloud and uncover the key factors you should consider when selecting a WAF to protect your business – including basic and advanced considerations.

  • VSPEX BLUE For End User Computing

    Sponsored by: EMC

    In the following white paper, learn how to help employees be more productive and efficient—wherever and whenever they work by providing them with the right converged infrastructure.

  • VSPEX Blue Infographic: Your Guide to Hyper-Convergence

    Sponsored by: EMC

    The following resource is an infographic that introduces EMC'S VSPEX BLUE converged infrastructure system. View now and learn how this system redefines simplicity by delivering virtualization, compute, storage, and management in an agile, scalable, and easy-to-manage hyper-converged infrastructure appliance.

  • Next Generation Data: Building a Mega Data Centre

    Sponsored by: Schneider Electric

    Watch this video to learn how Schneider Electric helps power one of the World's largest data centers and discover how they can help you with powering your own data center, no matter the size, complexity, or location.

  • Dimension Data and the Co-Location Opportunity with Data Center Software

    Sponsored by: Schneider Electric

    View this video to learn how Dimension Data is using help from Schneider Electric to adapt their data center efforts to support vast changes and fluctuating market pressures. Watch now and learn what Schneider Electric can do for your business as well.

  • Colocation vs. cloud: Can your IT team tell them apart?

    Sponsored by: Colt IT Services

    In the following exclusive e-guide, learn about the similarities and differences between colocation, virtualization, and cloud and learn how to decide which technology will best fit your IT environment.

  • Maximizing Your Cloud Return: Creating commercial advantage via your CSP

    Sponsored by: Adapt Services

    Access this strategy guide to learn how to get the most out of your existing cloud infrastructure investments, as well as your established cloud service provider relationship. Discover the benefits of leveraging cloud services and how to build sustainable relationships with service providers.

  • VSPEX BLUE For Virtualized Environments

    Sponsored by: EMC

    This white paper explains why having the right converged infrastructure is essential for precipitating the greatest benefits from virtualized environments. Also included in an overview of VSPEX BLUE For virtualized environments.

  • Why a Bi-Modal Approach to Cloud Infrastructure Strategy Can Benefit Your Organization

    Sponsored by: Dell, Inc.

    This video discusses the use of a bimodal approach to IT when implementing a cloud infrastructure strategy, where the first mode focuses on alignment to the business and the second focuses on desires of technical end users. Watch to see how building a cloud competency center for this approach can guide your enterprise through this transformation.

  • EMC Launches VSPEX BLUE for VMware EVO:RAIL

    Sponsored by: EMC

    This white paper explains the differences between reference architectures, integrated systems, and hyper-converged solutions such as EMC's VSPEX BLUE based on the VMware EVO:RAIL software. Additionally, this document offers an overview of EMC's VSPEX BLUE.

  • Is Renewable Energy Our Next Indispensable Technology

    Sponsored by: ABB

    In the following white paper, learn about the shift to renewable energy sources in the data center and discover the technologies that are driving this agenda forward. Access now to learn more.

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