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  • Piecing Together the Hybrid Cloud Management Puzzle

    Sponsored by: VMware

    This expert e-guide offers steps and tips to truly cash in on the benefits of a hybrid cloud, such as low cost and scalability, through proper management. Read on to discover to determine if you have a true hybrid cloud and how to conquer deployment issues.

  • This Year's Best Advice on Building, Managing the Hybrid Cloud Model

    Sponsored by: VMware

    This expert e-guide provides advice for building and managing the hybrid cloud model.

  • Encryption: Why It's Important

    Sponsored by: CipherCloud

    In this expert e-Guide take a look at how encryption is handled in some common cloud computing architectures. In addition Forrester analyst James Staten details the importance of the 'bring your own encryption' (BYOE) fad as a cloud security model.

  • Selecting The Right Cloud Deployment (with Security in Mind)

    Sponsored by: CDW Corporation

    Watch this informative video to learn the important steps for selecting and implementing the right cloud infrastructure for your business, and also learn about the top concern with implementing the cloud – security.

  • Imagine what the Cloud Can Do For You

    Sponsored by: CDW Corporation

    Dive into this infographic that describes how the cloud can help you stay safe in the face of threats, while enhancing business productivity.

  • How to Strategically Use the Cloud for More than Cost Savings

    Sponsored by: CDW Corporation

    Access this resource to learn how cloud provides ready access to advanced mobile, social, Big Data and analytic resources, and can help your organization achieve sustainable competitive advantage by transforming how you operate internally and deliver value to users.

  • Best Practices to Help Overcome Cloud Security Concerns

    Sponsored by: CDW Corporation

    This report gives your IT shop a better understanding of the threats against cloud technologies, as it highlights 9 top threats along with their implications to enterprise security and possible solutions to address each threat.

  • Moving to the Cloud? How A Managed Services Provider Can Help

    Sponsored by: Rackspace

    Access this expert resource to learn how a managed services provider can help you on your move to the cloud. You'll get insight into how managed service providers can help you with product selection, scalability, and shifting workloads to the cloud as well as ensuring cloud security.

  • Best Practices to Help Overcome Cloud Security Concerns

    Sponsored by: CDW Corporation

    This report gives your IT shop a better understanding of the threats against cloud technologies, as it highlights 9 top threats along with their implications to enterprise security and possible solutions to address each threat.

  • Fundamentals of the Hybrid Cloud Computing Model

    Sponsored by: VMware

    Take a look at how this exclusive e-guide explores the key fundamentals of the hybrid cloud model and how security, connectivity, and portability play a key role in integrating a public cloud with a private cloud.

  • Securing Web Services with HID

    Sponsored by: HID

    This quick video provides a few case studies concerning an active authentication system that leverages cloud-based threat detection to provide secure access to web-based apps and keep critical end-user information safe.

  • Embracing SaaS: A Blueprint for IT Success

    Sponsored by: IBM

    This white paper explains how implementing software as a service (SaaS) boosts your company's performance agility and enables your IT team to handle tasks without headaches.

  • Best Practices for Deploying Cloud

    Sponsored by: Scalr

    This expert e-guide reveals why cloud industry expert David Linthicum believes clouds are more secure than traditional IT systems, as well as hybrid clouds taking over in the future.

  • Evolving Security for a Maturing Cloud

    Sponsored by:

    Join ISACA and TechTarget for a virtual seminar on December 9th and come away with insight into the risks, strategies, and solutions that comprise the current cloud security landscape.

  • Taming Shadow IT

    Sponsored by: BitGlass

    This white paper offers an in-depth guide book to IT security in regards to cloud computing and applications.

  • Security in the Hybrid Cloud, Now and in 2016

    Sponsored by: F5 Networks

    The infographic illustrates current security practices in the hybrid cloud and investigates where these trends are likely to head by 2016.

  • Getting to grips with BYOD

    Sponsored by:

    BYOD is proliferating, but the smart move is to recognise that the device is ultimately far less important than the applications it runs and the data it has access to, write analysts Rob Bamford and Clive Longbottom.

  • How to Secure Content Outside the Data Center

    Sponsored by: NTT Communications ICT Solutions and Hitachi Data Systems

    This white paper examines the challenges organizations face due to this evolution and how organizations can thrive. It introduces a uniquely integrated portfolio that will support pervasive workforces, data and cloud mobility environments through any future changes.

  • The Definitive Guide to Managing Cloud Security

    Sponsored by: Cisco & Fujitsu

    This helpful book serves as a clear and unbiased guide to navigating the complexities of cloud security.

  • Secure Identity and Smart Employee ID Solutions

    Sponsored by: HID

    This short video introduces HID Global's innovative approach to access management, in which one single ID credential provides fast, convenient access to doors, data, and cloud applications.

  • How Alert Logic Helped BancBox to Protect Payment Information in the Cloud

    Sponsored by: Alert Logic

    This white paper describes Alert Logic's collaboration with BancBox, a payment service provider, to find a way to protect payment information and meet PCI compliance mandates in a cloud environment.

  • Cloud Migration: A Security Architect Case Study

    Sponsored by: CenturyLink Technology Solutions

    This use case describes CenturyLink's partnership with a global shipping and logistics firm looking to adopt cloud technologies to lower IT support costs and refocus its resources.

  • How to Bring Shadow IT into the Light - 8 Steps Along the Path

    Sponsored by: Rackspace

    This white paper describes eight steps to help CIOs and other IT leaders to bring these potential risks to light. The key is to gain benefits from the cloud without risking your company's data.

  • Reconciling Cloud And Security

    Sponsored by: Scalr

    This white paper addresses the challenge that IT executives face consistently, an overview of the cloud landscape in terms of security, and a strategy that enterprises can use to safely adopt the cloud.

  • Ten Advantages of Virtual Private Cloud OnDemand

    Sponsored by: VMware

    Access this brief resource to learn 10 advantages of Virtual Private Cloud OnDemand from VMware, which provides you with fast, easy, secure access to cloud services. Read on to learn how this approach allows you to quickly scale up or down, access your cloud instantly, pay for only what you consume, simplify application deployment, and more.

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