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  • Changing Human Resource Management for the Workforce of the Future

    Sponsored by: SuccessFactors

    Watch this brief video to learn why your company must plan for the future by investing in systems that help ensure continued workforce leadership.

  • Human Resources in the Cloud: Employee Assessments Made Easier

    Sponsored by: SuccessFactors

    This video reveals an HR software system from SuccessFactors that integrates with your other business software applications to create a network within your organization where collaboration and efforts are focused on where they deliver the greatest financial returns.

  • The Role of the User Experience in Video Conferencing

    Sponsored by: Polycom, Inc.

    Many organizations today are starting to realize the benefits of video as a collaborative tool in the workplace, and have begun to implement new strategies.  Workers are working remotely all around the world, and videoconferencing can bring everyone together in one place.

  • Build an Always-On Video Culture with Any-to-Any Videoconferencing

    Sponsored by: Polycom, Inc.

    Videoconferences are becoming more common in companies, and not for just reducing travel costs.  Businesses have realized the collaborative and productive possibilities of video, and plan to deploy a new UC plan of their own.

  • How Videoconferencing is Changing Unified Communications

    Sponsored by: Cisco Systems, Inc.

    Organizations are moving beyond justifying videoconferencing based on travel avoidance. Instead, they're interested in enhancing collaboration and improving business outcomes.

  • Mitigate Mobiltiy Risks with Simple Management Platform

    Sponsored by: Fiberlink

    Worforce mobility has a lot of great benefits, but there are plenty of pitfalls to go along with it.  Security risks, regulatory compliance and support on multiple platforms are just a few things that make it hard for businesses to deploy.

  • Unified Windows Device Management

    Sponsored by: Fiberlink

    Each entireprise is unique, so you need a flexible yet simple platform to manage your mobile environment. Enterprise IT is in the middle of a shift in how they provide support and do business, and enterprise management needs to do the same.

  • Boost User Insight and Productivity with HP In Context Analytics

    Sponsored by: Hewlett-Packard Limited

    This short video describes HP In Context Analytics, which applies enterprise-grade search and analytics functions to heighten information availability within IM conversations.

  • Pervasive Video Collaboration

    Sponsored by: Polycom, Inc.

    Video conferencing is rapidly moving out of the conference room and onto the desktop, smartphone, and tablet.  This puts significantly more stress on the UC environment, but has a ton of great benefits.

  • Visualize Your Entire Mobile Environment

    Sponsored by: Fiberlink

    Each entireprise is unique, so you need a flexible yet simple platform to manage your mobile environment.  Enterprise IT is in the middle of a shift in how they provide support and do business, and enterprise management needs to do the same.

  • MDM: Seperate Work from Play

    Sponsored by: Fiberlink

    Along with the BYOD era comes issues with security and app integration.  Since each mobile device is different, secure document sharing can be tricky.

  • Instant Mobile Device Management

    Sponsored by: Fiberlink

    The BYOD era has created plenty of management issues, from device diversity to security, there is a lot to think about.  Deploying an easy-to-us cloud platform with complete functionality can allow you to focus on protecting sensitive data, and less time managing it.

  • Planning for the future with Pervasive Video

    Sponsored by: Polycom, Inc.

    Video is quickly becoming a popular outlet for meetings, training videos and more.  However, this puts an increased amount of stress on the network and the UC system.

  • The Sustainable Supply Chain

    Sponsored by: QlikTech, Inc.

    When it comes down to enabling a sustainable supply chain, collaboration is everything. Unfortunately, facilitating the collaborative ability needed is much easier said than done. So how do you do it? Consult the following white paper to examine how business discovery software can help tremendously.

  • The Connected-Consumer Centric Supply Chain

    Sponsored by: QlikTech, Inc.

    Access the following white paper to examine the top collaborative challenges that are facing manufacturers and retailers and how by implementing a business discovery suite, you can easily collaborate on insights between stakeholders and facilitate a deeper understanding of the customer as a whole.

  • How to Ease the Transition to New Mobile Devices

    Sponsored by: Fiberlink

    As more workers switch to iOS devices from BlackBerry and laptop, IT professionals struggle to have the same type of control over the network as they once had.  Organizations need a fast, easy to deploy solution before complete control is lost.

  • Harnessing Business-Led IT

    Sponsored by:

    CIOs should treat business-led IT ("Shadow IT") as another, often better, way to achieve the core goals of Corporate IT, this report from CEB argues

  • Balance End User Satisfaction and Business Productivity: Making the case for COPE

    Sponsored by: BlackBerry

    BYOD and other mobility trends have been taking the business world by storm, but the problem for IT professionals is the same throughout:  How can we balance security and user privacy?

  • Integrate Performance Management with CRM for Better Sales Results

    Sponsored by: Oracle Corporation

    In this report from Nucleus Research, learn how combining social collaboration, CRM, and performance management can help sales managers more effectively manage teams and optimize team performance.

  • Deepening Collaboration Through More Effective Document and Content Management

    Sponsored by: IBM

    The following Solution Spotlight highlights the importance of building a scalable document management strategy and choosing the right collaboration tools in order to meet your users' needs, all while taking into consideration key compliance and security concerns. Learn about the technology that can help, the strategies to consider, and more.

  • Enterprise Mobility Management: IT Solutions

    Sponsored by: MobileIron

    Employees are rapidly adopting mobile technology, and managing all of it is no simple task.  Having experienced higher job satisfaction and productivity, mobile users continue to work with hightened expectations of a network connection as strong and secure as being in the office.

  • Maximizing mobile efficiency and productivity

    Sponsored by: Dell Software

    Finding ways to accommodate a range of devices for your mobile network can be frustrating.  This paper offers best practices to help your uses stay productive and happy.

  • Using Box for Design Teams

    Sponsored by: Box

    Consult the following white paper to examine a content management system that makes it easy to collaborate on designs quickly and accurately, review mockups, and edit from anywhere.

  • Transforming Industries with Box

    Sponsored by: Box

    Check out the following video case study to hear from an assortment of leading businesses such as: Guaranteed Rate, Tri-Counties Regional Center, Webcor Builders, and others, as they reveal how Box has helped them achieve their collaborative and document-based enterprise goals.

  • The New Era of BPM: Uniting Insight and Automation for Improved Process Management

    Sponsored by: OpenText

    In this webcast, discover how to marry understanding, automation and management of your business flows and case management needs. You'll also learn how to unify process and case management best practices while providing the fastest time to value.

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