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  • Outbound Gateway Protection with UTM on AWS

    Sponsored by: AWS - Sophos

    AWS is popular for the wealth of benefits it offers users, but a vital component of operating on AWS, however, is ensuring data and workloads hosted on AWS are secure. Access this white paper to learn about protecting your AWS environment with unified threat management.

  • Harnessing the Power of Hybrid Cloud NAS and AWS to Build a World-Class Hybrid Infrastructure

    Sponsored by: AWS - Avere

    To keep up with the growing field of cancer research, this group employed a scalable hybrid cloud storage system. Learn how, by basing said system in AWS they were able to get the flexibility to store petabyte sized data sets, and more.

  • Building the Digital Workplace

    Sponsored by: Citrix

    Download this white paper to discover how your organization can benefit from a digital workspace with cloud-ready data, unified endpoint management, high quality user experience, improved security, and more.

  • Case Study: Groundbreaking Workforce Development Enabled by AWS

    Sponsored by: AWS - Sophos

    The Louisiana Department of Corrections (DOC) needed a secure way to provide online courses for inmates, ensuring that they stayed in the designated virtual environment. Access this case study to see how the DOC was able to launch the secure AWS environments they needed to put inmates on the path to career success.

  • Trend Report: Why Businesses are Moving to the Cloud

    Sponsored by: Microsoft

    Explore the current state of cloud adoption, and how IT pros plan to leverage it in the future in this e-book. Discover what cloud services are most commonly used for today, why 79% of businesses are adopting virtualized servers, and more.

  • Getting Great Performance In The Cloud

    Sponsored by: Zadara Storage

    Learn about a new architecture created to help you balance cloud storage availability by providing multi-tenant infrastructure to ensure predictable, privacy, and customization.

  • The Cost of Using the Public Cloud

    Sponsored by: Dell EMC Intel (Xeon) ®

    Is public cloud actually more beneficial than an on-site infrastructure? This report from the Evaluator Group examines and compares the TCO for a public cloud deployment against an on-site hyperconverged infrastructure. See for yourself which investment will pay off for your organization.

  • Managing Cloud Sprawl in the Age of Cloud Services

    Sponsored by: Citrix

    The demand for continuous cloud adoption isn't slowing down and neither is the sprawl. Access this infographic to learn how you're employees are creating cloud sprawl and how to prevent it with a unified, secure digital workspace can deliver and integrate services.

  • Unlocking the circular economy in the print industry

    Sponsored by:

    There is a significant opportunity for organisations to gain economic and environmental benefits through operating a more efficient print environment, this report from analyst Quocirca reveals.

  • How to manage change when moving to the cloud

    Sponsored by: Box

    Moving from legacy to cloud infrastructure can be a scary experience, but it doesn't have to be. Discover a tried-and-true 3-step approach proving that change doesn't have to be hard in this white paper.

  • Become An IT Hero: Giving your team the flexibility they want and the security they need

    Sponsored by: Box

    In the modern-day workplace, it's become more common for the lines to blur between which apps and tools are appropriate for business collaboration. Learn why using cloud content management can help to improve employee collaboration methods

  • Simplify Amazon Web Services Automation

    Sponsored by: Puppet

    The ability to use a single platform across all environments helps your company accelerate the process of migrating to the cloud, and realize the full benefit of AWS. Access this white paper to learn how to provision, configure, and manage your organization's infrastructure and applications across all environments: public, private and hybrid cloud.

  • The Data Economy Report: 2017 Edition

    Sponsored by: Pure Storage

    IT has been, willingly or otherwise, thrust into the spotlight and cloud is seeing explosive growth. Access this report to learn why organizations are flocking to the cloud for salvation from the rising seas of data.

  • Getting the Most Out of Azure with Data-as-a-Service

    Sponsored by: Actifio

    Watch this webcast to learn about a data-as-a-service program that can help protect, organize, and put your data hosted in the Azure cloud

  • Enterprise Content Management — Business Content Services, Q2 2017

    Sponsored by: Box

    This Forrester Research report examines the ECM market and the top factors – including cloud, analytics, and compliance – that are influencing it. Discover which ECM vendors are the top performers and enable information workers to create, collaborate on, share, and find enterprise content.

  • 5 Steps to Good Governance: How Self-Governing Documents Can Simplify Governance

    Sponsored by: Box

    When compliance is made easier it actually happens – that's the idea behind self-governing documents from Box Governance. Discover how to simplify cloud-capable document compliance and content management with 5 key steps.

  • Are Businesses Digitally Transforming or Stuck in Neutral?

    Sponsored by: Box

    Transforming your content by making it accessible in the cloud is the first step to digital transformation. Where are you on this journey? Read this AIIM report on the state of ECM and information governance to learn how major trends like cloud, mobile, and advanced analytics are impacting content strategies.

  • Enterprise Data-as-a-Service: How Data Virtualization Enables Agility, Resiliency, and Hybrid Cloud Mobility

    Sponsored by: Actifio

    Hybrid cloud is enabling businesses to do more than ever with less capital expenditure through data virtualization. This white paper dives into some of the most difficult questions surrounding these innovative business models.

  • Build Modern Infrastructure for the Digital Economy

    Sponsored by: Dell EMC and Red Hat

    Organizations are adopting new business and service delivery models, agile development processes, and modern IT infrastructure, but surviving digital disruption doesn't have to be a rip-and-replace operation. Access this white paper to learn how to future-proof your organization by evaluating and choosing the right OpenStack solution.

  • DaaS Provider Evaluation Checklist

    Sponsored by: Dizzion

    With so many options and vendors out there, researching desktop as a service (DaaS) can be a time consuming task. What questions should you ask? What should you be evaluating? Download this checklist to gain a real-world, hands-on tool to use to make the information gathering process easier.

  • The Top DaaS and VDI Complaints Addressed

    Sponsored by: Dizzion

    This white paper dives into some common complaints found in online reviews of large DaaS and VDI vendors, and explains how one company addresses challenges around difficult set up, lack of technical support, and much more.

  • Cloud Infrastructure for Your Data Center

    Sponsored by: DataCore Software Corporation

    Click into this white paper and learn more about the general requirements of cloud storage, as well as a system that is designed to meet the database workloads generated by organizations today.

  • The Roadmap to Network Reliability

    Sponsored by: Juniper Networks, Inc.

    Uncover 3 steps to ensuring network reliability in the developing age of digital transformation and learn how to tackle pain points like growing traffic volumes, higher expectations for availability, the need to correct performance issues faster, and evolving security concerns.

  • The Truth Behind 7 Common DaaS Myths

    Sponsored by: Dizzion

    Many people have preconceived notions about Desktop as a Service (DaaS), making them miss out on a modern tech solution that can become a key business driver. Download this white paper to uncover seven of the most common concerns about cloud delivered virtual desktops and the truth behind the myths.

  • Modernizing Java Apps with Agile, DevOps, and the Cloud

    Sponsored by: Red Hat

    Discover how to incorporate the cloud, Agile, DevOps, and microservices into your Java app development with a Java EE-based app platform that provides support for both traditional and cloud-native apps.

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