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  • Legacy Data Center Modernization Tactics

    Sponsored by: Nutanix

    This podcast explores the latest data center adoption trends and defines what a next-gen data center looks like. Learn modernization tactics to ready your data center for the future, pave a path to private cloud, and move the business forward.

  • Data Centre Trends: What's in Store for 2016?

    Sponsored by: Lenovo

    In the following article, uncover the biggest trends happening in the data center in 2016. Read on and uncover for yourself if your data center is on the right path, or if you could stand for a few considerations on your journey to 2020?

  • Journey to the Data Lake: A Modern Data Architecture with Apache Hadoop

    Sponsored by: Hortonworks

    In this paper, you will examines the functionalities of Apache Hadoop as a data platform, and discover how to integrate Hadoop into your modern data center architecture, alongside the data warehouse. Learn how to deliver an enterprise data lake by reading on, and augment existing insight with multi-workload data processing.

  • The 8 Pillars of Colocation

    Sponsored by: Colt Data Centre Services

    In this white paper, learn how to choose a colocation provider by exploring the 8 pillars of colocation, which include geographic location, expertise, business continuity, and 5 more.

  • Colocation Transforms Cloud Service Platform Provider's Business

    Sponsored by: Colt Data Centre Services

    In this case study, you will discover how e-BO overcame its own complex challenge of delivering high performance, and secure and resilient cloud platforms in the public sector with outsourced data center colocation. Read on to learn the flexibility, scalability, and cost savings colocation may deliver you.

  • Case study: Shurgard Reduces OPEX Costs by 40% with Data Centre Services

    Sponsored by: Colt Data Centre Services

    In this case study, learn how Shurgard ensured maximum availability of its business-critical applications by moving to a highly secure, advanced data centre. Explore the benefits they experienced as a result, including: a hassle-free migration, simple integration and consolidation, and more.

  • Colocation as a Core Element of Agile IT Management

    Sponsored by: Colt Data Centre Services

    In this report, you will discover why colocation is a core element of agile IT management and learn how to select the right colocation partner based on expertise and security, location, connectivity, and more. Read on to dictate how you use your data center as your business expands.

  • Addressing the Aging Data Center

    Sponsored by: Colt Data Centre Services

    This white paper outlines how to assess, plan, and execute improvements to your aging data center while taking a more detailed look at the bigger picture. Access now to gain key considerations for making this important decision.

  • A Colocation Case Study: Byelex Assures Performance and Availability for SaaS Solutions

    Sponsored by: Colt Data Centre Services

    In this case study, you will discover how Byelex was able to colocate their corporate and customer infrastructure and SaaS applications in a secure, scalable, highly available data center environment to improve service reliability. Access this study to learn how colocation helps accommodate for future growth.

  • Four Sources of Data Centre Disruption

    Sponsored by: Colt Data Centre Services

    In this white paper, explore research that indicates how macro trends are challenging the data centre's ability to support organisational needs. Learn how these challenges are caused by 4 main disruptive forces, which include business transformation, energy management, and 2 more.

  • 12 Simple Steps to Improving Power Usage Efficiency

    Sponsored by: Colt Data Centre Services

    In this white paper, you will discover how to vastly improve your power usage efficiency (PUE) in 12 simple steps. Access this paper to achieve new efficiencies by closely monitoring trends in your data center power consumption and maximize PUE to reduce consumption.

  • Prepare For Hybrid Cloud By Hyper-Converging your IT

    Sponsored by: Hewlett-Packard Enterprise

    In this solution brief, you will learn how to make your IT hybrid cloud-ready by utilizing one scalable, modular appliance to converge your IT. Read on now to implement this hyper-converged infrastructure to reduce operating expenses and eliminate infrastructure and management complexity.

  • Making Room in the Data Center for Big Data and IoT

    Sponsored by:

    Preparing the infrastructure necessary for big data and IoT means shoring up your data center's processing, networking, storage and memory capabilities.

  • LA Building and Safety Dept. Streamline Application Delivery to Remote Offices

    Sponsored by: Hewlett-Packard Enterprise

    In this case study, you will discover how LADBS streamlined their remote office support by utilizing a hyper-converged appliance system. Read on to support full app functionality with this converged infrastructure, and ensure business continuity with multisite disaster recovery.

  • Hyperconverged Infrastructure in the Modern Enterprise: New Use Cases

    Sponsored by: Hewlett-Packard Enterprise

    In this paper, you will be introduced to common use cases for hyperconverged infrastructures, as well as examine IT pros' existing data center challenges and how they see this emerging technology ease their VDI and branch office deployments.

  • Top 10 Purchasing Considerations for a Hyper-Converged Infrastructure

    Sponsored by: Hewlett-Packard Enterprise

    In this infographic, you will ensure you get the most of your hyper-converged infrastructure by discovering these top 10 purchasing considerations. Read on to evaluate potential vendors based on their ability to support mixed architectures, cover device outages, and more.

  • The Unexpected Impact of Raising Data Center Temperatures

    Sponsored by: Schneider Electric

    In this white paper, you will discover the importance of holistic data center evaluation of IT equipment energy, as illustrated by a capex and energy analysis, as well as see the serious impact of raising temperatures on server failures.

  • Top 10 Things You Need to Consider When Buying a Hyper-converged Infrastructure

    Sponsored by: Hewlett-Packard Enterprise

    This white paper illustrates how to rein in IT complexity and promote increased flexibility and agility in your organization with hyper-converged infrastructure. Read on to be introduced to the 10 most crucial factors to consider when contemplating hyper-convergence to remove resource silos and improve IT.

  • Choosing the Right Hardware Ingredients

    Sponsored by:

    Simplicity and quick implementation are advantages to converged infrastructure, while choosing hardware from multiple vendors allows for flexibility in the data center.

  • The Next Wave of Virtualisation: Can Hyper-Convergence Help IT?

    Sponsored by: Hewlett-Packard Enterprise

    In this paper, you will discover the benefits of hyper-convergence for your virtualized data center. Read on to key into several hyper-converged use cases for remote locations and midsize businesses, and see how others took advantage of linear scalability to accommodate unpredictable growth.

  • Luton & Dunstable Hospital NHS: The Power of Collaboration

    Sponsored by: Hewlett-Packard Enterprise

    The following video case study examines how by deploying a complete portfolio of cloud solutions through HPE Helion, Luton & Dunstable was able to fully transform their old operations model into a cost effective, efficient, IT-based machine that delivers greater, specialized care to their patients.

  • On the Path to Agility: Embracing Bimodal IT

    Sponsored by: Red Hat

    In the following exclusive white paper, learn about the positive ramifications that can be achieved through successful implementation of a bimodal IT infrastructure.

  • Quantitative Analysis of a Prefabricated vs. Traditional Data Center

    Sponsored by: Schneider Electric

    In this white paper, you will quantify the capital cost differences between prefabricated vs. traditional data centers, as well as learn why prefabrication does not come at a capex premium. Access this paper to discover the impact of rack density for both designs, and discover a side-by-side architecture comparison between prefab and "stick built".

  • Focusing Your 2020 Vision: The Future of Data Center and Server Management

    Sponsored by: IBM

    What will the data center look like in five years? In this exclusive e-guide, you will get an inside look at the future of the data center, and examine how networking, servers and storage technologies evolve. Access this guide to see an additional article identifying why hybrid system integration is now a core IT service.

  • Navigate the Converged Hype Cycle and Evaluate its Private Cloud-Readiness

    Sponsored by: SimpliVity

    In this expert e-guide, you will navigate the converged infrastructure hype cycle and discover whether current market products live up to the buzz for the future of fully virtualized data centers. Read on now to also learn what converged infrastructure brings to private cloud.

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