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  • Case Study: University of LaVerne Implements Data Protection Solution for Virtualized Environment

    Sponsored by: Iron Mountain

    This case study focuses on a University's decision to implement a cloud data replication service in order to help modernize their off-site data protection. Read on to witness how they were able to enhance program control with an automated easy-to-use system, lower storage costs with deduplication and compression, and more.

  • Elevate Data Backup with Cloud Data Replication

    Sponsored by: Iron Mountain

    This e-book highlights a cloud data replication solution that automatically provides offsite backup protection and long-term retention of your data. Read on to see how this software can allow your enterprise to fully protect your data offsite in a secure, compliant data center, eliminate legacy tape and backup infrastructures, and more.

  • Enterprise Campus Architectures—Transformed

    Sponsored by: Juniper Networks, Inc.

    Discover in this resource the benefits of collapsing your entire enterprise network into a single platform—including guarantees of increased agility and improved user satisfaction. Read on to deploy cloud network architecture that accommodates your unending need for more bandwidth.

  • 5 Big Tips for Running a More Productive IT Services Business

    Sponsored by: Intronis

    In this white paper, explore 5 major ways you can improve productivity in your IT services organization, including: choose automation tools like PSA, CRM, etc., ask the right questions before centralizing, and 3 more.

  • Top 3 Reasons Your Enterprise Network Matters More in the Cloud Era

    Sponsored by: Juniper Networks, Inc.

    In this guide, you will explore the top 3 IT trends that will impact your cloud strategy, and learn how to build a network that's 100% cloud-ready. Read on to prepare your network for high bandwidth demands, high SLAs, increased scalability and security requirements, and more.

  • Private Cloud in the Hybrid Cloud Era: Driving Better Business Value and Agility

    Sponsored by: IBM

    Whether it's a private, public, or hybrid cloud, cloud computing is changing the way businesses carry out their IT services and expand their network reach. In this informative white paper, assess the role of your private cloud in the hybrid cloud era – and access strategies for increased cloud service agility and performance.

  • Cloud Solutions Customers Will Buy: Hybrid Cloud Backup, Archiving, and Disaster Recovery

    Sponsored by: Acronis

    This e-book discusses cloud market growth, outlines how to tackle the six myths of cloud services, and describes three cloud solutions: hybrid cloud backup, cloud archiving, and disaster recovery in the cloud. Read on to see how these cloud solutions can create value and save you money, enabling your enterprise to stay ahead of your competitors.

  • Everything You Need to Know about Object Storage

    Sponsored by:

    Storage magazine's May issue looks at the object storage market, examines today's cloud backup options and how the Hadoop Distributed File System helps tackle big data.

  • Protect and Preserve Data Retained Short or Long Term

    Sponsored by: Iron Mountain

    This resource highlights a secure, cloud-based archive solution that can protect and preserve data and enable access to data whenever you need it. Read now to see how you can ensure your data is secure, durable, and easily manageable with a scalable, flexible cloud archive system.

  • How Innovative Systems Maximized Cloud Mobility and Minimized Disk Space

    Sponsored by: Commvault

    Innovative Systems needed a backup solution for their Microsoft scale-out file server that would continue to be compatible with future Microsoft technologies. This video reveals the strategy that empowered them to protect private cloud data, minimize disk space, and more.

  • QSO New PI/Cloud Infrastructure Survey (Infrastructure)

    Sponsored by: TechTarget

    Access this exclusive guide, Expert Breakdown: Public vs. Private vs. Hybrid, to explore expert insights on all the hype surrounding each option as well as the benefits and drawbacks of them. Simply participate in our brief Cloud Infrastructure Research Program to claim your free copy of this valuable guide.

  • Top Cloud Storage Considerations for CIOs

    Sponsored by: Commvault

    Discover in this infographic how to increase IT agility and innovation, and create seamless access to your critical data and applications, by way of cloud infrastructure implementation. Access now to learn why cloud is quickly becoming the top storage choice for companies worldwide, and take advantage of cloud-run DR.

  • Choosing the Right Public Cloud for Better Data Protection

    Sponsored by: Dell Software

    This white paper highlights ways to use infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) and data protection software to solve the complexity and cost challenges of protecting data. Read on to discover how to evaluate public cloud capabilities and data protection software capabilities, so that you can choose the right solution for your enterprise.

  • Infographic: Reach The Strategic Cloud

    Sponsored by: Commvault

    This infographic highlights a smart data management solution with cloud backup and automated in-cloud disaster recovery. Access now and learn how you can bring enterprise controls to your cloud storage and reduce the complexity of your cloud management.

  • 3 Areas Where Healthcare Providers Need Your MSP Expertise

    Sponsored by: Solarwinds N-able

    The healthcare market represents a huge opportunity for managed services providers (MSPs), and analysts predict this trend will continue to expand for years to come. Access this eBook to learn about healthcare information technology needs and how to meet them.

  • Future Proof your Data Storage with the Hybrid Cloud

    Sponsored by: Equinix

    This white paper highlights one hybrid cloud platform with customizable end-to-end data center and cloud storage solutions. Read on and discover how this solution can provide your enterprise with secure storage for your mission-critical data and simplified backup and archiving.

  • Attention MSPs and ITSPs: Why and How to Deliver Backup to Your Clients

    Sponsored by: LogicNow

    This white paper examines the importance of IT solution providers and MSPs being able to provide their clients with data backup and protection. Read on to learn the ins and outs of doing so.

  • Attaining Real Opportunity for MSPs: Cloud Infrastructure as End-to-End systems

    Sponsored by: LogicNow

    With more and more clients wanting greater services from their MSPs, providers have real opportunity in managing both on premises and cloud infrastructure as end-to-end systems. This white paper examines how it can be done with the right ecosystem of tools. Read on to find out more.

  • What to Look for in a Cloud Solution Provider

    Sponsored by: Carousel Industries

    Experiencing increased pressure to look at cloud solutions when upgrading your voice, video, and unified communication portfolio? Access this white paper to uncover the key features and functions to look for when evaluating a cloud service provider.

  • Cloud Connectivity and Colocation for Your Enterprise Data Center

    Sponsored by: CyrusOne

    Discover how to deliver flexible cloud-connectivity service to your data center seamlessly and immediately through a single port, and implement successfully scaled, cloud-enabled colocation.

  • Cloud Security: The Five Fears

    Sponsored by: UKFast

    This white paper reviews and debunks the top 5 fears of migrating to the cloud. Inside, discover how to protect data and users in the cloud as well as best practices checklists to ensure a smooth migration.

  • IT Security and Cloud Technology Predictions 2016

    Sponsored by: UKFast

    This white paper examines data sovereignty and unveils the top 3 emerging security trends

  • How to Avoid the Common Cloud Pitfalls of Human Capital Management

    Sponsored by: SAP

    Is it possible to remove the walls between the silos of finance, HR, and IT, and migrate all into one service center? In this expert e-guide, uncover the common pitfalls your company may face when moving your human capital management (HCM) systems to the cloud, and initiate your HR transformation today.

  • New Data Backup Approaches: Instant VM Recovery, Flat Backup, Hybrid Cloud Backup, and More

    Sponsored by: Veritas

    This e-guide discusses modern approaches to backup that are allowing for efficient data recovery and security, focusing on snapshots, flat backup, hybrid cloud backup, and instant VM recovery. Access now to learn more so that you can establish what backup solution would most benefit your enterprise.

  • More Companies Turn To Cloud Storage Service Providers

    Sponsored by: SolidFire

    This brief expert guide outlines the results of a recent cloud storage survey in which companies were asked about their cloud storage usage. Discover why more companies are turning toward the cloud for their data storage solutions, regardless of the common security concerns.

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