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  • Aspera High Speed Data Transfer

    Sponsored by: Insight

    Hear from Tom Crawford of IBM Aspera about how you can move big data and large digital media files at higher speeds, to teams that are geographically dispersed across the world with a high-performance file transfer software.

  • Healthcare Cybersecurity: Simplify Compliance & Avoid Breaches

    Sponsored by: HyTrust

    Explore this e-book to gain insight from healthcare security pro, David Houlding, of Intel, on securing your healthcare organization against cybercrime. In addition, uncover tips to improving compliance with HIPAA and GDPR.

  • Why Nasuni Includes Encryption and Local Authentication in Their Security Model

    Sponsored by: Nasuni

    In this white paper learn how you can remove these challenges by adopting this enterprise file system, which provides a security model that combines strong encryption and local authentication with the native capabilities of top-tier cloud storage providers.

  • Compare enterprise file-sync-and-sharing software and deployment options

    Sponsored by: Insight

    Download this e-guide to take a look at different EFSS technologies and cloud deployment models. You'll learn how different vendors stack up in terms of security, user experience, collaboration capabilities, file synchronization and more.

  • Compare the top enterprise file-sync-and-sharing vendors

    Sponsored by: Insight

    Enterprise file sync-and-sharing allows for simpler file access and sharing on the consumer and business level, but with so many vendors in the market it can be difficult to compare options. Download this e-guide to learn about the different capabilities of various vendors and what they can do for your mobile EFSS needs.

  • Identity Up in the Clouds

    Sponsored by: SailPoint Technologies

    As a result of the increase in cloud usage, many enterprises are facing challenges with running a hybrid environment, most importantly securing their users' access to all these apps. Explore this e-book to uncover how to effectively manage IAM within your cloud environments.

  • Orchestration of App-Driven Security Policies

    Sponsored by: Silver Peak

    Take a look at this webcast to discover how to orchestrate security policies within applications.

  • UKFast Webinar 2018 Cloud Predictions

    Sponsored by: UKFast

    Cloud computing is going to continue to play an increasingly important role in the next few years. What does 2018 have in store for the cloud? This panel of experts from around the IT world has gathered to recap what happened with the cloud in 2017 and discuss what will happen in 2018 and beyond.

  • Improving Your IT Security and Compliance with Cloud Managed Services

    Sponsored by: IBM

    In this Frost and Sullivan research paper, debunk 3 myths surrounding the security of managed cloud services, and see for yourself the benefits of getting some help with your cloud migration.

  • Effective Isolation and Workload Security in the Multi-Tenant Cloud

    Sponsored by: HyTrust

    A major challenge for multi-tenant cloud environments is the lack of access control or infrastructure segmentation required for effective isolation of critical workloads. This product overview offers a cloud security strategy that will help you mitigate the challenges of effectively securing cloud environments.

  • Security Solutions for Public Sector Virtual Infrastructure

    Sponsored by: HyTrust

    Explore this product overview to evaluate if this cloud security strategy, which secures critical environments in the cloud, is right for your organization's needs.

  • GDPR & Data Protection Webcast

    Sponsored by: Oracle

    Take an in-depth look at this data protection and GDPR webcast to learn more about the regulation and uncover relevant compliance strategies. In addition, hear from a business consultant from the Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs regarding their experience implementing a data protection strategy.

  • Case Study: Choosing a Security Cloud Strategy

    Sponsored by: Oracle

    This brief webcast offers a case study example of how one company implemented a cloud security platform to improve their comprehensive security needs and advance GDPR compliance preparation.

  • Cloud-based backup services are a safety net in tricky times

    Sponsored by:

    Use this handbook to explore how cloud backup can help you better secure your information against ransomware, 5 critical questions to ask a cloud vendor before adopting, and the benefits merging your backup and disaster recovery services provides.

  • CASB Podcast

    Sponsored by: Oracle

    This brief podcast reveals the importance of Cloud Access Security Brokers (CASB) and how they can advance your security posture, without having an effect on the end users.

  • 8 Things to Know About a Secure Web Gateway

    Sponsored by: Symantec

    Given the evolving way web and cloud app are used and the constantly shifting threat landscape organizations must confront, proxy architecture is more important than ever in terms of security. This editorial brief provides 8 things to know about a secure web gateway and the benefits it can deliver to your security posture.

  • Cloud Essentials: Better Security Within the Cloud

    Sponsored by: Oracle

    According to Crowd Research Partners, 91% of organizations have security concerns about adopting the cloud and only 14% believe traditional security is enough. Explore this white paper to uncover strategies for implementing a secure cloud platform by safeguarding all aspects of the cloud including technology, processes and people.

  • Helping Address GDPR Compliance

    Sponsored by: Oracle

    The GDPR promotes the use of best practices and well established security concepts. This white paper offers a security strategy leveraging GDPR in order to gain a security strategy that addresses threats, reduces risks, and maintains continuous compliance.

  • Get Shadow Data Under Control

    Sponsored by: Symantec

    A new era of information security is dawning. According to TechCrunch, by 2020 we'll have 6.1 billion smartphone users. With this connectivity, sharing data over the internet can be hazardous. Access this infographic to learn about the challenges and risks with data and how GDPR could be the answer to helping improve your security.

  • Extend DLP to the Cloud

    Sponsored by: Symantec

    This solutions brief provides insight into a data loss prevention strategy combined with cloud access security broker in order to advance your cloud security posture.

  • Innovative Cloud Infrastructure Solutions Spanning On-Premises & Hybrid Cloud

    Sponsored by: EOH IBM

    This white paper highlights two families of cloud-ready POWER8-based servers designed to simplify on-premises cloud and hybrid cloud deployments. Read on to learn how to seamlessly integrate data between on- and off-premises apps, and fuel your hybrid cloud deployment with the guidance contained inside.

  • Get Smart About Cloud Security

    Sponsored by: Oracle

    The average cost of a data breach to a company is $3.5 million. This infographic provides helpful clues to advance your cloud security to mitigate the risks of encountering data breaches and other malicious attacks.

  • Not All Clouds Are Created Equal: How to Choose the Right Cloud for your Business

    Sponsored by: UKFast

    In this white paper, discover the anatomy of a cloud environment, and how offerings differ from vendor to vendor, 4 common cloud adoption pitfalls and their consequences, and more.

  • Cloud Security: The 5 Fears

    Sponsored by: UKFast

    With cloud security on the tip of everyone's tongue, which fears are justified? Which can be mitigated? Which are just overplayed? And what's changing in the cloud landscape? This white paper offers 5 fears of cloud security along with best practice checklists to ensure proper security measures are taken.

  • Hosting & Data Security: Protecting your Most Valuable Asset

    Sponsored by: UKFast

    This white paper seeks to explore the benefits of adopting a hosted cloud storage service, as well as outline how such an offering can help you better protect your data.

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