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  • Done With Legacy ERP: Go from Zero to Cloud in 100 Days

    Sponsored by: Hewlett Packard Enterprise

    As the pace of change in business accelerates— especially for those still relying on aged, on-premise ERP systems—wholesale distributors are struggling to keep up. Learn how Oracle Netsuite can help you get your company from zero cloud in 100 days.

  • How to Cure Your Inventory Management Headache

    Sponsored by: Sage (UK) Limited

    Explore why disparate and legacy enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems can overcomplicate inventory management. Discover 3 key benefits of using modern business management tools for your inventory.

  • Growing Faster with Cloud ERP Deployment

    Sponsored by: Sage (UK) Limited

    In this infographic, learn why many companies who took part in a recent survey have chosen cloud as-a-service ERP over other options.

  • Improve Your ROI With The Right Business Management Technology

    Sponsored by: Sage (UK) Limited

    As your business grows, you need software that can keep up with the evolution. In this ROI improvement guide, learn how to search and review business management technology, plan for the future, and maximize profitability.

  • The Total Economic Impact of Sage X3

    Sponsored by: Sage (UK) Limited

    In this Forrester Consulting Research study, learn about the total economic impact (benefits, costs and risks) of implementing Sage X3 business management platform in your organization.

  • 7 Habits of Highly Effective MSPs

    Sponsored by: Datto, Inc.

    IT Channel businesses are on the rise, and you can foster even more growth by clicking inside this e-book and learning the 7 habits of highly effective MSPs.

  • The Role of The Cloud In European Business Transformation

    Sponsored by: NetSuite

    The changing needs of customers are felt acutely in the UK and around Europe. To keep up, your organization needs to change with new innovation. In this paper by Frost & Sullivan, learn about the relationship between cloud computing and your organization's ability to innovate. Discover how businesses can ignite innovation with the cloud.

  • Critical Components To Achieving The Perfect Order

    Sponsored by: NetSuite

    For manufacturers, distributors and retailers alike, achieving the perfect order leads to higher customer satisfaction with an improved omnichannel experience. Learn 3 critical components to establishing your perfect order.

  • Digital Transformation: Why Financial Services Companies Are Adopting A Suite Approach To Software

    Sponsored by: NetSuite

    In the face of fierce competition, regulatory reform, and evolving customer needs, financial services firms are turning to more than a traditional accounting system to keep up. Learn why and how financial services companies are adopting a suite approach to software in the era of digital transformation.

  • Why Today's Business Applications Belong In The Cloud

    Sponsored by: NetSuite

    Cloud is the underlying technology platform that liberates organizations by streamlining and automating back-end processes. But it does so much more than just that. Learn about the benefits of storing today's business applications in the cloud, and what adoption criteria to follow if you're thinking of moving to cloud-based apps.

  • The Great Debate: One Integrated System vs. Multiple Applications

    Sponsored by: NetSuite

    A fast-growing company often runs into a wall where internal processes struggle to keep up with continued demand. Learn about the types of inefficiencies caused by running disparate business management tools and systems for departments. Plus, delve into numerous case studies of companies that switched to an integrated software suite.

  • Accelerate Performance Anywhere, Anytime

    Sponsored by: Sage (UK) Limited

    Gone are the days of complex, rigid ERP systems. The latest development in ERP delivers fast, reliable software with the flexibility to better manage your business. Use Forrester's Total Economic Impact of Sage X3 to help you gain a better understanding of how robust ERP systems allow you to accelerate business performance.

  • Your Guide to Building a Virtual Business

    Sponsored by: Sage (UK) Limited

    In our increasingly digitally connected world, it's integral that organizations are ready to do business online – including finances. Inside, learn some tips to help you get started virtualizing your enterprise.

  • The 6 Stages of Smarter Money Management & How To Get There

    Sponsored by: Sage (UK) Limited

    Over half of British businesses wait more than 60 days to receive money after sending an invoice to a customer or client. But getting paid on time is just one of the stages of money management that every business goes through. In this e-book, learn the 6 stages every successful business goes through and how to move from one stage to the next.

  • Future-proof Your Business: 5 Ways to Empower Your Employees

    Sponsored by: Sage (UK) Limited

    Work is no longer just a 9 – 5 ... it's tangled up in our everyday lives. That's why it's so important for you to understand – and work with – your employees. Learn 5 ways to match employee expectations of your company seamlessly and effectively.

  • Research Report: The Role of the Cloud in European Business Transformation & Digitization

    Sponsored by: NetSuite

    In this research report by Frost & Sullivan, uncover what role the cloud plays in business transformation across Europe. Learn the top 3 change drivers pushing innovation, how your peers use the cloud, the main types of business applications being deployed in the cloud, and much more.

  • Product Overview: Sage Evolution Software – ERP, Business Management Software for Your Business

    Sponsored by: Sage Software

    If you're looking for a cost-effective ERP tool to help you manage your finances and relationships with suppliers, customers and employees, there are a lot of market choices. Uncover 10 reasons to consider Sage Evolution – offering 22 features (incl. project tracking, graphs) and 33 add on modules (like lot tracking, POS, multi-currency).

  • Analytics as a Source of Business Innovation: A Research Report

    Sponsored by: SAS

    How many of your peers use analytics to beat out the competition? Inside this 7th annual MIT Sloan Management Review research report, learn about recent business innovation being achieved from analytics.

  • Computer Weekly:Global Ransomware Attack Could Be a Security Wake-Up Call

    Sponsored by:

    In this week's Computer Weekly, we look at the global WannaCry ransomware attack that spread over 150 countries – will it be the wake-up call to take cyber security seriously? Also, find out how Moscow is leading the way in smart city digitisation. And our latest buyer's guide examines customer experience management.

  • Social Impact, Accelerated: How Your Nonprofit's Back Office Can Change The World

    Sponsored by: NetSuite

    For most organizations, having a system that runs their business properly is essential for success. For nonprofit organizations, it's even more crucial. Inside, learn how nonprofits can use NetSuite, a cloud ERP and CEM technology, to tackle challenges including the "starvation cycle," properly handling donations and partnerships, and more.

  • MSP Playbook: Maximizing Your Workflow

    Sponsored by: Solarwinds MSP

    In this white paper, MSP market expert Karl Palachuck, demonstrates how your technicians should spend their day, why you need an all-call technician at all times, the importance of consistent real-time reporting, and more. Click into this playbook to maximize workflow in your MSP.

  • The gender pay gap

    Sponsored by:

    This survey of 1,000 UK workers by CV-Library found that the pay gap is still a concern for professionals working in the UK.

  • Deloitte Tech Trends 2017

    Sponsored by:

    Deloitte's annual Tech Trends report identifies the critical developments that are likely to disrupt UK and global businesses in the next 18 to 24 months

  • How CIOs Are Leading The New Composable Enterprise

    Sponsored by: MuleSoft

    The organization as we know it has changed – online and app-based companies powered by cloud, APIs, and IoT – are redefining markets and raising consumer expectations. Inside, learn how CIOs are stepping up to guide corporate strategy as composable enterprises become the new reality.

  • Planning for an IoT Enabled Future

    Sponsored by: ServiceMax by GE Digital

    Click into this guide to learn how IoT is shaking up both service management and field services to varying degrees, and learn how you can prepare your digital transformation strategy for an IoT connected future.

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