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  • Border Security Solutions

    Sponsored by: Unisys

    This resource introduces a border protection solution that embraces human interaction, while using advanced biometric technology to fortify and streamline the crossing process, all while delivering more reliable results.

  • In What Circumstances are Australians Willing to Use Biometrics in Airports

    Sponsored by: Unisys

    In this specific study, Unisys focused on Australia and uncovered the fact that most Aussies support the use of biometrics down under to verify identities when boarding aircraft, but don't support other instances such as having retailers employ biometrics to make customized offers. Read on to find out why.

  • In What Circumstances are Malaysians Willing to Use Biometrics in Airports

    Sponsored by: Unisys

    In this specific study, Unisys focused on Malaysia and revealed how Malaysians are willing to give up some sensitive personal information in return for increased security. What other circumstances are they willing to provide biometric info to verify identities in airports? Download today and find out the facts.

  • Developing a Single Sign-on Implementation Plan for Healthcare Organizations

    Sponsored by: Aventura

    Discover how to develop a single sign-on (SSO) implementation plan for healthcare to boost medical record accuracy, as well as meaningful use compliance.

  • Multifactor Authentication Security School

    Sponsored by:

    In this virtual security classroom, Michael Cobb, a renowned security author with over 20 years of experience in the IT industry, surveys the latest authentication methods and technologies coming onto the market.

  • IT Security Purchasing Intentions 2013

    Sponsored by:

    This in-depth research from Computer Weekly and TechTarget reveals the IT security spending priorities of businesses in the UK and Europe.

  • Best Practices for mobile authentication

    Sponsored by:

    Access this expert e-guide to find key tips for planning, composing, and implementing a mobile authentication method in your business.

  • ISM December 2012

    Sponsored by:

    In this month's issue, Information Security magazine contributor and award-winning technology journalist, Robert Lemos, explores this rapidly expanding market and shows you exactly how to profit from Zero-day exploits.

  • Beyond Passwords & Outdated Physical Access Systems

    Sponsored by: Entrust, Inc.

    Learn why passwords and traditional physical access systems are simply inefficient in this day and age and discover how smart credentials are a vital component of your physical and logical access security strategy.

  • America's Quest for IPv6 - Part I: A Business Perspective

    Sponsored by: Command Information

    This paper emphasizes that American organizations must adopt IPv6 today and describes the features and functions that will keep them competitive on the global stage.

  • The 2008 (ISC)2 Global Information Security Workforce Study

    Sponsored by: ISC2

    Information security professionals are facing a growing amount of pressure. This survey provides detailed insight into the important trends and opportunities emerging in the information security profession worldwide.

  • 2006 Global Information Security Workforce Study

    Sponsored by: ISC2

    Topics covered in the survey range from the amount of information security education and training received to the value of certifications to new areas where additional training is required.

  • DigitalPersona Pro

    Sponsored by: DigitalPersona

    This free product demo shows how DigitalPersona Pro can provide your company with biometric authentication for secure single sign-on.

  • Solving the Weakest Link in Network Security: Passwords

    Sponsored by: DigitalPersona

    This paper proposes improving security and authentication by using biometrics. Included are real stories demonstrating how this approach solves the password management nightmare, addresses compliance regulations and eliminates password costs.

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