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  • Optimizing Rack Power Distribution

    Sponsored by: Eaton

    This informational white paper stresses the importance of having advanced rack PDUs with the ability to monitor every aspect of power and enable the management of power distribution. It also analyzes the forces shaping today's data centers and describes the capabilities your enterprise should look for when selecting PDUs.

  • Rack Hygiene

    Sponsored by: Eaton

    This white paper describes the concept of rack hygiene and how failure to consider the rack as a critical element of a data room design can significantly affect operational efficiency. Also, it offers a practical insight at rack level to defining a benchmarking methodology for setting performance goals for racks or enclosures.

  • The Top 10 Cloud Myths

    Sponsored by: Microsoft

    This analysis summary by Gartner uncovers some of these common myths, and how they affect the way IT professionals approach solutions in the cloud. Read on to see some of the key findings and recommendations offered to overcome these misconceptions and best approach cloud environments.

  • Going Beyond Converged Infrastructure

    Sponsored by: Oracle Corporation UK Ltd

    This white paper introduces a solution that overcomes the limitations of traditional converged infrastructure by deeply integrating aspects like your applications and storage, all while supporting your critical databases. Also, this solution offers an easy path to cloud by having a cloud ready architecture.

  • Cloud Management Platforms-The State of the Market in 2016 and Beyond

    Sponsored by: Embotics

    Join William Fellows, VP and cofounder of 451 Research, and Scott Davis, EVP & Chief Technology Officer at Embotics, as they dissect the key findings of 451's CMP market study of technology buyers at 166 US enterprises. This webinar examines the growing need for a CMP in today's market, and factors to consider when deciding to move to a CMP

  • Keeping Pace with the Evolution of Networking

    Sponsored by: VMware

    This white paper explains why the time for network virtualization is now, because of the business agility, security, flexibility, efficiency, and cost controls it can bring to your data center.

  • How to Choose the Right UPS Service Approach

    Sponsored by: Eaton

    This white paper explores four primary options for mapping out your uptime strategy and maintaining UPSs. It also answers some of the most common questions for choosing a service provider and plan. Access now to see how you can minimize business interruption and the costs of downtime, enhance your ROI and maximize the life of your UPS.

  • The Eaton Power Management Guide

    Sponsored by: Eaton

    This white paper offers a five step guide to building a proper power management solution while optimizing your existing one. Engage in this intelligent power management strategy to fully reap the benefits of the existing modern IT architectures and avoid unforeseen risks.

  • Plan for Disaster Recovery Based on Specific Threat Considerations

    Sponsored by: LogicNow

    Benjamin Franklin's adage 'an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure' holds true for disaster recovery scenarios. Being proactive is better than being reactive. Download this e-book to access 5 key questions to ask yourself when planning and future-proofing your disaster recovery strategies.

  • Video Demo: Introducing Oracle Private Cloud Appliance

    Sponsored by: Oracle Corporation UK Ltd

    This video presents information about Private Cloud Appliance, an integrated, wire once, software-defined, converged infrastructure system that is designed for fast cloud deployments and application consolidation. This appliance can help you overcome installation and configuration challenges, as well as deploy cloud models such as IaaS and DaaS.

  • 3 Ways Businesses Use Network Virtualization

    Sponsored by: VMware

    This white paper discusses how virtualizing the network can help you meet the increasing demands of today's IT environment. Learn how IT teams can identify which areas need help most, and slowly extend virtualization to other parts of the network as time and budget permit.

  • Take the Stress out of Managing Your Data Center IT Infrastructure, from the Simple and Complex Tasks

    Sponsored by: VMware

    This eGuide offers 10 of the best practices when it comes to managing IT assets, loading server resources onto rack spaces, configuring infrastructure or even handling IT support.

  • Comprehensive Disaster Recovery Testing Plan Can Prevent Major Outages

    Sponsored by: Zerto

    The August 2016 Delta outage caused a stir in the disaster recovery world. Ensure your organization doesn't make the same mistakes as the airliner with these DR testing guidelines.

  • Five Corporate Disaster Recovery Plan Essentials

    Sponsored by: Zerto

    Some shops have yet to establish a corporate DR plan they know they can rely on. This exclusive e-guide brings together a group of trusted data protection experts to share their must-haves in any corporate disaster recovery plan and discover benefits and drawbacks of three data replication technologies.

  • An Exploration of the Different Types of Cloud Computing

    Sponsored by: VMware

    Cloud computing may have become synonymous with Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure, but the term rightfully includes a broader range of vendors and technologies. This expert e-guide provides an in-depth exploration of the different types of cloud computing, so you can decide which cloud best suits your business.

  • CIOs Future-Proof the Data Center with Hybrid Strategies

    Sponsored by: Attenda

    In this expert e-guide, we explore how to design a hybrid strategy that helps balance public and private cloud services with on-premise systems. Hear from a variety of CIOs who have successfully integrated legacy and cloud technology to take a more flexible and efficient approach to managing their data centers.

  • What Is Hyperconvergence?

    Sponsored by: Softchoice Corporation

    Explore the evolution of IT infrastructures to learn how you can overcome the limits of traditional IT systems by moving towards a hyperconverged system. Find out the benefits of hyper-converged infrastructures including simplified management, seamless scalability, and more.

  • Eaton’s Data Centre Solutions Provide Cost Savings for Eastbourne College

    Sponsored by: Eaton

    In this case study see how the development partner this college chose to lead this construction, combined three small data centers into one carefully controlled and more efficient environment on a tight budget.

  • Cloud Management Market Survey and Analysis: A New Business Imperative Emerges

    Sponsored by: Embotics

    This research advisory breaks down some of the benefits and challenges that accompany the use of a CMP, three growing trends for adopting public cloud, your cloud management options, as well as several key findings about the public cloud environment.

  • Reference Architecture for Lenovo Converged HX Series Nutanix Appliances

    Sponsored by: Softchoice Corporation

    Learn how the Lenovo Converged HX Series Nutanix Appliances are available to support configurations of popular workloads including SQL Server, Exchange, virtual desktop environments, and more.

  • Engineered for the Cloud Videos (Engineered Systems)

    Sponsored by: Oracle Corporation UK Ltd

    This video offers a solution to the complexity with your existing infrastructure, by offering a simple, safe and logical path to cloud. This solution works to deliver an integrated platform to simplify and standardize your data center as you work your way to combining your public and private cloud.

  • The Role of System Management Tools in Your IT Environment

    Sponsored by: VMware

    This expert eGuide analyses which system management tools IT professionals find most effective for monitoring VMs and clouds. Also, learn more about the rise in shadow IT, which automation tools monitor application availability versus server availability, as well as the overall importance of these tools on your IT environment.

  • Address Cloud Failover Issues with DRaaS

    Sponsored by: Zerto

    Failing over to the cloud can be handled by a DRaaS provider, but concerns over data movement and performance need to be addressed before the cloud DR strategy is implemented. Explore three questions to answer before using DRaaS in any cloud strategy.

  • Measuring The Lifespan of Legacy Systems

    Sponsored by: Attenda

    In this expert guide learn the opinions of 4 CIOs when it comes to the best practices for migrating away from a legacy system. In addition, learn about a program for measuring the lifespan of a legacy to see whether or not it's time for you to make the switch to a cloud, or mobile platform.

  • Should You Invest in a Server Virtualization Management Software System for Your Data Center?

    Sponsored by: Embotics

    This eGuide offers seven primary considerations to take into account if you are deciding whether or not you should opt for management software. These management software systems can improve the maintenance and overall efficiency of management, as well as provide helpful capabilities, all depending on the characteristics of your data center.

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