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  • A10 Thunder ADC Helps Enterprise Data Centers Improve the Bottom Line

    Sponsored by: A10 Networks

    Access this solution brief to learn about an offering that promises a comprehensive data center solution.

  • The 8 pillars of colocation

    Sponsored by: Colt IT Services

    This paper discusses the 8 main points to consider when selecting a colocation solution as part of your data center strategy.

  • Security Partner of Berenberg Bank

    Sponsored by: Colt IT Services

    The following case study explores how Colt's colocation data center solutions helped Berenberg Bank develop a high-availability network and compute infrastructure, with mirrored data centers and secure connectivity. Access now and learn what kind of benefits you can gain.

  • Meetic makes 400 new love stories happen every day by using colocation

    Sponsored by: Colt IT Services

    The following case study explores how my choosing to go with Colt's colocation services, Meetic Group was able to get the most from their data center and realized benefits such as greater end-user satisfaction, high availability and scalability to take on waves of new clientele, and much more.

  • Four forces of data centre disruption

    Sponsored by: Colt IT Services

    The following white paper examines the four major pressures: data location, energy management, and two others that are negatively affecting CIO data center strategies. Access now and learn how to address each one of these areas and ultimately, gain insight into beefing up your data center strategies.

  • Colt Colocation helps specialist Cloud service platform provider win new public sector business

    Sponsored by: Colt IT Services

    This brief case study explores how e-BO Enterprises met their demand for delivering faster, high quality cloud content platforms by redeploying their data center using Colt colocation.

  • How to Ensure Effective and Secure Solutions Using Data Center Providers

    Sponsored by: CyrusOne

    This case study explains why SmartVault chose one particular data center provider to host its IT footprint.

  • A Software Defined Data Center Approach for a ”Zero Trust” Security Strategy

    Sponsored by: VMware

    In this white paper, learn how a software defined approach to data center design can offer a greater security as a whole. Access now and learn how when combined with network micro-segmentation, enabling security controls can be far more cost-effective as well as efficient.

  • Colt Colocation - Data Centre Services

    Sponsored by: Colt IT Services

    Consult this white paper to explore the benefits of adopting the right colocation data center and how these solutions can give way to greater service resiliency, a powerful disaster recovery protocol, enlightened business continuity, and much more. Access now and plan your path to a stronger, more efficient data center today.

  • CW Nordics May 2015: Digital leaders in the Nordics

    Sponsored by:

    Nordic countries top list of digital nations in the EU, outperforming others in the areas of broadband infrastructure, IT skills, web use, business digitisation and tech-based public services.

  • Building the Next Gen Data Centre

    Sponsored by: Dimension Data

    View this short video to learn how data centers must adapt to handle and capitalize on new data demands and devices. Access now and learn what it takes to bring your data center to the next level of agility and innovation.

  • Next-Generation Data-Centres for Dummies

    Sponsored by: Dimension Data

    The following informative e-book explores how organizations must address their data center in order to keep pace with the current market. Access now and learn about the worst assumptions that keep data centers from flourishing, tips and strategies you should consider, and much more.

  • NVIDIA GRID vGPU Explained

    Sponsored by: NVIDIA

    Access this brief video to discover how VMware and NVIDIA are partnering together to bring flexible, high-performance 3D virtual desktops across the enterprise by delivering professional graphics right from the data center.

  • SVC and Red Hat Secure Austrian Healthcare E-card System

    Sponsored by: Red Hat

    Access this case study to learn how one organization implemented an enterprise application platform to construct a sustainable architecture for the operation of an electronic health card. Explore the key elements of the e-card infrastructure and how it enables secure, efficient communication between patients and providers.

  • Enabling the next generation data centre

    Sponsored by: Dimension Data

    The following infographic explores how you must shape your data center in terms of cloud, infrastructure, storage, networking, and facilities management in order to prime your data center for the modern market. Access now and learn how to move your data center forward and how to select the appropriate partner for your journey.

  • Evolving your data center into a modern-day business response centre

    Sponsored by: Dimension Data

    Consult this white paper to learn how to build a better approach to a modern data center environment. Inside uncover the importance of global systems integration, how to leverage it, and how it can prime your data center for future expansion. Access now to discover more.

  • IT Transformation Etour

    Sponsored by: ServiceNow

    Take a tour of ServiceNow to experience how it can help every part of your enterprise—from executive IT to IT staff to enterprise services.

  • File Sync and Sharing: When Collaboration Gets Complex

    Sponsored by: Box

    Today's differing file sync and sharing (FSS) strategies cause decision-makers to scratch their heads. The following white paper explores the growing complexities of the FSS market. Discover key functionalities as you weigh various available offerings.

  • Abans Maximizes the Uptime and Performance of its VDI Infrastructure with A10 ADC Solution

    Sponsored by: A10 Networks

    Access this case study to see how Abans found its application delivery controller and network solution.

  • Top 5 data centre pain points and remedies for overcoming them

    Sponsored by: Dimension Data

    Consult the following white paper to uncover the top 5 data center pain points and most importantly, the remedies for overcoming them. Access now and learn how to cater to both on-premise and cloud-based data center infrastructure, keep up with the pace of technology, and more.

  • Turn your data centre into a business response center

    Sponsored by: Dimension Data

    View this short video to learn how the data center has progressed over the years but still demonstrates its fair share of difficulties in terms of efficiency and outdated processes. Access now and learn how managed services for data centers may offer the solution to automation and efficacy many IT managers still hunt for.

  • Cut Through the Hyper-Convergence Hype

    Sponsored by: Hewlett-Packard Limited and Intel ®

    Access this exclusive white paper to learn about the benefits and various ways a hyper-converged system can impact your IT environment. Read on to learn why hyper-converged systems are getting so much attention, and how you can size them up objectively.

  • Measuring the Business Value of Converged Systems

    Sponsored by: Hewlett-Packard Limited and Intel ®

    The following IDC white paper explores the global IT shift to the 3rd platform and provides insight into how by leveraging converged systems, businesses can prepare their data center for success through the next decade. Access now and learn about the true value of converged infrastructure, IDC findings on the benefits, and much more.

  • Tips for Choosing a Colo Data Center

    Sponsored by: Richardsoneyres

    In this e-guide, learn about colocation pricing and power costs, colo connectivity considerations, and how to keep open lines of communication. Access now and get tips on the contract, physical security, and energy efficiency to ensure that you are partnering with the ideal cloud hosting or colo provider.

  • The Challenges of Building and Operating a Microsoft® Private Cloud

    Sponsored by: Rackspace

    Read this white paper to examine how businesses can address the challenges of building and maintaining a Microsoft Private Cloud and leverage the benefits.

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